H/Cal #5 - DuCaine...Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

i see. manips are at the back of the line along with fanfiction as i'm laughing so much from this news article i read. i know its not DuCaine but i feel so much like sharing it as i know it'll make you all smile or roll on the floor laughing:guffaw:
Yes i am from the country England, yes i can be stupid but not like this person:guffaw::guffaw::guffaw::guffaw:
Hello everyone!

In a somewhat odd attempt to breath some life into this thread, I just wanted to throw this out there:

I was a HUGE X-Files fan, and now that the new movie is coming out, w/new pics of Mulder & Scully, it got me thinking (yes, I promise this is going to be on-topic ;) ). Basically, I started thinking about the similarities between M&S and our own dynamic duo - just hear me out!

I don't know if any of you ever watched The X-Files, but Mulder and Scully's relationship was, at least in the beginning, a "romance of the intellect," as the creator of the show once explained it. It was also the driving force of the show. However, even though it was becoming apparant that these two had some real chemistry, and they could never be happy w/anyone but each other, TPTB were still resistent to let the characters take the next step, even going so far as to state that they would NEVER be romantically involved. Well guess what? By the end of the TV show, they were romantically involved, and even had a kid to boot! (although they had to give him up for adoption - don't ask :rolleyes: )

So what does this have to do w/H and Cal? Well, just think about it! Two leads who have fantastic chemistry but TPTB won't let it go a step further. Two characters who have been there for each other through it all, and whose relationship is based on a "romance of the intellect" as well - let's face it, that's where it all started! They're totally drawn together by their intellect, and from that blossomed their friendship, which is where most romances bloom from. Sound familiar anyone?

So let's not lose hope here, folks! Besides, H and Cal have striking similarities to Mulder and Scully, even visually. I just love both the pairings, and am starting to see why I've been so drawn to H/C - they really do complete each other, make each other whole. H needs a woman to lighten him up w/no emotional guilt or baggage attached, someone who will "save him" from his own downward spiral. And Cal needs a man who will be FAITHFUL to her through and through; someone who will stand by her no matter what and always have her back, and also someone who can break down her defenses and open her up to share her true feelings.

I think we've seen great examples of the chemistry and openness between these two: "Lost Son"; "After the Fall"; "Under Suspicion"; "Under the Influence"; "The Best Defense" - and the list goes on. The fact is, these two are not connected by a dark past, or by some tragedy, but by their field of work - by their intellect — Just like Mulder and Scully. As time went on, they would meet w/tragedy, but they'd handle it together - they wouldn't CAUSE each other pain, but they'd help each other heal from the pain they'd experience.

Why have they stopped "being there" in Seasons 5-6? Well, I don't believe they have, I just think TPTB refuse to let us see it b/c — just like w/Mulder and Scully — they don't want to "go there" w/the two leads. And with this show, there's such a big cast that you can start messing around w/"pairings" and whatnot. (For an X-Files parallel (for those who've seen the show), some of these relationships I've seen TPTB writing for recently remind me of the "Mulder/Diana Fowley" or "Scully/John Doggett" relationships.)

I also think, character-wise, that Mulder & Scully and H & Cal have similar reasons for wanting to avoid taking that next step in their relationship. They wouldn't want to jeopardize their friendship, or have anything come between them. They realize how precious that friendship is, and wouldn't want to risk it. That I could believe. But seriously, to have them not interact - that's just LAME. It reminds me of when Mulder was being replaced by John Doggett — really nice guy, but he's NO Fox Mulder ...

There's no way H and Cal have stopped caring for each other - that's evident by Calleigh's words to Horatio in both "Ambush" and "Going Ballistic". Also, if TPTB do indeed start the season off by "faking" the death of Horatio and having a "funeral," that would lead to even more parallels between H and Mulder - as Mulder had a funeral in Season 8 where Scully thought he was dead. No doubt our dear Cal will be similarly grief-stricken as Scully was if it comes to this.

Hopefully, just like Mulder and Scully, H and Cal soon will come to their senses and reconcile their feelings before it's too late!
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Hey all!

Miamirocks i also can't wait till the new X-Files movie coming out

speaking of similarities between DuCaine and other Tv/Movie couple, i saw one in the movies Appleseed and Appleseed Ex Machina between Briareos and Deunen.

