Louise/Sofia: A Lady With Attitude Part IV

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She isn't in the final episode. My hope, that she'll be back in season 12 just vanished :(

I hate when they tease us like that... :brickwall:

One week left!


ETA: Dizzney just added a link to a promo for "Father of the Bride" on the Spoiler Lab page. http://talk.csifiles.com/showthread.php?t=62135&page=54 - second posting on the page. (My apologies if I did this wrong.)

Thanks, that video made my day :) A glimpse of Sofia. Please, please, please be back for season 12 :drool:
And I'm sooooo sick of Ray :rolleyes:
This is all I could get:

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Hi guys! :) Just a reminder that spoiler pics, etc. need to stay in the spoiler threads, or if you do want to post links, pics, talk, etc. here then please remember to use the spoiler tags. I know most of you already know what's coming up for Louise/Sofia in the show, but there may be some who do not wish to be spoiled. Thanks! :)
Sorry, Smokey, I didn't realize linking to the spoiler page wasn't kosher. Won't do it again. :angel:


No problem! Links would be okay as long as it's clear it goes to spoilers. Pics should have tags for sure tho.:)
- Not enough Louise. She was completely underutilized, especially not after the build-up we got in the tease. (Or was that build-up in my head?)
- Great opening shot of her and her new badge.
- Louise looks amazing, as always; she's aging well. :)
- Wasn't there a mention of Sofia lowering the boom on Ray, Catherine and Brass? I kind of expected to see AngrySofia!
- I'm still not sure why she was brought in. I love Louise and I hate seeing her brought back doing something many of the other characters could have done. She started out at the head of the task force but ended up being just another sounding-board for Ray...

I look forward to seeing what others thought.

Off to watch it again.

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Thank's Lt. Sugar nice caps. She looks exactly the same, and have you all read her interview on our news files?
It was fantastic to have Louise Lombard back as Sofia Curtis :drool:, but frankly they didn't do her justice (and you know I hoped to see THE Walk ;), but alas, it wasn't possible) !! A wasted opportunity to reintroduce her role. Although I hope she will return to the show, now that Fishburn will quit, I'm not sure if that would be a good move. Watching "FOFB" was bittersweet; seeing Sofia brought old memories why I used to love and watch that show and why I didn't watch it anymore after Peterson, Fox and Lombard left. In my opinion the writers have lost their touch in so many ways. The little quirks that made the original cast human (I loved Grissoms' quotes and witty remarks) to the eye of the beholder, the originality of the stories .... well that isn't there anymore. If Louise Lombard should return, well, than I would sure return to watching it, but I don't think that will be. Let me finish the post saying that she looked fantastic :) !!!!
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