Multishippers Sanctuary.

Not sure whether I actually ever posted here.. but:
I actively ship:
1) Cath & Sara... gawd the hotness!! I could give a gazilion reason why those two are made for each other :D
2) Eric and Calleigh.. the hotnesses of Miami should be hot together.. and their babies would be just too cute!

Now my passive ships: (I actually only ship these on a rare basis and only in my mind!)
1) Ecklie and Grissom
2) Grissom and SoFia
3) Grissom and Judy :lol:
4) Greg and Nick

Yahhh, not that much of a Warrick-fan... imo he can't belong to anyone :rolleyes:
lmao Grissom and Judy!!! :lol:

That would never occur to me. But now that I think about it lol.. Ok I wanna see that..

Btw, happy birthday Athena!
This is the only place I can think of where Athena would visit. Hopefully she sees this before tomorrow;
Happy Birthday (Pallas)Athena, goddess of wisdom. May the sacred owl bestow you the wishes of a million shooting stars. ;)
Aww thanks all. Thats very pretty Hestia thank you :D

Much love in the Multi thread yay!

And yay! Mandy and Wendy! More Labtech lovin
Hello everybody. How are you?
I´m searching for Aiden and/or Hawkes-shippers...

My fav-ship is Aiden-Hawkie, but I think Flack & Aiden or all Maka-stuff are interesting, too.
I was thinking today... if I didn't ship my 'mother ship' (which is GSR), I would ship:

Brass/Lady Heather

But, of course, I'm very open to many, many variations of those! :D :devil:
Hey everyone, I'm new to the sanctuary

I'm torn between G/LH and/or G/C, and am a very strong Jim/Annie fan.

Other than that, I love seeing Nick/Warrick, Sara/Greg, Stella/Mac work together, but I'm usually more interested in the intimacy of their friendship than anything. Ships don't have to be primarily about active romantic love do they?
Ooh now I'm starting to become a Danny/Stella shipper along with being a Danny/Lindsay, Mac/Stella, Flack/Stella shipper. The possibilities are endless.
Hey Everyone! I must admit, i am horrible at posting, but will do my best!

I ship everyone wit everyone- my fav would have to be Sara/Cath- and just about any Sara/Slash- I just want sara to b happy!!!

I think if CSI had a huge orgy i could die a happy women- i don't have much of a life! I enjoy fanfic, though i must have a horrible search engine, cuz i hardly ever find anything over pg13. I also love Lady H.! I think she could teach everyone at the lab a thing or two!!!

Love this thread!!!
act_of_passion said:

Ships don't have to be primarily about active romantic love do they?

I agree. I believe that one can be attracted to someone else on many levels. It doesn't have to be a physical or a romantic attraction.
It can well be that you feel a connection with another person intellectually or spiritually.
You can be someone's soul mate, and still love them on a platonic level.

Yes, you can know so intimate things about your partner, without having a crush on him.

The exact opposite is the case with Aiden and Hawkes. They know hgardly anything about each other.
However they´re really good partners.

Made up a little scenario about them. Would be glad, if people from here enter, too.
Aikes -> here
onlynic said:
my fav would have to be Sara/Cath- and just about any Sara/Slash- I just want sara to b happy!!!

i truly beleive there is no such thing as too much Sara/Slash :)

She is the only character who I'll ship with almost anybody.