Briareos is like Horatio in that he can work alone or work in a team. He cares for others and especially Deunen. He's masterful with weapons and has a high accurancy rating like H. Also Briareos is older then Deunen like Horatio is older then Calleigh

Deunen is like Calleigh. Free spirited and a very happy person. /knows her guns and knows how to use them. She also highly respects Briareos as well as love him and the pair always look out for each other

So this got me thinking. Not only am i trying to write a sequel to Spiked Love, the first DuCaine fic i wrote. I'm also writing a sequel to Wolf Kiss, the werewolf DuCaine story. I'm now trying to write a Appleseed DuCaine fic and here's the trailer:

Good or bad idea, i don't know but after watching the movies i can't help thinking how similar the two pairings are. Except Briareos is a cyborg and Horatio isn't:guffaw:
Hey everyone!

Now that we are on our fav T.V. couples that remind us of DuCaine, well I have one. My new addiction is House M.D. and my fav ship is House/Cameron or HC. (it can also stand for Horatio/Calleigh too lol) Anywho, there was a lot of chemestry between them, House even took her on "a date, without the date part" to a monster truck jam. Then, when Cameron quit's, House goes to her house and begs her to come back but she tells him she will only come back if he goes on a date with her to dinner. They do and never do it again. The entire hosptal knew that Cameron loved him, even if he was a cripple. Than, in the middle of season 3, Cameron just decided to give up House and goes for Chase. Than she quits again.

Couples that are meant to be on T.V. don't happen, but we shall always wish.
*runs and dives in the (impossibly huge lack of) DuCaineness*

Hi, everyone...

It has been quite a while since I posted anything on here!

I don't have the faintest idea if anyone is registered on csimiami.wetpaint.com, but there are some things going on there.


Please, vote CSI:Miami if you want it to win the Golden Award.

I don't own anything of the site, just registered to it. :)


I have been writing DuCaine fanfiction all the time. You should be able to see the results on here: http://www.fanfiction.net/~csiballistics

I have seen the Season 6 FINALE on YouTube, and OMFG !!! I am quite afraid we will be seeing a crying Calleigh in Eric's arms at the fake funeral, and Horatio leaving his lab forever, making Calleigh Lieutenant.

I just hope it won't really get this far!

*SCREAMS* WHY? Alright, I am going ballistic (HA!)

Calleigh & Horatio... HAVE. TO. BE. TOGETHER.

:brickwall: AM. :brickwall: NOT. :brickwall: GIVING. :brickwall: UP. :brickwall: ON. :brickwall: HOPE. :brickwall:
BUT. :brickwall: SOMETIMES. :brickwall: I. :brickwall: REALLY. :brickwall: HAVE. :brickwall: TO. :brickwall: ENCOURAGE. :brickwall: MYSELF. :brickwall:
WHEN. :brickwall: I. :brickwall: SEE. :brickwall: HORATIO'S. :brickwall: CALLEIGH. :brickwall: IN. :brickwall: ERIC'S. :brickwall: ARMS. :brickwall:

Done! UF! FINALLY got rid of this anger :lol:

No, really. DAMN Eric!

hey all

I've done my vote csi: Miami wetpaint. saying this, does everybody know there is a ducaine page on there called Ducaine discussion.

CSI Ballistics you're the brilliant writer of Negative and possitive:thumbsup:. fantastic stories. You'll find me as Wolfca and Gunwolf (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/614535/Wolfca_and_Gunwolf2008)

speaking of fanfiction, CSI Appleseed is coming along nicely, just wish H would stop beating me up for what i've done to him:guffaw:. my avatar and signature are from the story
Awww, thank you :)

There's also PAIN and EMILY, and EVENTUALLY should be up somewhere this week or the next. I just can't wait to read CSI Appleseed! :)

Hey everyone! As always, thanks for keepin' the DuCaine love alive through the summer hiatus - man, is it time for the premier yet???

Well, I just wanted to say that if you consider the CSI:Miami Novels CANON, then DuCaine is back in action BIG TIME! I know I posted about the new Donn Cortez book, "Cut & Run," some time back, but I hadn't had time to read past the first couple of chapters. So everyone brace yourself for this: Horatio & Calleigh are WORKING TOGETHER - like, in the same hummer, in the break room, in his office!! WOOOHHOOOO!!! And they're having playful ;) and MEANINGFUL :drool: conversations!! Check out this excerpt:

(H and Cal are in the Hummer driving back from interrogating a suspect. The previous scene included a cute part w/H petting a dog).


