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Discussion in 'CSI: New York' started by Top41, Oct 17, 2007.

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    I will add my 2 cents. I know you're all thrilled, lol.

    The Good:

    1. Angell was back, and I really liked her this episode. Nice interplay.
    2. Adam was back. Really, was it necessary for him to miss two episodes? I anjoy the fact that while he's still quirky, it's softened a bit, which to me says TPTB are taking his character a bit more seriously. Wishful thinking? Hope not! He's more than comic relief.
    3. Snarky Flack. 'Nuf said.
    4. Stella/Mac scenes. I love them together, although not in a shippy way. I just think they have a natural warmth onscreen, and enjoy watching the friendship.
    5. More Hawkes.
    6. Flack background.
    7. Peyton going buh-bye. Just never liked her.
    6. Sid. Any scene, anytime.

    The Bad

    1. I agree that Mac was too flippant about the guy that died after the original victim warned of his death.
    2. Using a nice scene between Mac and Stella to pimp a singer. Blech.
    3. I just didn't love the cases. Meh.
    4. That sorority bitch in the end. Just hated her. Even the fact that she was arrested didn't help.

    SIDE NOTE: La Guera, do you watch Maggy and the Ferocious Beast? GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY, it's my son's favorite show.
  2. Carrieattheprom

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    Oct 22, 2005
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    I came down with a bad cold last night so I saw most of this episode in a fog.

    Peyton's letter made me mad.

    Lindsay's bragging about hopscotch made me madder.

    Is it really true? Danny & Lindsay DID NOT share a scene together?! Please tell me the cold medicine didn't make me miss-remember.
  3. garysloveslave

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    Sep 27, 2007
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    really good episode, except for peyton dumping mac. omg, they are so perfect for each other. mac was finally happy , this sucks... :eek:
  4. Elsie

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    Sep 21, 2006
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    Hmm, I’ve rated this episode C+. To be honest I got bored about half way through it and overall the cases just didn’t interest me. But, of course there were some good points.

    It was great to see Det Angell back, she’s great. I thought that Stella and Danny’s case was rather boring though, the ‘spontaneous orgasm’ premise wasn’t anywhere near enough to make it interesting. And Stella, seriously, you were right the first time. Drew isn’t a good guy, please ignore Mac.

    Danny was in the white shirt (again), don’t get me wrong it’s a great look, but man he is scruffy.

    Yay for Adam, although he wasn’t in this episode enough for my liking, still it was nice to see him back…

    I just love Flack, he is the greatest. Firstly he mentions Dr Who! *ooh, thinks of Tennant and Barrowman*. :D Then he and Hawkes just have a great snarky conversation, they are total opposites and play off each other really well. Then to top it off, Flack mentions his family, which is obviously interesting, but I’m not really that happy with throw away comments like that. I want more! I assume his Mother is dead, where is his brother? Do they still speak? We demand more…Although I also agree that it didn’t make much sense continuity wise.

    OK, Peyton. She definitely should have called although they obviously don’t talk much on the phone because otherwise in the (at least) 4 days it would have taken for the letter to get there Mac probably would have wondered why he hadn’t heard from her…

    I realise that this is pedantic, but nonetheless, Peyton you need to learn to spell. I know you are writing to an American, but if England really is home to you then you should at least learn use UK standard spelling. ;)

    I did feel sad for Mac though, and I thought it was nice that Stella went to his gig, or whatever you would call it. Although, that was entirely pointless to the rest of the story and was just advertising (I assume, even though I have no clue who the guy was).
  5. MrsGiovinazzo

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    May 11, 2005
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    Aside from the smile I derived from a couple humorous lines, I was mostly just annoyed that I lost an hour of sleep staying up late to watch this.

    I'll admit that part of the "C" I'm giving this episode doesn't stem from this week alone. You can call it punitive grading, if you like. Overall, it feels to me as if the writers are trying to reach for bigger storylines this season. In theory, that may be commendable. However, in practice, they're falling short. Setting up confusing and convoluted storylines requires more screentime than they have to work with in order to answer all questions and reach a satisfying conclusion.

