How many non-US peeps here?

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Hi all
As tea-drinking, stiff-upper-lipped Brit I'm just curious as to how many other folks there are here who aren't from the 'States.
Where are your respective nations up to with the airing of CSI NY? Are the S4 spoilers teasing you too like a bit, fat teasing thing?
Hope I'm not repeating a subject that's already been done enough. I'd hate my first attempt at starting a thread to bring on the tumbleweed effect! :lol:
Im from Slovakia and they are premiering S2, Manhattan Manhunt was on on Thursday

I watch it also on Austrian TV, they are premiering S3 and the last one was Oidepus hex & Hang out to dry, for some reason in reverse order
Helloo! *waves in the direction of Slovakia*
Duh, I forgot to mention that in the UK we're mid-way through a re-run of S3 on one channel and they're showing S1 on another. Which is nice for me as I've only seen about 4 eps of that before.
carolina said:
Im from Slovakia and they are premiering S2, Manhattan Manhunt was on on Thursday
I wouldn’t have thought that there are countries that are further behind than we are in Germany. The last episode, which aired here, was Open And Shut. Season four will probably premiere somewhere in September 08.

Normally I don’t watch the show on German TV at all; I just can’t stand the dubbing (Mac actually has the same voice as Jack Bauer :eek: ) and since it airs in the 8 pm time slot, they use to cut out scenes which aren’t "appropriated" for people under 16. :rolleyes:
Hey, I´m from Germany, too! :D And I also hate it, when they cut out a lot of scenes.
So I always watch it, when they repeat it wednesday early in the morning.
I'm Spanish. We're with the third season right now, last monday was Murder sing the blues. Problem here is New York is after Miami, so big audiences go to them and not NY cause here it's aired at 11 pm.
¡¡¡Hola¡¡¡ I'm from Spain. Here, in AXN, (cable tv) now is re-running 3 season the last ep was that with suicide girls.
They are re-runing season 2 also, on the afternoom, the last ep was Trapped (poor Danny). On normal tv, the last ep aired was Season 3 ep 8, I think.

Here they don't cut scenes, we wacht the whole ep.

Hasta pronto
Heh. Guess I'm gonna be the first up to represent Asia! :D Specifically, Malaysia that's in Southeast Asia!

I know I'm not the only Malaysian 'round here. C'mon, you guys, mari mari, jangan malu. ;)
I'm from The Netherlands.

I don't watch the regular broadcasts, but my TV guide says they aired 'Officer Blue' last wednesday; so I guess they've finished season 3 and are now doing re-runs.
Chalk up another Brit fan here!!! When are they releasing part 2 of season 3 on dvd? I'm dying here as work commitments made me miss all the good episodes when it was on Channel 5. And OMG don't you just love CSI Sundays on the Five US channel???
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