Grissom & Sara #29: The Only Person He Ever Loved

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Well, I'm back,(I hate school with a burning passion) Like it or not. I haven't heard anything about GSR or Sara forever and I've been able to keep my mind off the fact I still have a month to wait before seeing any of it (new stuff that is).
I posted my new GSR vid in the video thread. :)

I'm getting more and more jazzed about season 8!

After seeing those pics, I'm more hopeful than before, and so excited that Gil will get there, and will be desperately digging, and unable to find his love (at least, that's my interpretation). I hope this season is as good as the last!

I can't wait until the first ep airs so we ALL have something new to talk about. :)
Hey fans, how's it going?.. keep the faith
they'll always be together..always! here's something to brightnen your day

Hey, list keeper, can you put me down for the "no beard" vote. I just didn't/don't like it on him. He has such a beautiful face, he doesn't need to cover it up. Maybe Ecklie should grow one :lol:

Does everyone realize that the premiere is one month from TOMORROW? That's right, race fans, 32 more days till GSR geek love heaven!!!! Hooray

Sorry, I had to get that out, I feel better now, I can return to my not so normal self :)
Shipwrecked I'm warning you now...that thing SUCKS. MAJORLY. I mean, worse than Lady Heather. I had one and it just gave me problems ALL. THE. TIME. It finally got to the point where I threw it against a wall. So...I bought an IPOD and loaded THAT with GSR clips.

Hurray for GSR!

Haha, well, sorry about the wall incident, and i have had a few funky problems myself (stupid windows media player thing), but if I get desperate, I might rockbox it or something.

I name my mp3 players after actors on CSI. My first one was Billy, the second was George, the third was Eric, and my new one is Gary.

But I really like Desertwind's picture. It's suhweet...

Um, I miss GSR and am going nuts for the season to start up. But I want GSR for real. Like a burning.

Man, and school starts tomorrow for me and my schedule is a mess. So i'm gonna get it fixed 15 minutes before school starts. Smart.

Anyway, long live GSR, and i'm sorta inspired to make an awesome GSR video. i just need a song.
Thank's Shipwrecked your sweeeet ;) and I can't believe how may of us are going through computer issues, and problems, all my pics got erased :( I friggin' hate AOL, but hate change too..quandry.. what to do, and yes, Sept.27, YIPEE, counting the days, are we all ready? and I'll bet this site will be buzzing with comments that night :eek: and he, our Grissom baby or Sara's baby I should say, is beardless it seems, he's evolved and likes it this way I suppose, but he didn't have it in the first 3 seasons, so back to then, and I don't think Sara talked him into shaving it off :p

Only one month left, that is awesome. I am going to count the hours when I get around to it.

I also like your picture desertwind. It is really cool. I would make pictures if I knew how.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I know Sara is going to live it is just that sometimes I doubt myself. I am glad I am spoiler free because If I wasn't I would probably have gone crazy with the spoilers.

I hope you can get all your pictures back desertwind.

I don't like GA. Last season during a rerun of CSI, I thought I would see what we were up against so I turned to GA. I couldn't even watch it for 5 minutes. I felt like a traitor and it wasn't very interesting so I turned back to CSI and watched the rerun.
I like your icon of Kathryn Morris sidlewannabee great show too! and here's a cool site with talk about our couple NO SPOILERS, old news, but it's just to keep our spirits up till 9/27 ;)

For me, there is no contest between Grey's and CSI. CSI (and GSR) totally trumps the tedious game of musical beds that Grey's has become. When Grey's first began I liked it, but it has grown ludicrous over the past two seasons. The Grey's season finale--where they broke up Meredith and McDreamy AGAIN and showed they are determined to continue that absurd and awful relationship between George and Izzie--just killed me. I'm not even going to watch it online next year.

As long as CSI's writing holds and Sara lives and GSR continues, I'll be avidly watching CSI. If my world comes crashing down and Sara dies or Grissom and she lamely break up and Jorja leaves the show, I will watch Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (which Fox is apparently running Thursdays at 9:00) instead. But not Grey's. Never Grey's. I'm done with that show.

Anyway, I'm feeling incredibly positive about the season ahead. I just have this (completely unsubstantiated) hunch that Jorja will stick around and Sara will be around for the season. I also think that we are going to get some first-class GSR. Maybe not so much after the first episode (which, logicallty, has to be all about Grissom and Sara), but I think we'll get a nice, healthy dose of that GSR we've all been craving this summer, and then little bits and pieces through the rest of the season.