    Old Danny may be showing signs of a return, but he's returning to a shitty show. Most (yes, use of the word "most" is intentional) of the lead actors are tremendously gifted and really shine when given brilliant character-driven storylines. But the writing this season is falling short of the shows strengths in its aim for something bigger.
  6. Islandgirl

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    Jun 27, 2005
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    It was okay, but seemed to be the weakest ep so far this season. I am glad to know that Peyton is gone and enjoyed the finale with Mac on stage and Stella in the audience.
    I get tired of storylines dealing with the sex lives of teenagers (although, admittedly, a big part of this plot was the fact that the teenage girl who died was a virgin) not just on this show, but on all the various CSI shows. Also, I prefer only one storyline per ep and this one had two.
  7. dutch_treat

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    I had such high hopes for this ep when I first read the spoilers. But the time travel case was too confusing; in the end (if I understood correctly) it was all about calculation of probability and that should be left to 'Numb3rs'.

    And the B case was a total waste of time and not interesting at all. I liked the return of Angell, and the little one liners like Stella's "Harry killed Sally".

    And what's with the writers and cards/letters. First Lindsay leaves for Montana and doesn't talk to or call Danny, but leaves him a card and now Peyton doesn't call either, but sends a letter.
  8. LivingEnd

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    Aug 23, 2007
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    I’ll give it a B-.
    IMO it was the weakest episode of the season so far. The case just failed to hold my interest and as last week my vote is only still in the B area, because of the few nice character moments.
    And YAY for Adam and Angell being back; it was quite nice to see both of them again. Although there still wasn’t enough Adam, but there’ll never be enough Adam for me anyway. ;)

    I have to agree with that. It seems as if TPTB are trying too hard to set up something extraordinary and spectacular, and then they kind of running out of time and leaving too many things unsolved or unexplained. I would love to see them kind of going back to the basic. I get that there are quite a few crime shows out there, and that it might be important to make the show different, but at the moment the storylines are too over the top for my taste.
  9. Ceindreadh

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    Irish tradition was to name the eldest son after the father's father, and the second son (if there was one) after the father (or sometimes the mother's father).
    So there would be precedent.
    I agree that it sounded like Ma Flack is no more.

    And Flack watches Doctor Who? yay, yet another reason to add to the long long list of why I love him!

    I beg to differ...I'm pretty sure it was the Mac/Flack shippers who swung the day ;-)

    And yay, good riddance to Peyton, wooh-hoo! Let's hope it's not a false alarm like when they broke up last season.
  10. xfcanadian

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    Oct 3, 2005
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    I gave it an A-

    I loved the cases...

    -the A case actually had science! wow, and it wasn't super dumbed down like it usually is. I love it when Hawkes gets all nerdy

    -brains! that was cool...sid got a lot of screentime, yay!

    -I liked the Mac and stella moments, they are both great actors and it shows

    -I thought the time travel thing from the commercial would be cheesy, but it wasn't. It was actually very interesting. I also liked how it wasn't completely disproven that he didn't go into the future, makes it a mystery

    -great flack moments...

    -I love it when Adam gets all nerdy, love the nerdy men on this show.

    -the B case was simple, and kind of fun. I loved seeing that soroiety girl get caught! Call me a little sadistic, but i love seeing those girly cheerleader types get brought down :lol:

    -I was upset about the way Payden (sp?) left mac, and I see others complaining about it. I liked her character, not just because of the relationship storyline, but she was a good character. But sometimes it has nothing to do with the writing, I am betting that the actress wasn't available to film or had to leave the show for a bit. Sometimes they have to work around these things...
  11. Rad

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    Oct 9, 2007
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    Hey guys!

    New to this forum. This is my second post here. unfortunately, my very first review of the show & I have to give it a C-.

