Make Your Own Headline


I saw this on another site, and it looked like fun:D

just type a Headline that you made up :D maybe this will work, maybe it wont, i like to take risks :cool:

"NSF2 admits she likes to take risks, only to find out this isn't one of them"
she's quoted at saying: "Right...."

:lol: oy I'm very loopy right now :D
"CSIFiles Wins Pulitzer Prize for Message Board Excellence"

"Dynamo1 Wins Emmy Award for Guest Appearance on CSI"

"William Petersen Extends Contract for 10 More Years"

"Gas Prices Drop to 49 Cents a Gallon"

"Coka Cola and Mountain Dew Drop to 49 Cents a Gallon"

"Cigarettes and Cigars Banned by Congress"

"Shuttle Makes First Contact With Friendly Alien Race"
Sarah Sidle Kidnapped By Aliens! Aliens Apologize for Kidnapping Sarah Sidle-If only she would have left Grissom alone! Gil Grissom-The Jig Is Up Now We All Know He's An Alien! I Would Have Loved To Finish Season Seven of CSI- Gil Grissom! Angry Mob Descends On The Set Of CSI-How Could You Do It Sarah How Could You Out Grissom! :lol: :devil:
Becky becomes the QUEEN-PRINCESS-RULER-PIRATE -Indisputable- Unoverthrowable- AWESOMEST- Owner of this planet

it will happen, someday.
Dynamo1 said:

"Gas Prices Drop to 49 Cents a Gallon"

makes me wonder what the gas prices are there right now!

it is 5,41255 euro now here for a gallon of gas. since the euro is more worth than one dollar you do the math!
I kind of stole part of this from the Spiderman 2 movie, but thought it suits me :D

"Mad scientist moderator turns herself into some kind of monster - four mechanical arms welded right onto her body".
That's what I have always pictured a mod to look like before I read that. ;)

And when I got back from ny trip last night, local gas prices were $2.93 (2.29 Euro) per gallon in my area, $2.87 (2.21 E) to $3.09 (2.41 E) around the county. 1 US Dollar = 0.78113 Euro.

More headlines:

"Lex Luthor Unmasks Super-Dynamo1. Exposes fat old guy."

"Bruckheimer Productions Announces Sisth CSI Spinoff.
Now one for every day of the week."
(Yeah, mods. I know. CSI discussion goes elsewhere. Sorry.)

"New Star Trek Series Takes Place in Early Academy Years"
(Yeah, mods. I know. Trek discussion goes on the TrekBBS board. Sorry.)

"Dynamo1 Caught in Affair With All Four Desperate Housewives."
(Yeah, mods. I know. DH discussion goes on board. Awwww, give me a break.)

"Playboy Announces Woman of CSI Issue."
(Oooops. Did it again.)

"Couch Potato Dynamo1 Shoots Gekko From Insurance Company Ads. Says, 'Now going after weird burger king guy.'"

"Dynamo1 wins $500 Million in Powerball Lottery. Uses first million to buy better servers for favorite message board."
(QSF Forum?)
Well this looks fun so I think I'll post some:

  • [*]Hurricane destroys graveyard - thousands dead.
    [*]Sex Education Delayed - Teachers Request Training
    [*]Couple's Holiday Ruined By Death Of Child
    [*]Blind Woman Receives Kidney From Dad She Hasn't Seen In Years
    [*]When Baking Cookies, Include Your Kids
    [*]Minor Fault Occured, Say Experts On Plane Crash
    [*]Eight Foot Doctors Sue Hospitals


maybe not made up by myself but still funny