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Hey girls, hope everyone is good:thumbsup: and orange_cat WHOA, great analysis of the whole ep. and your right on target:) think about this, their all in a horrible place, and I think that Gil & Sara are the worse, Grissom adored Warrick and is shell-shocked and freaked out. He's glad Sara is there, but he's not thinking clearly, probably for the first time ever in this job. and if the writers had them together now, and remember Sara doesn't have a job, it would be a crucial time, that their not ready to show the fans just yet. She's got a more healthy perspective, being gone for a while, and look's at this now through different eyes. While Grissom is showing signs of going through what she went through when she left in "GBAGL" Down the line he'll leave and I think when Jorja comes back, and she is, why else would they have her, if Grissom wasn't involved. We, the fans still have to see the new girl and the debut of LF, and then I think Grissom will say this is enough, I'm done:thumbsup: I just hate the thought of them both being gone permanently:(


And 3xnity great SP lines so poetic!
that's the spirit, ladies! :D

i like your thinking ali, x3nity and desert - let's hang on in there. it's what we do best... after all, we waited 6 years for them just to begin! :lol:

and on your comments about wanting to hurry and see the GSR resolution ali, I think we are in for some real acting treats with WP portraying the ending arc for Grissom, so don't worry!

speaking of acting, I think JF has been on excellent form with her scenes so far this season too - ooooh i am so excited to see where 8+ years of GSR electricity is going to take us!!!

yours, proud member of Teams SpoilerFree and StupidlyOptimistic (TM) :D
orange_cat said:
yours, proud member of Teams SpoilerFree and StupidlyOptimistic (TM)
O_cat dear, I wanna be a member on this. I fall under this category right now. :lol:
Desert-ghoul said:
*skip*And 3xnity great SP lines so poetic!
Thanks desertwind sometimes I need to be resourceful just to have something to contribute in here, otherwise i could be posting senseless thoughts. And thank you to everyone here for putting amazing views/opinions on gsr/csi episodes, it keeps me up to date. So even though others may see our post to be biased and found foolish but who cares? It’s just the way it is, *becoming territorial*.:cool: I am sorry but I am just having fun reading others who are annoyed/pissed off about the gsr'ness on those epis. You know, ‘the music has been playing same old tune’ and haven’t learned from it. Do you share this humor? :confused::)
Maybe this is what I get for not seeing the episodes and just relying your words guys, rationalizing things and events and just let it happen. For all you know, while we have these pros and cons, tptb are already been there 10x ahead of what we are thinking. So the fate of gsr is not ours to take and them to judge.
In gsr wold, nothing else matters but them.
They would always look up to each other,
And he will hold unto her just like that.
Hey beautiful ladies, i know you are all very good on GSR scenes but tell me what episode is this:
SARA: I kind of made a decision to move beyond that and ... I really want to finish this case.
I just thought it's an appropriate in 'Sara point of view' why she cannot stay...

Great post x3nity so optimist and enthusiastic, you go girl,:thumbsup: and nice caps too. I know that in the end, they'll be together, just to reiterate, they are both in deep despair, first not, and saying and not saying what's important to them, and after she left Grissom may have some resentment and harbors some anger, like "how could you do this to me" and she's been gone so she also has a different perspective as well, but in saying that the strong bond and intense love they share hasn't diminished, to my way of thinking and I think you all feel the same. Sometimes as we've all observed they do not communicate very well, But as we saw he's not doing well, and I believe he's had it with this job, and it'll take him some time to come to grips with this, How long did it take him to realize he really loved her and how much she meant to him? a long time:rolleyes:get a clue dude:cool:
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Yeah for Team Spoiler Free and Stupidly Optimistic!!!!
I have faith that some how this is all going to be wonderful in 'the end'. GSR has to be happy, they've put too much into it, all these years, the 'little things' they add to each show, every detail of GSR that WE as fans aren't responsible for, to have it end now.
Nope, I am thinking, without knowing a thing, that whoever guest stars before Billy leaves, will have something to do with the journey towards home (Sara) that Grissom must take.
Keep the faith GSRers, it's gonna be ok.
And YEAH "SPOILER" FANS there are still some amonst us:thumbsup: so fans have any of you seen Sara's name listed in any up-coming episodes? I know that she'll be in more, maybe TPTB are keeping it close to the vest, and will announce it later down the line. So if any of you find her name please let the rest of us know:) And Grissom is not a rash or impulsive man, and who else on this show did he ever say to~[below] from 'TCOTCDC" in their silly bee hats:lol:

Gil:"Ya' know, maybe we should get married" NO one, just Sara
Sara: Yes lets do it"


This just doesn't fade or go away, it's forever and it'll will happen
And YEAH "SPOILER" FANS there are still some amonst us:thumbsup: so fans have any of you seen Sara's name listed in any up-coming episodes?

Nielsen sweeps are 10/30 through 11/26. I think we're anticipating LH on 11/6 and Natalie on 11/20 (is that right? 9.05 and 9.07)? That might factor in here. What I'd love is to see Grissom on Sara's doorstep at the end of 9.07, after seeing Natalie again, but that's probably too much to hope for, huh? :rolleyes:

What I am really, really hoping is that, after last week's incredibly heavy episode, we're not waiting until the last 30 seconds of 9.10 to find out they are together again.

I'm back to being hopeful, because to me the only reason to bring Sara back and put everyone through another painful goodbye would be to set up a very happy ending.