    Maybe it was the hype due to the spoilers, but I was expecting more from the time travel thing. It had too many loop holes as many of you have already mentioned. I'll mention it again anyway............

    1. If Dr. Browning wasnt really seeing the future, how cld he predict the exact day & time of the murder?

    2. & why wld he say it was he who killed Kevin Murray?

    3. Why did Kevin hide the identity of the murderer? What did he have to gain by it?

    4. Mac's reaction to Kevin's murder............SO NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!

    As usual, it was up to the wonderful cast to save the day. Their natural talent along with some snarky one-liners were the only interesting thing abt this episode.

    Flack's "Dr.Who" comment & Hawkes' geekiness over the brilliant Dr. Browning & the theory of time travel was great. Kind of reminded me of the "DNA RNA" dialogue between the two in "Sleight out of Hand".

    Danny...........What can I say. He always manages to carry through everything so well. Absolute natural. But then I may be a little biased. LOL

    Stella, Good! please dont listen to Mac. This is what he is saying...... "Get laid! Dont worry about anything else. After all, if he does get creepy, you can shoot him too. You have the experience".

    Great to see Angell back.

    Adam, STAY! Dont leave all the lab work to Lindsay.

    One word to describe Sid.......Creepy & perfect! OK! OK! That's two words.

    On the whole, good character interaction (as always), bad storyline.
  12. Faylinn

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    Nov 30, 2005
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    Ok, went back and re-watched, as usual. Lots of notes this week, although not as many random comments, I don't think. As usual, I read through previous posts and noticed that some of this has already been said, but I'm just typing up what I wrote down while watching. ;)


    ~ Run, nekkid man, ruuuun! [/Forrest Gump moment]

    ~ Don't bother getting the guy medical attention or anything. :rolleyes:

    ~ Flack, you so pwetty. ^_^

    ~ Is there any particular reason you were looking in the manbits vicinity when you opened the shower curtain, Flack m'boy? :devil: (Yeah, I know, he probably expected there to be a body on the floor of the shower, but it was still funny. ;))

    ~ Sheldon cut off the wee fro. :( And the facial hair is barely there. *is a sad bunny*

    ~ "Nooodity" :lol:

    ~ You'd be interested to know that my 13 year old sister remarked on the theme song last night--she didn't like it. :p

    ~ That there fluffy towel looks kinda pink. :p

    ~ Guh, Sheldon. Just guh. *drool*

    ~ Pulling the glass out? Ouch! >.<

    ~ SID! :D

    ~ Sid and his snazzy gadget! :D :D

    ~ Ooh, the mercury is fascinating. O.O

    ~ Cutting that thing out of the dead guy's hand? Owowowowowow! >.<

    ~ That's one big-ass pickle!

    ~ ANGELL! *glomp-snuggle* :D

    ~ That little O-scene embarrasses me. Oh, poor, sweet, innocent me. :eek: .....:devil:

    ~ Angell don't play that game, punk. *smack* Quit hittin' on my girl. ;)

    ~ Of course she didn't give him her number, Danno. Why do you care? ;)

    ~ SID AND HAWKES! :D :D I *heart* you two together, I truly do.

    ~ "You wanna help me find out?" *bats eyelashes* Sid, quit flirting, you know Sheldon can't resist. ;)

    ~ Bone saw. Awesome. ;) *flashes back to "Snow Day"*

    ~ Ewewewew-brain-slicing-ew!

    ~ That's one big-ass needle! >.<

    ~ "Could you fall for a guy like me?" Seriously? That is an order of fail with lame-sauce on the side. :rolleyes:

    ~ Stella, you neglected to mention to Mac that Drew stole the card you'd given to someone else during the course of a murder investigation, and that's now he conveniently ran into you the second time you saw each other. Don't leave that shit out!

    ~ "Boobs" LOL! :p

    ~ It's not about the 'risks of romance,' Mac, it's about the risks of ZOMG BATSHIT CRAZY!

