How old are all CSI fans?

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Ok I just saw this on the CSI:LV thread and thought I'd post one for everyone on the board! :D I just noticed that if somebody's 16 they can't vote *Oops* so if you are 16 consider yourself 17 for a while :lol:
Well I fall under the 36 - 45 year category by like 2 weeks! Too bad this wasn't posted before! LOL :lol:
I'm in the Old Geezer Club. I just turned 56 a couple of months ago.
26-35 Catagory, specifically 34 as they say old enough to know better.. just to young to feel this dang old. :lol:
16 almost 17, my b-day is actually 3 days after Adam Rodriguez's birthday. makes me feel special

-claudia (currently looking for a life)
I'm in the big dirty 30's category...well the first half anyway :lol: 31 here, but I am sure I don't act like it sometimes...I'm just a big kid at heart!
I'll be twenty in a month, so I'm among the majority it seems.

Despite the 17-25 leading, it's awesome the board still has quite a range among the ages though. :D
Hey, that poll don't have any option for 16. xD Only under 16 and from 17+.
Yeah, I'll be 16 in two months. 2 days after Jon Bon Jovi's birthday, ahah.
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