Ms Willows Regrets Discussion **SPOILERS**

K-Bug: A teensy part of me is still hopeful Billy will show up too despite recent statements.

I have to admit that I'm still holding on to that hope as well. A nice little 'Life after CSI' chat would be awesome.

yeah, I know what you guys mean :(, I've always loved Catherine and Grissom's friendship. I'm having my doubts now, but hopefully I'm wrong and Billy will actually show up, even for just a small scene or 2.

Me too, as long as it does not involve Sara or anything GSR.
I keep imagining a scene where Catherine says goodbye to the CSIs, then heads to the airport to fly to D.C. She arrives early and is sitting in a coffee shop, waiting impatiently for her departure time. A familiar voice says, "No cake in the breakroom for you, either?"

Catherine looks up, and of course it's Grissom. A warm smile lights up her face. "What are you doing here?" she asks.

"Sara told me you were leaving. I couldn't let a good friend go without saying goodbye," he replies. "But I don't want to keep you."

"Oh, I've got loads of time!" Catherine says. "We should catch up. It's been a while."

"How's the coffee?" Grissom asks. Catherine shrugs.

"I'll be right back. I want to hear all about this latest adventure of yours."

Catherine looks wistfully after Grissom as he heads to the counter, then shakes her head and smiles.

Scene cuts to the two of them at the table; we don't hear their dialogue, just see them together as background music plays. The camera stays on them, then tracks back as the scene progresses. Catherine is well into her story, gesticulating and animated as always. Grissom grins, then laughs.

(Fade to black.)
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byline, I LOVE that idea! That would be the perfect ending to her episode. Even her sitting at the airport talking on her phone to Grissom would suffice.
Thanks, GregNickRyanFan! It's a bit fanficky, but still the kind of ending I would like to see.
bravo byline :thumbsup: That's the ending I'd like to see ;). And before that a little Vartann/Cath love, but that's not going to happen :(.
It's interesting. When Season 11 delved into Cath's connections with the casinos, I thought that would be a fitting and appropriate exit for the character. She's a strong broad, and would do well as a casino 'shark.' Casinos in Las Vegas make up a great percentage of the city's rich background and if Marg ever decided to return, the show wouldn't have to force a storyline to make the return work; the team could run into her at a crime scene or perhaps go gambling at one of the other casinos together. :lol:

CSI waned away from Grissom's roller coaster enthusiasm years ago, which was a real shame. I believe the last time it was really brought up was in Season 4's "Turn of the Screws." So, in my mind, I always felt that Catherine would decide to take more of a leadership position at one of Sam Braun's casinos, and after the team gets word of Catherine's resignation, they all go out for a celebratory evening and meet up with Grissom at one of the roller coasters located on the Strip. And as you see them all reaching the peak of the coaster--with the bright lights and electric atmosphere in the background--Grissom, sitting next to Cath, says something about this being "all yours." The roller coaster dips, the show fades to black, and that's the last of Catherine until something comes up. I understand Billy not wanting to overshadow these final episodes (and also needing to tend to his family), but a small scene would have been short, sweet, and not take the focus away.
Finally got to see this episode.

At first I was turned off because I thought for sure it was going to be very much like the Ray/Nate cat and mouse type games that plagued at the end of season 10 and 11.

Even though it was Catherine, I still was dreading the 'CSI in Peril' and the 'FBI guy saves Catherine' scenarios that could have played out.

Instead, either the writing, directing, acting (largely due to the awesomeness that is Marg) or all of the above I really enjoyed it.

CSI in peril storylines are not usually my favorites no matter who it is, but Catherine's scenes were so well done and it played out nicely.

I have to go over the episode again to gather all the details but a few things I am certain:

- She didn't write the resignation letter. That I knew. It was too quick from the time DB got to his office and for her to get home for her to have written it. Hence why he sped to her house.

- The car scene with Catherine and Lou. Heartbreaking. Even though they were once hot and heavy and had great chemistry, their breakup was so well done, it broke my heart. The look on both Alex and Marg's faces were fantastic. It was really like watching two lovers walk away from one another.

- Agent McQuaid and Laura are not dead. Two words: Witness Protection. It's the FBI, the staged the bodies to look like they both died in a firey car crash when they are actually getting away. I do believe that Cath was right when she said she would never see her friend again. Witness Protection.

-The final scene in her house proved that Cath is smart and can think on her feet and didn't need anyone to 'save' her.

Overall I really liked this episode. Had me thinking a lot how her final moments on CSI are going to play out.
Finally got to watch this episode and I thought it was really well done. Catherine's heartbreak at Laura's death was well handled; heartbroken without being too over done. And the scene with Vartann in the car was perfect! Catherine was never one of my favourite characters but now that its coming to her exit, I'm realizing that I'm actually really going to miss her.

And can I just add (again) how much I love DB? The way he handled the FBI when they first arrived, took the blame for Catherine forgetting to let Brass know about the FBI involvement, the way he handled Catherine's melt-down after Laura's death and him showing up to save Catherine all show what a fantastic boss he is. He reads people far better than Grissom ever did and treats them with tact and humour, I just love him and he was exactly what the show needed...pity they had to go through Langston to find out that though!

And Nick and Greg's scene with the chicken was priceless! Always loved the chemistry (friendship, not slash) between those two and it was nice to see a little bit of that again.
I usually don't watch this show anymore because I thought it was too gruesome. But with Catherine leaving I decided to watch it.

I kinda liked this episode even though the storyline was kinda boring. The part about the bugs was interesting and I liked the friendship with Nick and Greg that isn't slash.

I do have one question: Was it McQuaid who sent the e-mail so DB could come to her rescue? I liked that part.
I do have one question: Was it McQuaid who sent the e-mail so DB could come to her rescue? I liked that part.

No. Laura or one of the hit squad sent it because they were planning on killing Laura's husband, pinning it on Catherine (they took her backup gun so they could put the blame on her) and then killing Catherine and using the bugs to get rid of the evidence/body. The letter was meant to explain why no one was hearing from her. They were going to set it up so the part of the letter than says "one last thing I need to do first" was to look like it meant to "kill Mark" and then she (according to the letter) was splitting town or something.