I Have A CSI Music question.

Does anyone know the name and artist of the song in the NY ep "Taxi"? The song played while Danny was processing the cab for prints. It said something like "time to meet your master".
I don't really watch NY, but I know Nine Inch Nails have a song called Meet Your Master (with the line 'time to meet your master' in it), and NIN have been used in CSI before. Can't say that's the song for sure as I've never seen the episode :D
It's on the album Year Zero if it is.
Wow, if that was NIN, I'm surprised I liked the song cause I don't like any of their stuff. :lol: If that's who it was my brother probably has it since he has a lot of their stuff. I'll have to ask him to play it for me and see if its the same one. Thanks. :)
Can anyone tell me what song was used during the clip to advertise Grissom's last episode. I would really like to hear the whole song. I think one of the lines went I'm almost gone. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
CSI: NY, episode Trapped. The music playing the background whilst Danny is doing his thing after finding Joshua Hudson's ear, about half an hour into the episode. Can someone confirm that it's also used in The Sims 2, because it sounds like one of the in-game songs.
Does anyone know what song they were playing when Grissom did his final walkthrough of the lab? In 'One To Go'?

It was instrumental and I swear I've heard before, but then again I've watched that part quite a number of times, so that could be why. :lol:
does anybody know the music that was playing on the final scene of One To Go? when Grissom was with Sara?

also does anybody know if Danny Elfman has ever done any music for CSI? am i behind the times? haha

I'm sorry, but I don't know the name of the episode.

It went something like this:

Bam. *rock music thing*
Bam. *rock music thing*
Bam. *rock music thing*

A female was singing it, and Danny was doing an experiment.
It's also in the AXN Philippines commercial for CSI: NY.
It looked like it was in Season 3 or 4.
What song was playing at the end of the Vegas episode Let It Bleed? It's the scene where Catherine, Greg, Riley, and Grissom are at their respective crime scenes
It's Pity and fear by Death Cab For Cutie, from the Narrow Stairs album.
I'm wondering about the song "goodbye my almost lover" or something like that. It was in an ep of NY. Anyone know who sings it?

Also, the ep of Miami called "Broken Home", there was a song at the end that went "why can't we just rewind. I'm not sleeping at night, but I'm going from bar to bar." or something to that effect. Anyone know the title of this song and the singer?

Thanks in advance.