Jigsaw Puzzle

I would appreciate help with DOUBLE DOWN jigsaw puzzle. I have the puzzle finished, but the light is weak and cannot show any clues from the puzzle or the solution on the solution page. Can anyone provide the clues and solution for me????? Really appreciate any help. Thanks.
I have all of the solutions to Everybody Loathes Somebody Sometime" including a pic!!! I will also have the full solution as in the back of the book typed out to be read..if you need it let me know. I am not sure how many of these puzzles there, does anyone know, because I would like to have all of them??
I need the solution to Everybody loathes somebody sometimes.
Know it's a long shot, but you wouldn't still happen to have an electronic copy of the booklet for CSI "Stabbing Pain" puzzle would you? The copy of the puzzle I rec'd does not have the booklet nor UV light.