Horatio/DC#14: Even heroes have the right to bleed

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CarolineAmanda here's the pic you wanted! :lol:

:lol: :lol: ROTFLMFAO!! I'll never get tired of seeing that pic!! and it's just so OMFG hilarious!!! Hudson Hawk is just a hilarious movie!! and i love all of DC's little costumes in it!!!
Wow! I missed alot. I go away for a few day and return to a new thread!


*sorry about being M.I.A!*
It's great when there's new threads. Hey! Around Halloween time we should come up with a nice thread name regarding Horatio. What do you think? Sound good?
Wow!!! I'm gone like one day and we have a new thread and everything!!! :D Can I have some beverage too ladies? :) Look, I brought cookies too!!! ;) ***passes out cookies to everyone***

Well then, a new thread calls for a very special hotness pic...


I know I've posted both of these in the last thread, but they are 2 of my favorites and I wanted to start the new thread right... :D:devil:

And Happy Birthday, Patricia!!! :)
Thank you horatiosangel!! :D

Great pictures!
Very Hot indeed! :devil:
Specially the last one!

inthewind oh yes he is!! :D :devil:
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