Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustang

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Oh, God, I feel so sad. I'm crying! *cries* :( It's worst day in my life! :( I think I need a hug! I wish I could get drunk with you all, but it's almost 9AM here, and I have to go to work.
You know this weekend I was feeling a little down because I ran for Homecoming Princess and I lost, the only thing that kept me together and happy was Sara and GSR. What is going to happen when I am depressed but Sara is no more. I was so happy today I went on this website during my health class because i finished my research early. I got my first pair of Converse. I got a new jacket and a new skirt. I have finally got over my fear of mustang cars because of CSI, the fear that I picked up at the end of the last season. I had so much worry about will Sara live or won't she. She lives then we find out wait she's leaving to swing shift. She gets put on a case with a really annoying rookie. Then in the promo, I don't even want to talk about that. The promo makes me feel good. Then we get this stupoid article where Jorja says it was her decision to leave. She has finally confirmed it. I hate my life. I hate CBS. I hate CSI. I don't understand I thought she couldn't say anything yet. I thought she wanted GSR. She finally has it why would she leave. Her character is huge her life is perfect. What more could she want. I know that she doesn't want more money and that is good but I just don't get it. She is breaking my heart. I will stand by Jorja in whatever she does, if she decides to leave, then it is her choice. But if she does leave then so will I.

You guys I have lost faith in GSR and Sara and even Jorja. I don't know what to do. I have been crying ever since I read the artiocle and that was an hour ago. Tomorrow will be horrible and it is only the beginning of the week.
sidle, i know how you feel. my heart is broken. the good news we got last thursday is now bittersweet because it just means they're fazing her out the best they really f-iing sucks
all these things i've wanted for so long...gsr vindication...and now it comes at a time that my FAVORITE character and actress is's not right
not fair
not good in any way
this f**king sucks!
Yes it's sad. I'd pretty much already resigned myself to her leaving, so it's not that much of a shock. I know we all need our time of "mourning" (is it sad that we're calling it that?), but let's try not to give the haters the satisfaction of seeing us all in a tizzy. We're going to support Jorja in whatever she wants to do, even if we're frustrated that she's not staying on CSI. And others may be frustrated that the Dollars for Sense campaign wasn't sucessful in its ultimate goal, but I think it was sucessful- we were able to show CBS, and therefore Jorja Fox, how much she's appreciated.

It's sad, I know, but let's focus on the next couple weeks. I know I'm really interested to see how TPTB are going to arrange Sara/Jorja's departure
well that royally sucks *cries* :(

but ya know what - good for Jorja for standing her ground... the articles i've read have said it's not due to money or being unhappy but simply down to Jorja wanting to pursue other things 'before she gets too old' - whether that's the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, i dunno - but i hope the decision was amicable.

I wonder how she will exit? whether she gets a proper exit or if she just kinda fades away, she's already getting a lot less screen time than before... I hope Sara doesn't leave Grissom, because that would just not do his character any good at all- really don't want to go back to moody depressed Grissom again!!

even if the Dollars for Sense campaign didn't achieve it's ultimate goal... it's still shown Jorja just how loved and appreciated she is, i hope it gave her a warm fuzzy feeling to know that so many people really do truely care.

I guess the one glimmer of hope is that if Sara isn't actually being killed off, and Jorja isn't leaving because of being unhappy and simply wants to pursue other things, we could maybe get her back for odd guest appearances? I guess, really, Jorja doesn't need to be on the screen for Grissom and Sara to still be together...

or am i just clutching at straws??

damn i dunno why but i had a bad feeling when i read that quote about a scene that both WP and JF were really happy with. :( they've talked before about if either of their characters leave then it'd be on a good note (which is why i am not really thinking she freaks and runs leaving Grissom behind) and i guess this quote just got the hairs on the back of my neck standing up.

there are some people out there who seem to think this is another huge hoax,- i dunno what to think just now... part of me would really like to believe that, part of me simply cannot (or will not?) believe that she really is walking away from it all, but if the interviews are telling the truth and she wants to get out of the weekly show thing i guess i could understand that, but then why not stay to the end of the season? what difference does 6 months make?