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Thank's ali I'm sure we'll find out soon enough but that's interesting:thumbsup: till then a blast from the past do you all think she'll be back soon? and what ep. would suit her? I think the one with pyscho Natalie would be riveting, so she could ask her "why me"? and "what were you thinking"? of course feak-show Natalie would probably give her the run around, but it would be a interesting conversation

i'm stoked for the Natalie episode. i think i kind of see where TPTB are going with this GSR storyline (i'll be nice , this isn't a spoiler because its mostly speculations :thumbsup:)
i think that it was best that Sara and Grissom had their little spat because now all of the cards are on the table, giving them the opportunity to address them all. and like a good argument each side is convinced that they are right , so i don't think that we'll see Sara again until the Natalie episode, that way they'll have both cooled down.
i think that re-surfacing all the Natalie stuff will bring Sara more closure and Grissom might finally see that she's been right all along and why she can't stay in Las Vegas anymore but that he isn't a factor in that, she still loves him and wants to be with him but she's putting her life ahead of the relationship in a way , so all they have to do it catch up.

on another note , i am really nervous for the Natalie episode, because...i love her! :lol: so i hope she gets put down fairly and i hope that Sara is a part of that. and i know that Sara wouldn't condemn her to a horrible fate no matter what she's done.
i don't know but despite all that she's done i still have this major appreciation for her , but then again i was also attracted to the Death Eaters in Harry Potter, so it might just be a weird quirk :p
I agree with the Natalie episode, it will be fun to see her again, she's so nuts:vulcan: I wonder where she is, in jail or a mental facility, or does she escape? and you'll all love this:thumbsup:

This is from Jorja Fox online, and it says "She will be in 5-6 epsiodes spread out over the season" YIPEE, she her and Gil aren't over, maybe she'll be in the Natalie one

This is news abou the LH episode that ties in with GSR, fom CSI Files.

The November 6 episode of CSI, "Leave Out All the Rest", will do something that has never been done before. CBS and Warner Brothers have worked out a deal with the band Linkin Park to feature the fifth single from their album Minutes to Midnight in the episode. What makes the deal unique is that this will mark the first time a television series has based the entire score of an episode around a single, currently released rock song.
The episode is named after the song, "Leave Out All the Rest", and the video can be found on the official YouTube channel here or watched below. The song will be played at the beginning and end of the episode. "Elements of the song are used throughout the episode to underline and score the building story of Gil Grissom [William Petersen] and his unresolved love for Sara Sidle [Jorja Fox] who recently left the crime lab," band member Mike Shinoda explained on his blog. "Leave Out All the Rest" also marks the return of Lady Heather (Melinda Clarke) to CSI. The character was last seen in "The Good, the Bad and the Dominatrix" during the show's seventh season. The official CBS press release for "Leave Out all the Rest" states, "When the CSI team investigates a case involving the world of domination, Grissom pays a visit to Lady Heather to help find some answers."

Aside from the fact that the above supports a theory I posted earlier, it may also be setting up

Last season there was a rumor going around that Sara would return in the spring, very pregnant and would deliver in the season finale, which would be titled "Pink Or Blue?" Of course, the writer's strike fouled that scenario up. Maybe TPTB are going to revive at least the broad outlines of this scenario.
Thank's Elayne but Grissom's love for Sara is NOT unresloved, it's
in full bloom,
he has to stay till he finds a replacement, enter Laurence Fishburne , and lets say Sara stayed right now, what would she do with herself? nothing just hang around. When he leaves, and he is, it will be with Sara. An on the ep. with LH:rolleyes: all is not as it's reported I guarantee, he will say bye-bye to her, but this is the GSR thread, and as some us are anticipating the return of Natalie, who snatched her and made her suffer so maybe that will also be resolved, with Grissom find some long unanswered questions:confused:

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Ok, I couldn't do it. I read the spoilers. LOL!
All I can say is..................................
I KNEW IT!!!!!
How is everyone? I am on 'vacation', which means worrying about GSR, working on my site and shopping. I SHOULD be doing housework, but alas, I have not.:thumbsup:
I went and did the early voting thing and watched the Season Eight extras on the DVD. I loved "So Long Sara Sidle" and watched it three times.
Ok, sorry team spoiler free, but you all are much stronger than I am!
So fans are you all excited to see the new CSI Riley? are not? I wonder if this will last or be a bust like that Ronnie chick was, and others who've come and gone I can't belive she'll have the charisma of Sara or will stand alone, and how will the team accept her? I hope Gil is in a better place and it will be interesting to see him in therapy, if he goes for it? I can't imagine him doing the counseling thing:confused: and will he mention Sara? so we're already into ep.3, wow it's going fast now that S/9 has come upon us. I think we will see this all turn out in a classy/romantic way, and they're and our dreams will all come to fruition:drool:


Aside from the fact that the above supports a theory I posted earlier, it may also be setting up

Last season there was a rumor going around that Sara would return in the spring, very pregnant and would deliver in the season finale, which would be titled "Pink Or Blue?" Of course, the writer's strike fouled that scenario up. Maybe TPTB are going to revive at least the broad outlines of this scenario.

I've always been in the camp that firmly believed they would never go the baby route ... but I'm starting to wonder. Of the first 7 epis, 4 of them have some baby/young child element ... Eli in 9.1, the Bonifilo (sp?) baby in epi 9.2 (and Grissom holding a pacifier, no less?), then kids are central to 9.6 and 9.7, from what we've read in CBS press releases. Seems out of proportion to what we're used to on CSI ... so perhaps it's foreshadowing? A red herring? Dunno. I personally have no preference. I just want to feel good about Grissom's departure!

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