Make Your Own Headline

lol that pictureis histerical bluecurl!

ok here is mine

ok i didnt make this one up but i just think it sounds funny

local woman is sued after hitting a woman with a dead chihuahua!

that was actually in a friends news paper when i was visiting!!!!!!
:lol: Funny Bush picture!

- Roos caught in romance with Jorja Fox
Okay, in my dreams
- New York Yankees contracted Bush

- Free ice-cream for everyone in hot weather
I need that!
^Was the picture real- please tell me where if it was, it's hilarious, and true. And yes, I am an American.
-Psychics predict world didn't end yesterday

-Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery; Hundreds Dead

-Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half [Chainsaw Massacre all over again!]
well, our petrol prices at the moment are $1.40 per litre, which is ridiculous considering that a gallon is 4 times as big as a litre, so it's rather expensive...

-Federal Government reveals that Tasmania is being sold to the US in an attempt to lower petrol prices :lol:
These are some from The Onion in History

"WA--(headline continued on page A2)"
"World's Largest Metaphor Hits Iceberg"
"Leno-Kevorikian sign 10 Year Monologue-Joke Pact"
"Amelia Earhart Missing--Famed Aviatrix 'probably just shopping' Search Teams Claim"
"Toxic Levels of Self-Involvement found in Many Post-War Babies--70% of infants' First Word: Me"
"Pentagon Develops A-Bomb Resistant Desk"
"US Spies Discover What's Beneath Russian Nesting Dolls; 'It's more Dolls' Says CIA Director"
"Henley, Frey Urge the Nation to Take it Easy"
"Nancy Reagan Ends Nation's Drug Problem with Very special Diff'rent Strokes Appearance"