i dunno, i guess until a bit more info comes out, we're just left to speculation
Hi I've come out of lurking to join those cryin gin the corner. I can kind of understand why she wnats to leave after seven years but wish she wasn't not with the fact we finaly have GSR (ok in the UK I'm still waiting for dead doll.) I Glad were getting the GSR we havein the past three episodes and hope theres more to come
it's just so frustrating that we've been waiting SO LONG for this, and NOW she leaves?! that is just NOT FAIR! *cries* my bubble has totally burst :(

I'm hoping beyond hope that somehow the GSR keeps going, even in Jorja's absence... or at the very least they end things in a dignified way.

i like to think this was 100% Jorja's decision, afterall if TPTB didn't want her anymore, wouldn't they just kill her character off? - the fact that Sara isn't being killed off would suggest that they might be open to her return?

there i go again, clutching at those straws....

anyone else feeling like this is some sort of bad dream, that we'll wake up tomorrow and find out it was just our imaginations and none of this ever happened?
After the intial shock and dismay from yesterday, and now a little bit clearer headed *well trying* I smell a rat :mad: why would she leave after 3 months?, after Jorja stating in the TV Guide "I hope Sara's back for a sexy season 8 romance" for 3 months :eek:, actually it's 6 weeks!!! and wanting to do something different, is of course understandable, but why can't she do "these things' after the season ends, "she's getting older" she'll still be the same age in May, [her b-day's in July] does this make sense? have we all been duped? I'll bet we just don't know the whole story :rolleyes: and spectatulation will drive us all more nutty! I'd really like to know the complete story behind this, because it just doesn't add up!!!!! and I was always worried about Billy leaving.. how ironic, just didn't expect this :eek: as none of us did, it's unreal. I never thought I'd be so carried away about a TV celebrity and how much she meant to me and on the show, and the GSR scenerio, this hit me like a ton of bricks **tearing up again* :( big stinker/nasty news. I can't address my real words :mad: :mad: all I can do as the rest is enjoy her will we can, if that's possible!!!I still say...

yeah i don't really understand why she can't stay till May it's only 6 months. she's not pregnant is she I know people have been saying that forever but maybe this time she is.but anyway i will always love Jorja and i'm waiting to see what she will do next i wont watch CSI after she leaves which is funny because I started watching in the first place because of WP.
Well, I'm hearing speculation about her coming back for the finale quite pregnant and in a delivery room. Who knows? It could happen.

I know some people are upset about CSI turning into a soap opera, but come on, 22 episodes every season for 8 years? I'm sure it's quite hard for the writers to come up with something original that they haven't done yet or has been done on other shows. Also, characters evolve, if they didn't I think it would be quite boring.

Anyway, Jorja never said she was leaving completely, just that the show could run without her. I remember hearing last year that she wanted to take some time off like Billy did last season. Maybe this is it, but they just told us the way they did to shut us up :lol:. Billy and Jorja could even be taking time off together since Billy said he wanted to do another play this year! :)

Edited to add spoiler box.
i know Desertwind, something just doesn't make sense in all of this, I know it has been said in the past that if Sara were to leave it would be in a good way, which is one of the reasons why I never believed she'd die in Dead Doll, coz common being drowned under a car is not the best way to go out... so I am hoping that Sara leaves our screens for a good reason...

Jorja herself said that GSR is like a fable and that fabes don't have 100% resolutions, the producers said they'd conclude the GSR arc but not in a definate way, but it was also said this season we're going to learn a lot about GSR - gosh i dunno which way my brain is going anymore...

I'm still holding out hope that Jorja no longer being on screen doesn't mean an end to GSR, I mean, she's on swing now - no reason why we would see her- we don't see any other members of swing, and if she were to become pregnant, well then we'd probably see even less of her... i dunno TPTB have obv got something up their sleve... maybe Sara will still be a character, but one only in reference? they'll still talk about her and what she's up to but we wont actually see her.
I mean, I talk about my hubby at work, none of my workmates have actually met him or seen him, doens't mean he doesn't exist.

