H/Cal #5 - DuCaine...Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Oh GOOD GOD!!! HEART FAILURE!!! She's touching his arm again :D:D

It doesn't take much for me to fall back into Ducaine love! :p
Awww, they may kill us with leaving out scenes, but DAMN when we do get them at least they are always standing close & lately she always has her hand on him...it totally makes up for it!! Can't wait!!!:thumbsup:

Thanks for the pics.:cool:

To answer the question CSIMIAMIGIRL, the last 2 epis will be the next 2 Mondays.
Ive notice they are airing repeats on Saturdays along with the usual "Miami weekend" epis, but as far as I know the last 2 will be on our regular nights with no (Monday) repeats in between!:)

Down to the Wire...May 12
Going Ballistic.......May 19

Okay, so far I know about 2 scenes in the finale... I also believe we may have some on Monday too... I guess for that one we have to wait but his is looking great. Think of it this way... cliffy and DuCaine...:eek::eek::eek: :guffaw:

Ladies... it doesn't get better!!!

I told you... DuCaine, END GAME.

Oh and I so agree Mjszud, just like the link says, "Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder." ;) DuCaine forever!


PS: I have been quiet because of PC problems. Dell... do I really need to say more:scream: :lol:

Happy Mother's day to all!;)
I saw that H/C clip and was cheering!! I don't know if we'll actually see it on-screen, but it's good to know what's really going on ;) Gotta love the "arm touching" - I mean, think about it - no one else touches H on this show lately except Cal! :drool: You know it's b/c H has a soft spot for his bullet girl :) Those pics are awesome - thanks Hcrazy!

OK, as most of you know, I've been working for the better part of a month on a DuCaine video set during (and after) "All In" - well, it's finally done!! Please let me know what you think — it's to the song "The Scientist," and the lyrics just fit perfectly. (I know EDeN fans have made a cool vid to this song too (thanks for sharing) The song is just so awesome! Love Coldplay! Check out the lyrics when you can).

Well, here's the link - enjoy, and feedback is much appreciated ;) :

Awesome Video!!!!!!!! Terrific.... Increible!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!! I love it! Thank you Miamirocks!!!

Ducaine forever!:drool::drool::drool: I watched it three times and did my HCrazy happy dance!:guffaw:

All you DuCainers better hold out hope. Our couple will have scenes in the seasons finale. It's going to be GREAT!!!:thumbsup:

HCrazy Out:cool:
absolutle amazing video!!

The Roof of Calleighs Lab bursts in to flames and falls in the finale and H gets shot.this should get us a few more scenes

heres to hoping;)
ok did i see right in the video for next week? OMG! If that is so then this is the possibly the only chance DuCaine has of becoming a reality! Please let iit happen!

Sorry i haven't been about but not feeling very well and suffering with heat exhaustion from work
Hi everyone!! :) Long time no see!! I've been studying away like mad, and I graduated from my secondary school last Tuesday, but I've managed to keep up with all that's happening in DuCaineland, and all I can say is WOW!! :D :D We've had a few great moments, and we have some more to come, if the recent interview with Emily and David is anything to go by. Thanks for the lovely caps, HCrazy!! You read my mind!! :D :D When I first saw Emily touching David's arm, I went 'WOAH!! Rewind!!' :lol: :lol: And Emily dancing was so funny!! :guffaw: And David crossing his fingers saying, 'Now if we could just get some viewers...' :guffaw: Hilarious!!
Hi to miamirocks, CSIloverZed, mjszud, HCrazy, Wolfca, SpeedsDaughter, CathStokes, DuCaineluvr93 and SciFiChick. I've missed you all!! :)

