Locker Room #18: Danny/Carmine: Welcome to the Insane Asylum!

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Poppet! I don't know how you find all these things but thanks so much for bringing them here. It's nice to see Carmine all dressed up in a suit with a pretty lady on his arm. That applies to both his mom and Vanessa.

It's called google alerts! :)
That first pic is him with Frances X. Paulo Huber, the CEO and president of Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden.

And here's one more pic from the event:

Carmine with fan attendees. If I'd have known sooner that he was going to be the guest of honor, I would've gone since I was supposed to be back in NY for part of the summer.
Its a shame you didn't get to go Project DAY. I like how although Carmine is looking smart he still manages to have an air of tatterdemalion chic about him.

What does eveyone think Season Six will hold for Danny? Personally I am just hoping that all his stories don't evolve around the fact that is now a father and a husband.
He looked like a total moron doing it, and mostly because I don't think the actor was "feeling" it. It was meant to be funny, but came off as totally lame. He should be going after them with a bottle of hand sanitizer. Swine flu, people!

It's no longer the swine flu, it's the H1N1 flu now. We can't be giving the pigs a bad rep. :p I agree that Carmine doesn't appear to be too into this whole storyline. It's like he's phoning it in with any DL and baby stuff.

Carmine amuses me with his acting skills. He's definately good, but sometimes it's like he has a big sign round his neck stating "I don't like these lines". :)
lol sooo true
Slightly OT but has anyone else noticed that since Danny has stopped wearing glasses on CSI all the pics of Carmine he has been wearing glasses....:lol:
I noticed Carmine wearing the glasses and was like, "Really??" :lol:

Danny's development in S6 will most likely be about being a husband and father. I just hope they move away from the cliched way they've started the whole thing and make it interesting instead of staying with the cheap jokes and cheesiness. I'm not holding my breath though.
I agree. While I love that he seems happy with the baby and everything, it seems a little unrealistic with the way the baby was in the lab and everything. It'll be nice to see how they balance everything.

I wonder if both he and Lindsay will always work the same shifts now?

And those pictures of Carmine were hot!:drool:
I'm Andie by the way!:thumbsup:
OK, seriously, I adore this man, but his hair is starting to get the "Vince-for-ShamWow" look. Tone it down, dude, tone it down. Luv ya, tho! :thumbsup:
OK, seriously, I adore this man, but his hair is starting to get the "Vince-for-ShamWow" look. Tone it down, dude, tone it down. Luv ya, tho! :thumbsup:


Okay, I think I'm done now but my sides are hurting. I have to agree with you on both points. I, too, adore this man. He has the sexiest arms and shoulders I have seen in a while:drool:. But, seriously, the hair IS Vince-for-ShamWow! I saw another commercial the other day for a chopper that ShamWow guy did and the first thing out of my mouth was "hey that's the ShamWow guy" and the second thought was "Wow...his hair looks just like Carmine's!!!
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