Horatio fell silent as he drove. Calleigh could tell he was thinking, but there was something in the quality of his silence that made her quiet as well. When Horatio finally spoke, the subject wasn't what Calleigh expected.

"Did you have a dog when you were growing up, Calleigh?"

"No, I was always more of a cat person. But I had an uncle with a pair of prize bloodhounds—they were great dogs. I used to love playing with them when he visited."

"I haven't had a dog since ... since I was very young." Horatio paused. "I called him Scrappy. Not really sure what breed he was—my mother used to claim he was half Jack Russell and half racoon."

"Liked a nice grabage-can buffet?"

"You could say that. It was a habit that eventually ... proved fatal."

"Did he get a chicken bone stuck in his throat or something?"

"No. My father came home from work one day and found Scrappy had gotten into the trash can in the kitchen, made a real mess." Horatio paused. "My father kicked him to death."

"That's horrible. I'm sorry."

"It was a long time ago. And my father did far worse things ..."

Horatio didn't say anything else, and Calleigh didn't ask.


SOOOO - what did you think??? I kid you not my friends - this was not a work of fanfiction - it was a CSI:Miami novel!! I've been dying to see a scene like this between our dynamic duo that WASN'T fanfic (although you guys are awesome, I just was hoping for something a bit more ... canon, you know?) So when I came across this scene it was like the next best thing - this NEEDS TO HAPPEN ON-SCREEN!

Cortez understands these two so well, they interact so easily, or they used to before TPTB made the stupid decision to not put them in scenes anymore :( Anyway, I love how Calleigh "reads" Horatio's silence, and of course Horatio would open up to Calleigh about something as personal as that - they're more than just colleagues, they're good friends (at the least ;) ). You'd think TPTB would get a clue from Cortez's writing - I mean, they had to OK it for it to be published.

All I can say is I LOVE the interaction between our duo in "Cut & Run", so if you haven't read it yet, check it out! It's a great DuCaine "pick-me-up" ;) Share your thoughts, and have some summer fun - DuCaine style ;)
Hey miamirocks I bought that book a while ago and I read that too! I thought it was great and that the writers should put more DuCaine stuff in!
CSIBallistics - your stories are fantastice both me and Gunwolf love them. Glad you can't wait till CSI: Appleseed to come out and you'll be pleased to know it won't be long.

Here's the trailer with the release date for CSI: Appleseed. Horatio CAine as you've never seen him before! DuCaine:
Wolfca - just a reminder of the rules posted here.

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Thanks so much!
Hi, everyone *dives in the DuCaineness* I'm sorry, Wolfca... :s

Well, I have read that book as well, and I really liked it! The DuCaineness in Don Cortez's novels is so damn good... I really wish it was him writing for CBS xD

I haven't yet read the ones of Max Alan Collins, but I will, soon. :)

I'll always be a DuCaine-er by heart, andnothing will ever change that. :)

Don't worry about it CSI Ballistics, and glad i was of some help for you

hmm, ay, what? What i miss? Don't tell me there's been more novels released. I'm gonna be in the red with money as i can't keep up lol XD
Hey DuCainers :drool:

It's been a while but I hope all of your hope is still alive like mine! :thumbsup:
Well we have our first few episode spoilers as well as pics and I for one can't wait. I am looking forward to some DuCaine this Season!;) I know, I know you all think I am nuts but I just have hope... what can I say. :guffaw:

I know I have to catch up and make some new manips for us and I always have my DuCaine FF as well.:lol: Now we, A very good friend of mine, Margaret and I have created a website for all David caruso Wallpapers. It's like an Archive of many talented artist. If you get a chance please take a look and say hello in our guest book. :p

MiamiRocks... I love the book and more. It was great! CSIloverzed...:eek: I also love HOuse and Cameron too!:drool: But DuCaine still rules for me!;)
Hey Wolfca, great fics and Vids as well!:thumbsup: Big wave to all my friends and DuCainers.

As always I have said it once and I will say it again.... DuCainers- Hang in there!:thumbsup: We are strong! H&C Strong!!! :cool:



DuCaine is Love!!!;)