But then, I've always been kind of a Pollyanna, so take this with copious grains of salt.

I'm so on team Stupidly Optimistic, aren't I?
AlwaysGSR12 said:
Since they didn't show us when the cacoon hatched, I want to at least see the butterfly this upcoming season.

I am getting so mad with some of these Grillows fans on the season 8 spoilers threat (I know, I always have issues with them). They are still bent on Catherine being more superior to Sara ansd they hope Sara dies so Catherine can have Grissom to herself :mad: . Why can't we all just get along?

Yes because Catherine is just looking for another man that doesn't really love her, she would be so happy being second best to Sara in Grissom's life.
bengali13 said:
I also think that it would be impossible to keep it from the press if she had been fired or quit. I think the whole she'll be in five episodes is because they knew the fans would know she was there, or else the press would be hounding her at home asking why she wasn't on the set. The paparazzi are known to hang out outside celebs homes, and she would have been seen by now. I think now what I thought back at the end of the season, they are just trying to hype it up for the new season, so that all the CSI fans who have started watching GA will watch the opener, and then it will be a to be continued ep. so that they will want to see that one as well, hoping to get back some of the lost viewers. I just really don't see how all of this secrecy could exist if she had quit/been fired. It just seems unlikely that EVERYONE in hollywood would keep it hush hush if she left the show.

On a lighter note, I've already cast my vote for the pin me down...but not with a Mustang name and our season premiere countdown is now at 40 days :D

If Jorja had been fired, we would know about from Billy, George, Gary, Marg and Eric all her friends and none of them would accept it without a huge fight.
Of course the media have had to save face after being for aggressive in the storyline, some seriously attacked Jorja's character by making her out to be a greedy diva. The five episodes was them grasping at straws because they lost credibility.
bengali13 said:
Yeah, I just Googled her and I can totally see her for Nick or Greg. I don't want to say I can see her for Warrick, because he is married and I don't believe in cheating. I don't like to think of my husband having someone new at work come in and turn his head, so she can go out with any of the single guys. Married or live ins are just plain off limits to me.
And today (Tues. Aug 21) leaves 37 days until we know beyond a reasonable doubt that Sara Lives on. Life will be beautiful butterflies again soon.

Is Warrick still married? The ring has gone.
Catherine's reaction to Warwick getting married ways strong, I think she likes to have a man's attention and she doesn't like other women getting in the way. If Warrick is now married, Catherine's sexuality has less power over him.
I like Catherine but I also see her as selfish and competitive with Sara over Grissom, I think she will take it hardest. She wouldn't understand that Sara could capture Gil's heart, when Catherine is slick, blonde, smart, confident and wears leather. She doesn't understand that for Grissom, Sara is true beauty and I think she has always seen Sara as a threat. In the first season , Sara calls out to Grissom, to tie her up, the look that Catherine gives them is lethal. (Lucky she didn't see them when he did tie her up, the sexual tension was electric and knowing.) Catherine seems to have to own the men she works with to be sure to get ahead, she can't seem to see that Grissom's feelings for Sara are entirely separate from work and are therefore no threat on her position.

Catherine wouldn't go with a married man, she has been cheated on too often herself. Nick would work well but Brass is the least likely to be impressed by Catherine. He is too
crumpled, he is a salt of the earth cop. And I can't see Catherine being interested in anyone much older than her, she is more of a cougar.
Although I would like her with Ecklie, she is the only one that would suck up to him and he threatened to fire Sara for her.
Greg could never handle Catherine and I think he likes the geekier Sara or Sophia as girlfriends. He is like a junior Grissom. Catherine may look good to Greg but they have nothing in common.
Hi all, I know it's been a while. I'm back doing the working full time thing but I still drop in to chat from time to time anyway I'm rambling. I don't know if you have seen these if you have, sorry, if you
haven't enjoy!!!!!!

Just click on the picture each cast member to see interview. It's a
bit jumpy but very good and both Billy and Jorja are edable in it.

Poppie x x x.
Hey, list keeper, can you put me down for the "no beard" vote.
your wish is my command
does anyone remember back when everyone was team beard? Seems like ages ago.

*cough*Adz we are on page 23 *cough* poll *cough*

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