Hill Harper/Sheldon Hawkes #2: He's Got Panties

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Great article, Orison! As much as I would love to pre-order his new book again, it's not yet available on Amazon like his last one was. His Letters to a Young Brother actually made an impression on my then-teenaged brother at the time and inspired him to get his act together.

I'm not on the same team that he is for the primaries, but good on him for campaigning! Makes him even sexier in my book.
Cool article! Hill is so eloquent--he always has such a nice way of putting things. And I think that "the writers are the real stars of CSI: NY" came from a CSI Files interview! :D
thanks so much for posting that link, Orison. What a great interview. Hill really does so much for the black community.

I can't wait to read his new book when it comes out. I thoroughly enjoyed his last one.
Thanks for the link Orison . That's really a great interview.

I just started to read "letters to a young brother". He's really caring and he does a lot for the youth. Although I definately don't belong to the group the book is written for I enjoy reading it so far.
Top41 said:Cool! :D Did he give a quote or anything like that?
^^^ the seconds-long clip caught me off-guard. i think he only said one line about how it's a good cause. sorry! :( hill just being at the event was commemorable. :)

is he going to be book signing for Letters to a Young Sister: Define Your Destiny?

thanks for the TVGuide link!
xxAnGeLheArtZ said:
is he going to be book signing for Letters to a Young Sister: Define Your Destiny?

I imagine he will; he did a book tour to promote "Letters to a Young Brother." Once the book is published, I'll try to find out the tour dates and post them.
Hopefully I won't be hung over when he comes to my neighborhood and sleep through the book signing. Like I did last time.
I watched the NAACP Awards last night too, and just popped over to add my own Congratulations to Hill for winning the Best Actor award! He has been nominated for a few years, but this is the first that he won it. He brought his beautiful mother up on stage with him, they were both all smiles from ear-to-ear, and he honored her immensely with some very lovely sentiments. She looked as proud as a mother could possibly be. It was a beautiful moment - and an overall great show. :)
Aww, congrats to Hill! I should have watched the awards, but I'm glad to hear that he won. He does such a great job and it's wonderful to see him get recognition for his hard work.

Also, the man clearly loves his mama--what could be better? :)

"This is for you. Happy Valentine's Day," Harper said. "The Image Award means legacy. This woman represents my legacy."
WhosLaughingNow said:
Congratulations goes out to Hill for taking home the award for Best Actor in a drama series at the NAACP Image Awards :)

YAY!!! Congrats to Hill!!! :D :D :D
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