    ~ AAADDDAAAMMM!!! *glomp-tackle-molest* :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    ~ He's totally listening to "White and Nerdy" :D

    ~ Oh, Adam, how I've missed you! ^_^

    ~ You pull off the beard much better than the dead guy, by the way. ;)

    ~ Aww, Sheldon grinned at your cheesy joke. ^_^

    ~ "Phone home" :lol:

    ~ Dead dude just happens to have his time machine behind a big snazzy clock. Riiight.

    ~ Apparently you can buy parts for a time machine at Spencer's. :rolleyes:

    ~ Sheldon: commence geeking out :p

    ~ Love the way Flack said 'whoa' :lol:

    ~ Every time you mention Doctor Who, Captain Jack pictures you naked. :devil:

    ~ By the way, Flackie, you should know to just call him 'the Doctor'. :p Besides, that right there ain't no TARDIS, baby.

    ~ Sheldon, quit fangirling the vic. ;)

    ~ Does the outside of that building remind anyone else of the building that blew up in "Charge of this Post"? :confused:

    ~ I love the fact that Flack is standing around and being adorably snarky and talkative while Mac and Sheldon are processing. :lol:

    ~ Naturally you'd go back in time for food, Flack-o. :p

    ~ So Flack's got a brother and it sounds like Mama Flack is gone. :(

    ~ Flack, if you're a Who fan, you should know it's dangerous to cross into your own personal timeline. ;)

    ~ Aw, Sheldon, I love it when you're nerdy. ^_^

    ~ Ok, so Hawkes is saying it's possible to go forward in time. Do explain then, my dear Doctor, how you'd get back to the present without a wormhole? ;) (Dude, this would be awesome geek conversation over dinner. :lol:)

    ~ Hawkes is standing like Horatio! LOL!

    ~ Interesting thing about the pennies. I dare someone to try it. ;)

    ~ Sid is fondlin' ur brainz!

    ~ Aww, Sid is sleepy. Nap time! :D

    ~ "I know a kid back in the Bronx who can blow out a candle--" LOL!!!!! :lol:

    ~ Aww, nobody wants to hear your story, Danno. Save it for Adam, he'd totally laugh with you. (Boys. :p)

    ~ ADAM!! (Sorry, it's a reflex. :p)

    ~ Lindsay. Bleh.

    ~ "What're you staring at?" IDK, how about the screen in front of him rather than your slouchy granny-sweater? [/mean]

    ~ "Docta Hawkes"??? :lol: I love it!

    ~ 212-561-5802: I thought they only used 555 numbers on tv shows? :confused:

    ~ *fondles Sheldon's moobies*

    ~ Sheldon, you know all about men having problems with younger people 'surpassing' them, eh? Poor woobie. *pet pet*

    ~ Dead dood goes ker-splat!

    ~ Oops, I forgot to play CSI:Q last night. [/random]

    ~ LOL, don't need sexual enhancement drugs, Danno? :p

    ~ ANGELL! :D (Looking lovely, I might add.)

    ~ Writer 1: You know what this episode needs?
    Writer 2: What's that?
    Writer 1: A chase scene.
    Writer 2: Yeah!


    ~ "They'll screw you out of a lot worse than that on a cell block." Haha! Classic!

    ~ WTF is with this show's obsession with the third grade? First Sid is special in the third grade (it's what's on the inside that counts, remember), and now Lindsay played hopscotch. If it's because of the 333 thing, I'm not amused. :rolleyes:

    ~ Mac sounded like he was humoring her or something.

    ~ Ok, so I think I know what we're supposed to get out of the 'hopscotch/game theory' scene: Dr Browning used game theory to 'figure out' who was the next to die (he apparently got Kevin as his answer), and he was using it to figure out the probability of Kevin surviving if he used the broken machine after Browning died (I'm guessing zilch)...

    ...Yeah, still lame. *brain hurts*

    ~ Don't ruin Sheldon's geek-out over possible time travel, Mac! :lol:

    ~ Haha, I hear the TARDIS!!