I hope she'll be back, even if it is just for guest spots, I like to believe they didn't kill her off for a reason.

oh and BTW that pic has got to be one of my fave GSR piccies of all time :D
Keep spoilers in spoiler boxes please!

Anyway, ladies the guys that are on this board...(where are you...?) This is PURELY speculation, but I can imagine that Jorja would make an appearance at sweeps, refreshing GSR (depending on where the relationship goes) and upping the ratings.

Those are my two cents...and I think it would make sense.
OK Shipwrecked but what *spoilers*? their aren't any.. and you should all go read the "Sara passionate heart" thread, even with her leaving supposed fans are ripping and tearing her down! amazing.. at least stick together now that this is happening, I guess we can all hope for the best, and she will return, and have you all noticed that it's all silent from the Billy Petersen camp? wouldn't you'd have thought he'd say something about her leaving, his romantic partner for so long! and no word from him, so far about it :eek: another strange not- happening!

I know, I am soo upset about her. Hopefully she says yes to Grissom's proposal and the only reason shes not around its some background story for that. Maybe like CSI Miami got Rory Cockraine to guest star, they'll get her to come back one more time. :rolleyes:
Re: Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mus

TPTB and the network have woefully underrated the importance of Sara the entire course of the show. They are pulling an ER and i believe this is the end of the show with our original team and another GREAT show will be ruined becaue TV wants money.
I have read several articles about how this is the end of CSI with this cast when everyone thought Sara would die. Since she is leaving and Sara has always been pivotal no matter where her name is in the credit role.
Sara is not a supporting players she has always been the heart of the show.

i really do feel that Billy and Marg are leaving when their contracts are up at season 8's end PLUS CM hinted in TV guide they are waiting to figure out who will take over for Grissom. I think it will be Nick. Plus they also said Catherine will have to finish building her father's hotel...So that means she does not need to work if she does not want too and her daughter is older.

I feel this is the end of CSI with the original cast and this show will be ruined how ER was. A once great show will be destroyed and become a joke because a network cannot just let it go to rest and stay bright and perfect (the show really is) in our minds. I would rather they had ended the Vegas one at the end of this year. They can just start a new city do London do SF do Chicago
they are ruining a great piece of TV.

Jorja is right if the show was ending we all would have stayed the course and had a satisfying ending to a great era in TV. The show really is brilliant from score, production, acting, directing, and writing. An ENTIRE era of TV has copied it over and over. Although i dont think any show came close particularly the acting (Billy and Jorja) except maybe Farscape or some British Tv. CSI was the only show i put on par with the best of British TV, which i think is the best in the world. Well the current stuff is a little sub par but that is another discussion

Anyway I wish networks would not destroy great shows. Just let then end.
Particularly when it is easier with a franchise like CSI just start a new city.

I have nothing to watch on TV now back to reading books.

I agree I will not watch when Sara leaves even if they reference to her. She is the best character and actor on the show and there is no point without her. The new chick is so annoying.
i have rarely ever liked a TV character as much as I love Sara.
I have rarely been as impressed as I am with an actor as I am with Jorja Fox. So she is gone, so am I. It sucks because I loveee having that one show to look foward to every week..and now I have none.

CSI was the first one I had since Farscape and Sports Night got cancelled.
So it is over for me except for DVD's of great shows like Farscape, CSI, Sports Night, Deadwood, Coupling, Xena, Secret Agent Man, the Avengers...
It sucks

I especially HATE they finally gave us GSR only to take it away when they had so many places to go and explore with these characters. GSR opened so many doors for our CSI's and not just Gilbert and Sara.
Through Sara we can do so much with everyone else.
I really feel being on swing would make her think and relive her childhood more allowing for great character (and Jorja) moments...and nice GSR with Gil being there for Sara for a change.
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