Horatio/DC #15: 'Back To Basics'

Happy birthday David, my favorite actor of all-time! He's in the newspaper today. :)

And it's also my brother's birthday, lol.
If you don't mind me asking, what newspaper is that and for what. List of birthdays or an article and if an article, what is it about.
Feliz Cumpleanos Senor David Caruso! Happy Birthday Mr David Caruso! hope he had a good one wherever he might be? love ya lots man!
Thanks :) I found this picture on the internet yesterday and of course fell in love with it.

I will get started on a translation later today, since it is quite long. I should have it up sometime tomorrow.
Hi, I am completely new to the forums but have been a CSI fan for a few years now, I really like the character of Horatio, am in the UK and the season finished, :( now have a wait till the new one.
the last part of the interview is interesting: Is there something in your life than to repent?
Everyone has regrets, in their life, but I think I have personally gone through very difficult times that cost me overcome. I think at some point I regret not having done more movies, having given himself to television and this is one of the reasons why I'm here. The rest of the interview is talking about the plotline and how Daivd Caruso discovered Argentina by way of his manager who's family comes from there...Guess he never got enough time away from CSIM to make some movies that he wanted to do when he was a little younger. Doesn't suggest he regrets his success on tv/CSIM; just that he really likes to make movies...
Here's my (rough) translation of the article in Hola! Hope you enjoy. Feel free to ask me any questions.

Translation of Chacarita Article

One of the most famous men in global television was in Buenos Aires to begin work on the production of Chacarita, the film that he will star in and in 2012, will be filmed in the Argentine capital. American actor David Caruso, 56, is the symbolic face of the CSI: Miami series, which is currently in its 10th season. Though he has participated in famous productions such as Jade and Kiss of Death, he desires to return to the world of film -- after 10 years away from the big screen -- to tell stories speaking of the most intimate aspects of life. A visit to Argentina inspired his next film, the study of a man who most search through his past in order to face his future.

-- What brought you to Buenos Aires?

Richard Pinotti, my manager, is of Argentine descent and spent part of his childhood in this country. For years, he's insisted that I should visit Buenos Aires, assuring me that I would end up falling in love with the city and its people. He was not wrong. I think that Chacarita will be one of the best things that has happened to my in the length of my career. Very rarely have I seen people so creative and filled with empathy. My first visit was in June 2011, and that was enough to prove to me that Buenos Aires is wonderful.

-- Why the second visit?

I came back because during my first stay, I thought that I could develop a nice project in Argentina. I played around with ideas and discussed them with my team. Ultimately, the project's story fully came together while I was on the airplane that brought me here for the first time.

-- Why choose Argentina for this production?

This country's potential is amazing. And, in light of America's economic struggles, I believe this is the moment to being doing film in locations around the world with actors who can show other cultures and have other ways of telling stories. With this new project, I want to be one of the first to explore this new niche. I am no stranger to the cultural link that exists between Latin America and the United States.

-- We would love to hear about the script.

This story is called Chacarita and begins in a cemetery. I must say that aside from Paris and Moscow, I have never seen lovelier cemeteries than those of Buenos Aires. This production will have a very human story. It shows the life of an American man who, while on a trip to Buenos Aires, falls deeply in love with an Argentine woman much younger than he. In a short time, they marry and have a child. They have a very calm life until one day, their child mysteriously dies. The pain is so great that it ends up tearing the couple apart. He returns to the United States and leaves his wife alone. This character tries to restart his life, but it is impossible to forget the mother of his dead child after all the happiness he experienced with her. One day, he decides to return and try to win her back, but realizes that she too has already moved on.

-- Would you say this is an intimate film?

Absolutely. My proposition with Chacarita is to take on the theme of regret. With this production, I will try to explain how someone can live knowing that they have committed a grave error in their life. It is terrible when one assumes that they cannot continue with their life because of the memory of someone. I would like for everyone who sees this movie to ask at the end, "How can I live when I'm not with the one I love?"

-- Are any parts of Chacarita based on your own life?

Of course. The script is based on much of my life. I was inspired by experiences in past relationships. I believe that my story is a good example of how to survive when regret tortures you.

-- Is there anything in your life that you regret?

Everyone has regrets in their life, but personally, I have faced very difficult moments that were a struggle to overcome. I also regret not having made more films in the past. I have had my fill of television and that is one of the reasons I am here today.
fanilowchick, ladyjr8 - thanks so much!:luvlove:

This interview shows a fuller picture and I like this plot more and more.
It's partly based on David's own life - Wow!
Very private story: no guns, no chasing criminals, no saving the world stuff (I don't say I don't like it;)) but I hope in this movie David will be able to show all his talent not just that part we've already seen in his TV shows.

fanilowchick, as I understand there's nothing said about the cast and it'll be english or spanish language film?
Sounds like the death knell for CSI Miami then, if he's "had his fill of TV"! But yes, it'll be good to see him doing something different.