"Hurricane Anthony" Remake - DuCaine, Angst, PG13

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Jumping slightly at Calleighs sudden decision to thrash around, Horatio Caine grew increasingly worried about this woman he was watching over. ‘Oh, sweetheart…..’ he thought with a sigh. He really had no clue as to what was wrong with her, although he had his suspicions. Knowing he had to stop her from injuring herself even more, Horatio leant over her again and held her arms down by her sides, one after the other.

“I’m here, Calleigh, sweetheart… You’re not alone, please don’t worry..”

In a way, his words reached her, touched her, even. The way his delectable velvet rumble pierced through the fear and worry like the sun through the clouds after the rain calmed her somewhat. Eventually calming down enough to be able to respond to Horatios soothing words, Calleigh whimpered and said, “H..H.. Horatio.. I can’t see… I’m blind, help me..”

Letting go of one of Calleighs arms, Horatio held onto the other one tight, to tell her he was there for her, no matter what was to happen to either of them. Calleighs eyelids were still fluttering randomly, like she could actually see something. This sad sight brought tears stinging at Horatios eyelids like never before, but he had to be strong. If not for himself, then for Calleigh at least. She may not admit it even now, but Horatio knew that she needed someone to be strong for her. She was in an extremely vulnerable position and he knew from experience that being in such a position alone was not the nicest feeling to say the least, so he was determined to make sure she was never put in that place again.

“Hey, sweetheart…..” He crooned in his velvet voice, “I’m here you’re here and you’re going to be fine, you hear me?”

“Yes, I hear you..” Calleigh said, attempting ot muster up a smile but failed miserably. “What’s… what’s wrong with me?”

“Well, it looks like you have a concussion of some sort…. You should be fine…”

“Uh-huh..” Calleigh squeaked. Deep inside her, Calleighs heart was breaking just like it had many times before. She knew she was naked and no doubt Horatio was too… Knowing she would never be able to see him again or even probably even holding him just killed her.

“I have just one question, Horatio…..”
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