Welcome to the board gab94bee :)

A lot of members were lurkers before taking the plunge and posting so it's nice to see you de-lurking :)

Go Canada
I hope that I can access this site while I am in Europe burying my grandmother( but if not I wish all those who have friends and family in the Olympics well I will root for not only America but my country of Latvia in the Winter Olympics) I hope I do make it back but from what I was told it may be a while /or never I wish I could know for sure
Hi everyone! Just me, Casper. Used to roam about the boards for a while several years back. Just came by to say HI and that I still remember this place yea. Anyway, have a goodday/night! *goes off to roam*

ps: Hi Ducky! Hahaha! Good to see ya still here! *runs!*
Hiya! I am currently a college student studying graphic design, I'm a big fan of video games and anime, I might say things you won't understand like yaoi, yuri, hentai, kawaii, otaku. Those are some anime/japanese phrases. Oh and I also say dood instead of dude and that's becuase of the game Disgaea where creatures known as prinnies say Dood, any and every disgaea fan says dood.
I live in new york, but not the city where the CSI's in new york live, I'm probabally an hour away from the city.
I am male and I'm very suprised to see so many females here! I always thought everybody watched CSI...:borg:
I'm also quite new to CSI, I've only started watching it since september of 09.
Also before I say anything else
I'm a guy and I like men instead of women. So I'm gay, but I don't like to be called that. I prefer the word Curved, becuase instead of being straight and going straight to the opposite gender. You curve to the same gender.
But I'm nothing like the stereo type at all, I'm the opposite..:evil::borg::thumbsup:
Actually to tell you the truth I had a hard time admitting to myself that I didn't like girls in that kind of way, but now I'm happy with the way that I am.
My favorite CSI character is Nick Stokes, my favorite CSI NY character is Mac Taylor.
Me lerves me some george eads XD, actually the only reason why I started to watch CSI Is becuase of george eads, I was flicking the channels and I saw him and I was all:drool:

Oh look it's a prinny!

Well hello everyone:) although i've been here for so long time i never notice this thread. I've been posting so much (at least for me) but anyways i don't even remember if i've introduced you with me, but i wasn't quite sure if you have any interest in me
Hello world! I'm Country. I am 24 been a member here for a couple of weeks. I like posting off the wall things, so I'll be here.
Oh sweet! I didn't think this message board had an intro section but here it is :D

I got unnaturally excited when I saw this message board pop up in a search, I'm a huge CSI fan but since it's a 'veteran' series, it's hard to find peeps who are interested in talking about it. But here you all are! *does celebratory vaudevillian dance*

I'm an out of work writer/film maker/performer who spends her time using StumbleUpon way too much and writing fanfiction in between job hunting. I'm a hobbyist nerd, lots of different pursuits and passions. Learning about new things is my drug of choice. I'm a fan of 'colorful language' but I know how to behave myself on message boards :D

I'm still fiddling around figuring out how this site works since it's constructed a little differently than other boards I've used. I will endeavor to read the rules and not commit too many n00b offenses! ;)

Looking forward to exploring and getting to know all y'all!! :D
Welcome to the board Gloriana :)

Each Forum on the talk.csifiles board has a Welcome thread.

Kekripukki aka Ducky and I are your mods here.

Here in Misc we have threads for everything non CSI related. We've got quizzes, rants, hockey, both types of football, baseball and many more :)

Make yourself comfortable but do watch out for the Nicky Lap Chair. Hands off as it belongs to me :)
Hey everyone! I joined up a couple of days ago and I'm preparing my comfy seat as I think I may be here a while ;)

I'm Missyb, 25 and from Norfolk in the UK (a lot of people haven't heard of it!) - I've been watching CSI since 2004 when I flicked over one late night. I'm an honours student of Criminology and looking to do my masters, but I have severe health problems so I don't get out of the house much :( Still, means I can indulge in CSI :)

Things I like - my lovely boyfriend (we're engaged), listening to music, knitting, movies, writing and I LOVE reading!
Welcome to talk.csifiles and in particular the Misc Forum missyb :)

I've heard of Norfolk and for all I know I may have been there :) It's been quite a while since I've been to the UK.

Take a gander around the board to see what we have and remember to have fun :)