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Yeah, HoneyBee don't lurk, post your thoughts, we like them:thumbsup: and on how did he know where to find her, he's always been in touch, and she talked to him via, the web-cam, and Brass asking "Have you heard from Sara"? and he replied "Yes" he knew where to find her, cause she told him, I don't think she knew exactly when, but she knew he was coming, I saw the look of "you're finally here, and I'm so over the moon":p I wonder how much air-fares are from Vegas to Costa Rica? :confused: And I was just thinking about the "cocoon" this morning, so funny you mentioned it SA_Kate what the H did happen? the writers let that one die, and whatever was inside is surly dead, by now:( and if they do return to Vegas, to pick up Hank, I'm sure the whole team we'll be estatic, to see them both, like they were in "For Warrick"


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my thought has always been that the cocoon was a butterfly...just always seemed rather logical to me, the writers have undoubtedly got across the point that a butterfly is the GSR symbol...the butterfly's on the wall in the bathroom in "Fallen Idols" was the biggest hint, but a shame we never got to see it :(

and Desert, i hope you're right. Costa Rica is obviously not permanent, so if they do return to get their Hank, that they will see the team or re-visit the lab, Grissom will want to make sure that Raymond Langston is was a good appointment and is getting to job well-done, and i'm sure Sara will want to stop by..she was so close to everybody there and the to be honest, the last times they all saw her she definitely wasn't 'happy' she left things pretty angsty in "Goodbye and Good Luck"only to return on the circumstances of Warrick being i'm sure the writers will give the team some re-assurance at last :rolleyes: ...or at least i hope..
My thought is that he got a hold of the guy in charge of the research center and asked if he could come over there and join them, for his own research or whatever, some reason and actually completely took Sara by surprise. I mean, I know he told Brass they had been in touch but I think that was before LOATR and what do you say to someone after a video like that? And this is Grissom we're talking about. I can just imagine him trying to write and hesitating.

Or maybe he's changed since then but I don't think Sara would have had such a reaction is she had expected him at all.. Like if she had told him exactly where she was, it wouldn't have been as shocking to her. Anyways, that's my theory... It sounds stupid now I've written it out but it's there now.

You go, HoneyBee.. :)

What happened to that coccoon?!?! Maybe it's still in Grissom's office and it'll hatch while he's not there... Ooh, maybe it's a butterfly that stays in it coccoon for a couple of years? I don't know... But TPTB, it is such a tragedy that you forgot it.

Hey, maybe it'll come back later, like you'll see a butterfly in their apartment and you'll know it's from the coccoon..

Sleep is calling. I just watched the proposal scene again, SQUEE!

I want to join in on your hope, JorjaFoxFan, I think we're going toneed to restart Team Stupidly Optimistic...
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That does sound reasonable SA_Kate on Costa Rica, but how did he even know where she was? the video came from the Sea Shepard ship she was on, so she had to let him know, she was now in the rainforest, which he said he wanted to see, and the ball was in his corner, so to speak, and boy was he a sad morose dude, after she left and after that video, way to go Sara, you called his bluff, and he fell for it, hook, line and sinker:) love does abound, and he and she are the happy couple. Maybe they'll bring a little tree monkey back for Hank to play with:lol:

Apparently, others can "express themselves intensely" but we can't even commiserate in our “Safe thread”
No, they can't either. If you will notice the last statement in my post said that it applied to everybody (that includes the posters you quoted). This thread is to talk about your ship, not about other posters or other threads so therefore it is what you call your 'safe thread'. In here it shouldn't matter what anybody else thinks.

thanks :)
Hey all! How is everyone? Not posted for a few days, sorry about that, been busy :(.

On the cocoon issue, I think I read an interview somewhere with David Rambo and he said that the cocoon was a butterfly but the storyline around that kind of faded and it is assumed that when the butterfly hatched it managed to escape the terrarium and fly away. I'm sure that's what I read, but hey we can always make our own assumptions :D

I watched the jungle clip from "One to Go" again a few more times, can't seem to get enough :devil: :lol:. Anyway, Sara does seem to be genuinely surprised he was there. I have always thought that Sara kind of gave up on him chasing after her after I watched the clip of her video message, and when he did it shocked her, but of course made her unbelieveably happy. She sounded disappointed that he hadn't came after her by the time she boarded the Sea Shephard. Grissom had to show her how much he had changed on his own, therefore he couldn't contact her. It wouldn't have made sense to. He needed to show her how much he was willing to leave behind for her, and he did that.

I personally believe he researched where the Sea Shephard was headed after Sara's video message. Then when he realized she was in Costa Rica, he tracked her cell phone with the GPS system. He wanted to surprise her.
Maybe she was suprised now I'm a bit confused, I thought she knew he was coming just not when:confused: no matter, their together and always were going to be:p From the time Sara came on the show, he and she were always going to end up together. What I really admired about them, is how they let each other be, didn't bog each other down, When she was upset, he let her alone till she wanted to talk about it, and when he did something lame, that she didn't like, say in "TGTBATD" she goes "go do what you have to do" that's what they needed from one another to do their own thing, their own way, but still love and respect each other and be together, which now they are.

