How old are all CSI fans?

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somethingsdont said:
I'm 19 and quite happy to be. Unless I can be 5 again. That was an awesome age.
I'm 19 too, but I prefer to be 4. 4 was a much more awesomer age for me :D Though, right now I can't for the life of me remember why...

It's great to see the diversity in age on the board. Very cool indeed.
I'm 19.. I'll be 20 in September... But I started watching CSI:Crime Scene Investigation at 16 when a friend of mine gave me the CSI:Dark Motives game :D, and then switched only to NY since I was like 17, maybe 18.
I'm old enough to be insulted by this thread!! :eek:

Ok I'm 29 and I'll be 30 in June and not looking forward to it. :mad:
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