    ~ The time machine flung Keving through he clock? Youch!

    ~ Wow, I totally didn't think to put the partial fingerprints together or anything. [/sarcasm]


    ~ Why was Browning walking around in nothing but a robe? :eek:

    ~ You gotta feel bad for the perp, though, actually believing that if they fixed the time machine they could make it all right. :(

    ~ Cuff that bitch, Stella! :mad:

    ~ Aw, poor Mac. He looked so happy when he first opened the letter. :(

    ~ I don't think the end scene was out of place. I think it worked. ;) (And that song is getting stuck in my head, argh!)

    ~ Next week: I fear that this will be cheesy. Look at those graphics. Urg.
  13. Sphinx

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    Jul 2, 2007
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    This episode was enjoyable, but kind of a let down after last week. I did kind of enjoy the needle part of the story as an explanation for why he was a genious and why he would think he actually time travelled. Maybe the twist concerning Stella's stalker is he isn't a stalker, but a really gutsy guy who has admired her in the past and decided to make a move.

    Somebody in an interview said their would be a twist in the Mac and Peyton storyline. Them breaking up isn't much of a twist, since it happened before. Are we sure the letter was from Peyton? Maybe Mac's stalker had an expert forger write it. Maybe the twist isn't that she broke up with Mac, but the stalker made it look like she did. It could actually be a stalker moment and the fans don't know it. Maybe Peyton will walk into the Lab during sweeps week and wonder why everyone is staring at her.

    Mac did talk about taking a chance and how Peyton pursued him. Maybe he will fly back to London to pursue Peyton during sweeps week.

    Maybe Mac's speech about taking a chance on romance foreshadows a future event were Mac will pursue a romantic interest instead of being pursued. Just so he doesn't date one of Devon's friends. ;)

    I just a thought. Stella's pursuer is a forgery expert. He may be the person who discovers the letter is a forgery or he is the person who forged it. I always wonder why they included a forgery expert in the series.
  14. owlki

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    I gave it a B.

    Didn't think much of the stories but always love when we learn more about the characters.

    I was puzzled by this comment as I could swear to myself that it was his parents' house so I went back to the episode and wrote down that line:

    "I don't know... If I could go anywhere back in time, I probably would go back to my folks' place in Queens for one of my mom's corned beef wednesdays. Yeah, I would endure every one of my brother's (or brothers') insults at the table for one more taste at that paradise."

    For that statement, I understood that:

    1-his parents lived or live in Queens,

    2-his mother is dead,:(

    3-he likes corned beef.:lol:

    4-he and his brother could be estranged or, maybe, they liked each other but had fights at the table sometimes. I have sisters and we do bicker over stupidities sometimes while dining. It's when people are usually together and talk. It doesn't mean we don't love each other.

    5-And English is not my first language so I could be horribly wrong, and sorry if I am, but if you hear his line "every one of my brother's insults" as "every one of my brothers' insults", it could mean he has more than one brother, couldn't it? :confused:
  15. Top41

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    It was just...unexciting. I couldn't get into it--the time travel stuff was kind of nifty, until the plot holes were revealed to be horrendously gaping. That, and Mac's flip attitude towards Kevin's death was just out of character and unflattering, as was his ignorant advice to Stella to give Frankie 2.0 a chance.

    I didn't like Peyton breaking up with Mac in a letter--that could have been handled in a phone call if CBS had cut the advertisement--I mean scene :rolleyes: of Mac playing with Will Dailey.

    Does Danny only have one shirt now? Don't get me wrong--he looks gorgeous in the white shirt, but I noticed him wearing it in the preview, too. And I know he's worn it at least one other time this season. And is it just me, or does Danny look tired and worn out? His snark is back, but his energy seems to be missing.

    Flack loving Dr. Who? Hot. :D Flack was as ever, great in this episode, and I loved Hawkes geeking out over the time travel stuff. It was so very Hawkes! Great to see Adam and Angell back too.

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