Where do I begin? With that great 'Ambush' moment, of course. :) It was so beautiful to watch, and so sad as well. Calleigh was so concerned for Horatio, her eyes said it all. Horatio told her to keep focused on the Newberry case, but her voice spoke volumes of how she really felt, especially when she said, 'We'll hold down the fort'. It went really soft, like she was choked up with emotion. I felt my own eyes stong watching it actually. And the look they shared before Calleigh walked away... so heart-breakingly beautiful, as was Calleigh's long look as Horatio got into that vehicle. That is caring if I ever saw it, and looks never lie.
I was glad as well that Calleigh could be seen as the source of support for Horatio following Stetler telling Horatio he's being extradited to Brazil to stand trial for murder. She has always been thought of as H's second-in-command, and I'm glad they had it play out the way it did, bringing back their friendship again, and having them interact so naturally again. It just seemed so apt and so right to have Calleigh at Horatio's side before he went to Brazil, representing the light in his life. :)

'All In'... what can I say? I loved it that Horatio was able to understand Calleigh's clues when no one else could, and he fought so hard to get her back. It shows the lengths to which he was willing to go to save Cal's life, and is a sure sign of his deep feelings for her. I'm sure he kept asking himself the same question after she was found, 'What would I do without her?'
In a way, the recent string of events have hopefully given Horatio a wake-up call, and made him realize how much Calleigh means to him. I suppose he already got a wake-up call in 'Going Under', but since their distance in the last 29 episodes, all these events that have happened to her ('Stand Your Ground', 'All In') have opened his eyes to how precious Calleigh's life is to him.

My kudos is going out to HCrazy, her beta Angie, and miamirocks, for the fab 'To Almost Kill a Predator' fanfic and 'The Scientist' video, that both did so well to fill in the gaps of the episodes and give H/C fans an insight into this wonderful relationship. Congrats to the both of you, you made me smile a lot. :D :) And blush like mad and cry a bit as well!! :lol: :lol:

I'll be getting back to the books again this weekend, no rest for the wicked I'm afraid. Just wanted to drop in and let you all know that I'm still behind this ship 100%, and I'll go down with it if I have to. :)

Byee!! DuCaine forever!!
Hey Wolfca,

Love the video!!! I'll be waiting for that fanfic. Anyway at least DuCainers will get some scenes in the season finale!!!! yay!!!! with both of them possibly in danger What could be better?:)
, if the recent interview with Emily and David is anything to go by. Thanks for the lovely caps, HCrazy!! You read my mind!! :D :D When I first saw Emily touching David's arm, I went 'WOAH!! Rewind!!' :lol: :lol: And Emily dancing was so funny!! :guffaw: And David crossing his fingers saying, 'Now if we could just get some viewers...' :guffaw: Hilarious!!

do u mind if ask what recent interviews and where can i find them
Thanks DuCaineluvr93 :thumbsup:

Done two new manips of Horatio and Calleigh and posted them in the Manip thread. Let me know what ya think
First of all...

EMERALDEYES!!!! *tackle hugs* Welcome back. Now stop studying, fail your classes, become a hermit and spend more time in the thread. :guffaw: Just kidding. We've missed ya though.

do u mind if ask what recent interviews and where can i find them

They were done awhile ago, I'll go see if I can find them. I'll post the link later on.

I love how this week's episode has so much potential for DuCaine scenes. I mean...

If Horatio-getting-shot is designed to be a cliffhanger, then there HAS to be some angst leading up to it. And if it happens partway through the ep, Cal HAS to be there. HOLD HIS FRIGGIN' HAND!!!:wtf: Yeah I'm weird. I'll be quiet now.
MUHAHA!!! I'm back!!! Miss me?

Hello EMERALDEYES!!:lol:

I like didn't have internet almost all last week so ya. Anyway, I was watching ET on Monday and to my surprise I saw H and the PI guy(who I now will hate forever) talking a little bit about 'Down The Wire'. Ya! :lol::lol:

I'm sorry but last Monday's one-liner was horrible "It's called crime scene investagation":wtf: WOW!

Than Rick Stetler tries to help Calleigh. And Cal stand up for herself! Go Calleigh!!!:)

Did anyone else notice that Cal was wearing all black? She was!!!

miamirocks, I got the Cut and Run last week and it is AWESOME!!!! DuCaine fluffness galory!!!!

Long post, anywho,tonight is the last epi for season six. *cries* well at least there's DuCaine.