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Re: Misc LIMS #1: ' Challenge 11-Star Wars Voting Up '

Voting Rules: (Please read)
~ Absolutely anyone may vote! You don't have to be an 'expert' ;)
~ Vote for the Top 2 least quality sets (the ones which you feel needs improvement) and the Top 2 sets which you feel are best quality.
~ Votes for least quality Must have a reason, or they will not be counted. Reasons for best quality are strongly encouraged

(the following examples may have been "borrowed" from other sources)

Good Examples:
Text is oddly placed
Icon is over sharpened
Image is too blurry

Poor Examples:
I don't like the color (personal preference)
Tiny text/decorative brushes are unreadable (it's supposed to be that way)

As this has been an issue in the past, refrain from saying anything with how someone votes. If it falls under the poor examples criteria, either me or Jacquie will step in and address the voter.

The Sets (click the icon to see the cap used):

Set 01:

Set 02:

Set 03:

Set 04:

Set 05:

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Re: Misc LIMS #1: ' Challenge 11-Star Wars Voting Up '

hope i'm doing this correctly :)

set 02 - while the idea of the & sign is a good idea the icons themselves look like there was not much coloring or adjustment layers used to make the icons stand out. also the & sign does not really work without the other icon being right there beside it. if it was only one icon with half of the sign and the text it would not have stood out the way it did with the icons side by side if i'm making sense.

set 01- while the icon is nice, the text and all i'm quite distracted with how bright leia's face is in the first one and the second one has a lot going on which makes the icon over all blurry.

Re: Misc LIMS #1: ' Challenge 11-Star Wars-Voting Up

This is getting tough


set 5 your first pic has too much open space and to me it distracts from R2D2 your second pic is plain

set 2 I like the idea of the icons but the '&' sign is lost when you separate the two icons


set 3
set 1
Re: Misc LIMS #1: ' Challenge 11-Star Wars-Voting Up

First of all, this was very difficult. All icons are very nice.


04- The icons are a little blurry and the second one looks slightly oversharpened. I do love the font on the R2 icon though.
05- The icons seem a bit dark. I do love the crop on the R2 one though.


02- I love the idea of this set.
03- The caption on the first icon is great!
Re: Misc LIMS #1: ' Challenge 11-Star Wars-Voting Up

Wow this is tough!

Least (if you can call them that...they're all good!)

Set 02 - As said before, it looks as if not much had been done to the icons, coloring-wise etc...A curves layer might have helped to give some more depth to the icons. I like the idea with the "&" sign though.

Set 04 - R2D2 kinda blends in with the background, he doesn't stand out enough. The other icon also looks too plain.


Set 05 - Awesome coloring!!!

Set 01 - Nicely done :)
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2 - While the idea of the & sign is great once the icons are separate the concept is lost. Also the first icon has over sharping around the face.

1 - Very nice concepts, but the text on the first icon is fuzzy and the second picture is over sharped for being that small.

Re: Misc LIMS #1: ' Challenge 11-Star Wars-Voting Up


02 - It doesn't really look like much has been done to the icons in terms of colouring etc, also when they aren't seen together, the effect is lost somewhat.
01 - They look really nice, however, the colouring on Leila's face is really bright and therefore somewhat distracting from the rest of the icon.


05 - Beautiful colouring, nice crop, especially in the first one.
03 - Great use of colouring and text!
Re: Misc LIMS #1: ' Challenge 11-Star Wars Voting Up '


Set 02: Colouring is missing and the both icons looks really over sharpened. But I like with the * & * sign. It's nice !

Set 01: Both icons are too bright and a little blurry.


Set 04
: Great cropping and I like the the text effect in the first icon.

Set 05
: Wonderful colouring and contrast. Both are simply but looks wonderful.
Re: Misc LIMS #1: ' Challenge 11-Star Wars Voting Up '

If you haven't already gotten your votes in you have until 11:00 tonight (gmt -4)

Re: Misc LIMS #1: ' Challenge 11-Star Wars-Voting Up


01 - Leia's face is too bright and overpowering. The second icon is really busy with all the effects going on.

03 - While I like the crop on the first icon, the text doesn't really seem to be fitting. The crop on the second icon is a little unbalanced and the empty space is unfortunate.


04 - Nice balance of icons and colour. I love the R2-D2 text on the first one. Very catchy

05 - Love the crops and colouring. Both are unique and eye catching.
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This round we will be saying goodbye to Stee:


and egeria:


Voter's Choice starzsgirl


Seriously Wicked fo_poozle


I can't make the banners right now :) I'll have them when I upload the final challenge either Wednesday or Thursday :)
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Thank you everyone for voter's choice. :)

Sorry to see you go Stee and egeria, you both did amazing this whole challenge.
Re: Misc LIMS #1: ' Challenge 11-Star Wars-Results

So long and thanks for all the fish! :lol: Stee, sorry to see you're out too!

More fool me for misinterpreting the theme so badly. :brickwall:

Ah well, it's been fun. :D

Huge and awesome thanks to something_wicked for running such an interesting, varied and fun LIMS challenge!

All the best to the finalists!!
Re: Misc LIMS #1: ' Challenge 11-Star Wars-Results

It's unfortunate over Stee and egeria. You both were great.
Congrats fo_poozle and starzsgirl.

When starts finally the final challenge ???