Following the 'How the *&%?! did Grissom find her in the middle of the jungle?!' debate, I'm just thinking about what Cath says in 9.11 - about Grissom asking her to ship some things out to the research station in Costa Rica. Sounds to me like a well organised location and activity, so I think I'm going mostly with SA_Kate on this one; here's my 'first blush' theory...

He knew where she was headed from their communication up until the video from her, after which I think communication stopped. He probably knew what activity she was getting involved in and that she'd be at a research station in Costa Rica.

When he decided to make the big decision he researched the researchers ;) and either contacted them about joining the team quietly (they would have jumped at the chance to have him I'm sure), or simply asked about joining their location (to make it all about Sara). He got the specific station location details from them, and stuck it in his GPS.

As to why she was surprised: he knew that Sara thought his lack of decision at that point meant the relationship was over; we know that Grissom is lame at expressing feelings like that. The time for words had passed - only action would be enough.


And, if anyone asks, we are "THE" ship - "Team Happy Ending" :D
Hey orange_cat glad you're here "how bout' a spot of tea"? and hope all is well with you and yours in jolly old...and at this point I don't care how he knew or if she was surprised or not, it's rather a moot point now, We'll never know, unless when they 'come back" & he mentions it or she does.. and I think if he returns for the 200th ep. folllowing suit, she'd be with him and the whole team will be thrilled, they all knew anyway when he announced> "The only one I've ever loved" their expressions were priceless, and when Cath said on the deleted scene in "GDC" "How long have you and Sara been together" she for sure will be happy, she always encouraged them from way back. When he ordered the plant, and she smiled and was thinking 'good job dude' and in "Lab Rats" "Go after her":) I wonder if the writers have a love interest for her down the line, but this is for our ship. I just have faith that they will return soon. And he and she aren't thinking of anyone else right now except theirselves, and so happy to finally be connected to each other forever! As far as I know Jorja Fox isn't doing anything career wise, and his play will soon be done..soooo.. I think if he returns and he will she'll be with him possibly married finally.. stranger things have happened haven't they?


hey Sara put the camera down:rolleyes:

And later in the tent
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I agree so much with what all of you have been saying!

I don't think Sara expected him. And I love your whole thing about respect, desert, and thanks for the theory about the coccoon although it sucks that they didn't show it... :(

And yes, it is a moot point as to why and how... I know. But it's fun having a random think-along about. But they are, finally, happy, together!!!

*off in her GSR bubble*

I think that even though they're off the show, we are still addicted to GSR moments... Cause we can't wait for them to get back!!!
I'm thinking that after a couple of months at the research station, Grissom and Sara come back and find jobs at some small college in a Western state so frequent visits to their old friends are possible. And pregnancy or not, I really want them to adopt that Korean kid from "Say Uncle".

I too think Grissom and Sara will come back to the States after awhile--maybe 6months -1yr. The writers totally left the opening for Grissom to come back and "visit" since he did not sell his condo.

I can see Grissom teaching or doing ressearch, but I am not sure what Sara woud do. I know she started graduate studies before becoming a CSI...maybe she'll finish them.

Let's hope we get little tidbits of information about our couple's whereabouts and ongoings from future episodes.

GSR Forever!
Hi fans, hope your all good:thumbsup: and I totally think that when Grissom returns, it follows suit his true love will be at his side, not more hiding doing things behind others backs etc. and if he teaches which he might maybe she'll kick back for a while and have their baby:p I know they will return together, and hope the're having fun in the rainforest, maybe they'll share photos of them down there, when they do return:p




Hi everyone , where are all of you GSR fans? while straightning up my desk area I came upon the love letter he wrote her from so long ago, and how he missed her, I don't think he wrote anyone else on the team this provacative writing, "I said I'd miss you and I do"
so moving ahead, he kept his focus and on the right path to her, and by was she thrilled and delighted. So here's that letter and SHAKESPEARE who knew he was this romantic?



And Sara finding the letter later and reading it with the look of surprise and wonderment!

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Oh how I love that letter! A declaration of Grissom's love for Sara. The Shakespeare sonnet was beautiful, and when I read the full thing I knew it fit perfectly with how he feels for her. I always believed that the reason why Grissom never sent the letter was because he wanted to declare his love for his verbally and to her face.

And you are right Desert I don't think he has written or said anything this provocative to any of the others. Sara is the only one :luvlove:. That shows how special this relationship is.

I have always thought that if Grissom were to act more emotionally, he would be romantic. He just seemed the type of guy to do that, even if he was slightly socially inept. I wonder how exactly they got together? Did he beg her forgiveness and ask for another chance? Or did he just ask her to dinner and she said yes? I would have liked some more info before he left, but I can't complain about the ending. The ending was perfect. A happy kiss. Grissom and Sara with the love of their life once again :adore:.

Now we just need to watch out for the return. Will Grissom return to Vegas with a ring on his finger? Let's hope so :bolian:
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