Marg/Catherine ~ Not JUST A Pretty Face #8

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Welcome to Marg/Catherine Not JUST a Pretty Face #8!
This is the discussion thread for our beloved Marg :)
Please do not post any images in here, do it in the picture thread instead.

As for Not JUST a Pretty Face, it's kind of obvious: Marg/Catherine is so much more than just a pretty woman. She's just fabulous. I think I'm speaking for all the fans here when I say I just can't explain how much I love and admire her.

The basic rules of the Marg/Catherine threads (it's not me, I swear, it's Destiny and TallyHo! :p)
-please try to stay under the PG-13 line, though it's harrrrrd.
-please do not discuss Marg's bodyparts

Don't even try, because all of her bodyparts break the PG-13 line and you know that :devil: So please try to stay away from getting warned.

My personal rule (it's just for fun, don't take me serious): use the drooling icon as many times as you can - Marg deserves it :drool:

History (sorry, we've got this only from thread 3.0 because of the move)
Marg/Catherine: The Sexier, The Better #3.0
*Sexy, Sassy, Stealy, Smart* - Marg/Catherine #4.0
Marg/Catherine #5.0: She's Got It All
Marg/Catherine #6.0: Totally Thud Worthy
Marg/Catherine #7.0 ~ Totally Thud Worthy

Let's parrrrty! *throws confetti*
Wow number 8!?



I haven't been on this board for awhile. Sorry about that

Thought that was a good way to start out the *NEW* Marg thread ;)

YAY for #8!

Someone start a new question.....
Woohoo congrats on the new thread everyone!

Well...I don't have a question but I needed to agree. Marg is really more than JUSt a pretty face. I mean, of course, her face IS very pretty, but there are so many other reasons why we love her right? :drool:

Oooo you know it! :)

It's the's all about the eyes.....does that count as body part discussion? ;P
SSB discussed with me about the use of the :drool: <--Smilie, I will let you know what I told her about the idea, it is fine as long as it isn't done overboard. Over-use of smilies can get on some peoples nerves, who might come here to read comments, etc. So please keep this in mind, if it becomes an issue then the idea will be removed. I trust you can all reign in and respect the rules without problem. ;)
Yay a nice shiny new thread. Almost coinciding with Marg's birthday :D Marg does have the most gorgeous eyes I think I've ever seen. :drool:
YEAH! New Marg/Catherine thread! Whoo hooo :beer:
And I'll throw in some :drool: smileys too :drool:
Yee-Ha on the new thread!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there somewhere where we CAN discuss her body parts?:devil:

I'm watching "Still Life" and Marg and Gary have a scene right now...anyway, that's not the point. The POINT is that I'm just totally STRUCK by marg's insane beauty....She's just, face, eyes, makeup, clothing...WOW. Marg you are beeeeautiful!
New thread heh! Congrats everyone! lol it seems D preferred her own title suggestion just like we did. :D I don't have a problem with the drool icon, especially when it's used to describe Marg/Catherine. I think I have a bigger problem with the thumb-up icon. :lol:

By discussing Marg's bodyparts, I think it's referred to our previous naughty jokes about her boobs and legs and those nicknames. It's still fine to talk about how beautiful her eyes are, right D? *blinks rapidly*
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