Grissom & Sara #31 : Yes. Let's Do It.

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yeah the more i read and find out, the more i am sure this isn't a "Dear John" letter. from what me and a few other people have managed to read from the letter, it sounds like Sara's past is really haunting her for some reason after another encounter with Hannah (from the ep "unusual suspects") and she needs to sort things out, but I don't believe at all that it's a "i'm sorry this was all a mistake" kind of letter! - from odd bits i've picked up here and there, this is kinda gonna be like a sabbatical for Sara, a personal quest she's got to go on, lay some demons to rest, get her head sorted - that kinda thing, this is also where I think they WERE going to take both Grissom and Sara to SF but went in another direction instead, maybe this letter is the "other direction"?? - i'm still 100% certain that this isn't the end of GSR!

ah well not long till we find out i guess!
Ok so check it out. Mayyybe the kiss happens as Sara's leaving shift and Gris is clocking on. It could be possible Sara gets the 'news from home', quickly writes a letter explaining why she had to leave while Gris is out in he field.. Then Sara's last scenes, as she's getting on a plane, are faded in as her voice plays in Gris' head.. eh eh?

Alright, I've got to go, sorry for the short not-so-entertaining-for-the-SF post. Love you guys!! :D
Sara's past haunting her would explain Grissom's sad look on his face in the pictures we've seen. Even if she's not leaving him for good, he hates to see her hurting. I think a letter from her is a great way to go because although she is better with words than Grissom, she basically comes second last :lol:. Also, I think Grissom will respond better to a letter than a personal confrontation.
Got a couple of updates, kinda sorta.
I was just checking up on the rumor I heard about CSI being on twice tonight & that doesn't appear to be happening but it looks like it's going to fill the Viva Laughlin spot on sundays. Last years reruns I'm sure, but at least it's in HD if you got it.
Also I recieved a Google alert with a story about....
Jorja Fox, soon to be off CBS' CSI, hoped the evening's sexy lingerie offerings would inspire Hollywood's young to cover up during the coming cooler months: "Lingerie is warm enough for everyone to be wearing it," said Fox, who will segue from CSI to producing a one-woman play about bisexual rock star Dusty Springfield, making its debut in January at L.A.'s Lily Tomlin Theatre.
Here's the link to the full storyUSA Today article
I'm looking forward to watching the You Make Me Happy scene again tonight even though I've got it downloaded on the computer. It's just different when it's on broadcast TV, especially on CBS instead of Spike. Damn CBS for being a$$holes to JF.
seattlegsrfan said:
I'm looking forward to watching the You Make Me Happy scene again tonight even though I've got it downloaded on the computer. It's just different when it's on broadcast TV,

I know, I'm the same way. I watch reruns all the time that I have on my computer, or whatever, and get so excited. What pathetic lives we lead... :p Although, with movies, I hate sitting through the commericals when I can watch it faster on tape...I'm crazy, I know.
If Sara had to go away, the only reason I could see her having a temporary absence from Grissom would be if her mother was ill or something> I could see her going home to care for her.
aaaaw that is so sweet!

ya know I walk past a jewelery shop every day and they always have very Sara necklaces in the window... and it got me thinking - just how many does she have? coz almost every episode she is wearing one, but we rarely see the same one twice - she must have some collection! wonder if our dear Gilbert gave her any?
Thank's seattlegsrfan for the news about Jorja and the necklace ;) wow she's doing the same thing Billy did back last year on his 'sabbitical' from doing a play, now she's doing a play. He played an old alcoholic, and she's doing an English singers bio.. see, fans she wants to do something different! but he came back didn't he? actors get antsy, and want to try their hands at a totally different venue.. I wish her the best. I'd love to see her ;)

And now for more important things pertaining to

our 'fabulous lovey-dovey couple'


desert, you may want to warn people that the picture in your last post is spoilery!!

It's strange to have a week without CSI. I know it's only been about a month since the season opener, but already it's a part of my weekly routine. Strangely, so is looking for Sara/Gil moments, which is a phenomenon I've never experienced before.

To be frank, we're used to digging and pulling and interpreting the evidence. It's not often that someone shoots the gun in front of you while dictating their confession and hands the evidence over to you, and themselves in nice, silk-decorated handcuffs!

I mean, a PROPOSAL? I'm still reeling over that latest bit of information on the Gil/Sara front. For the first time in years we're not searching and digging. Sure, last season was less about digging than last, but I remember "Leaving Las Vegas" shaking quite a few of us, as I'm sure it shook Sara.

This is different. Gil Grissom offered to spend the rest of his life with Sara Sidle. Boy, I love our ship!
Hey guys, I've been reading an excelent fan fic on my day off today, Last Chance, PM me if anyone wants the link.
Also Entertainment Tonight had JF on briefly tonite.
And the folks at YTDaW are taking donations to add to the donation they are making to CASA in JF's name. PM me if anyone wants any info on that.
See, the more I look at it, the more I'm convinced that either it's a 'happy ending' or that's not really the episode where she leaves. I mean, look at 'em. Do they look like they're about to be separated for any amount of time? Sara's practically grinning and Grissom's smiling. Oh and I just looked at it again, and it looks sort of like he's going for her cheek, not her lips. I hope not. I would hate if they give us this picture and then all we get is a kiss on the friggen cheek. Even though that would be sweet too, I want an actual kiss. Right on the lips. Actually, even more than her cheek it looks like they're about to hug. Not kiss at all. Sorry to rain on the parade, but it really looks like a hug. He's bending his head to the side and just the way they're holding eachother... Darn, I just ruined my day.

I don't think it's really sunk in yet that they're getting married. I mean, MARRIED! I always thought that if they got married, it would be in like the series finale or something! Not the middle of a season. I actually thought that they'd either break up or the show would end before they even got engaged.

My sister wanted the whole bended-knee kind of proposal. I love the one we got, it's so GRISSOM! And it would be weird to have them do something so traditional when Sara's against the whole tradition for the sake of tradition thing.
On tonights ET, and Jorja said, "I'm just taking a little break" so I was going 'WHAT' I guarantee, she's returning.. too many hints and clues like the old 'is Sara dead" I really think!
that Jorja will be returning,and she's got some issues, that we know nothing of, that she needs to take care of.. I think she's already regretting her blatant statement on leaving!! I'm absolutely positive of this, and then this romance will continue and the possible marriage

Sometimes I actually question as to whether Jorja will even be gone an entire season. If she leaves now, it'll kind of be like a, "oh, by the way guy that I just married three seconds ago, I'm leaving for six months." That doesn't seem cool or very Sara like at all. I just wonder. Lolz, 'just a little break'. I love her. I'm actually in love. No, not really, but very close. I still think 8x07 is going to have a happy ending. So there.

My delusions are awesome.
Just like the Governor of California. <3
Still stuck on T2.

[insert ribbon here]
At this point I really don't think it will be anything CLOSE to a whole season. The time she's planning to be gone is getting shorter and shorter. At this rate, in a few days we'll hear "Oh, I'm going to be gone for 3 episodes and then I'm coming back." I hope we do hear that, I would be so happy :D. I can't decide whether I love or hate her for all this. Ah, who am I kidding, the love side always wins.
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