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Jigsaw Hell!

Hi all,
New here, greetings from Trek BBS, K'ehleyr :klingon:
Love CSI and got a jigsaw for Christmas, Double Down. Completed it and have read clue book etc, tried with the little light and still am without a clue who did it:confused:. Have my theories but would really appreciate any advice or hints to solving it by the experts, please.
Do you know the solution to "Double Down" yet? We're also dying to check our suspicions.

Yes, I posted my plea on the wrong thread... :rolleyes:
Have completed "Double Down" but can't find any clues with the UV light.
Was thinking of writing to the company as previous posters billiant idea, but would like hints and clues rather that just the answer. Or I spose I could get the answer and get someone else to work it out backwards.... It seems a lot of effort but by crickey these things get to you:lol:. 10 hours over Christmas, glazed eyes and aching backs, fab fun!
Also to previous posters, yes there are some on Ebay. I was lucky and got mine in The Works in UK. They sold out pretty quickly, hopefully those that make them will realise they have a great fan base for them:)
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Welcome to the board, withoutaclue. When a thread hasn't had anyone post to it in a while, it appears to have disappeared, but it still exists. Two ways to find it:

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Hope this helps.
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since there is a thread in Merchandise for this I'll move it over there and merge the threads together :)
Hi All,

I know it's been a while since anyone has posted here about the puzzles. My wife just finished Unbalanced Death after having it in her possession for quite a few years. Like a lot of the rest of you have found, the writing in the back of the clue booklet is illegible even though the mini UV light still functions. Appears it has faded considerably over the years to the point of being almost totally undetectable now. And, as many of you have done I have searched high and low on her behalf trying to find some information online, hoping that someone had scanned/typed out what was in that booklet. Finally today I must have hit upon the right combination of keywords searching in Google and came up with a web page with resources for quite a number of mystery type puzzles. This page also happens to include the solutions for Unbalanced Death and Stabbing Pain. I hope this is of some assistance to any who have come here before me, and for any that may follow, in finding some help with these puzzles.

The page is http://www.public.iastate.edu/~pellack/Mysteryjigslist.htm .

Many Thanks! to Lorrie Pellack who is the puzzle enthusiast responsible for that page...