Grade 'Time's Up'

Great Googly Moogly, what a boring episode. When I end up reading a book by an author I don't like during the show, boring has transmogrified into something much more sublime-an apathy so deep it can only be dispelled by the hot, sweet agony of driving a pencil through my face.

I'm tired of the gimmick cases. They're loose to the point of incredibility, and in this instance, they didn't bother to show the apprehension of the killer. Mac just tosses out the resolution in a glib one-liner, matched in stupidity only by his parting zinger of "Time's up."

That's not to say there weren't some great moments. Once again, Hawkes and Flack are beautiful counterpoints to one another, with Flack busting out the Dr. Who references and snide remarks about straitjackets and Hawkes geeking out over the victim's genius and the theoretical possibilities of time travel.

But if this was their Numb3rs homage, it fell flat. Dr. Dead Guy had no way of knowing that the killer would come back at 9:45AM, no matter how l33t his math skills. Leave the math fu to Charlie Eppes. Please. For the love of God.

According to this episode, Flack has a brother. Since when? If he does, why didn't he turn up in COTP or merit a passing mention during Danny's Crisis of the Season in S2? The commonality of a fraternal bond seems like something Flack would've used to reach Danny or offer insight. And why didn't Gavin mention him in S1?

There are several theories, of course. Either they're estranged, the brother is dead, or it was a throwaway line the writers tossed in without considering the canonical ramifications. And Flack's line to Hawkes and Mac about enduring his insults for the chance to eat his mother's corned beef hash again implies that the brother is older. If so, why wasn't he named for his father instead? Sure, there's precedent for the second son to be given the name, but it's rare, since most parents aren't sure there'll be another son. And Flack doesn't strike me as the type to be cowed by a younger sibling.

TPTB have a pisspoor track record with continuity, so I'm betting this brother is never mentioned again. And frankly, I'd rather have him fall into the Plot Chasm of TV Writer Corner Painting than be trotted out during sweeps as the druggie black sheep of the family a la Messer Family Drama Redux.

The comment clearly points to marked estrangement from his father, however, as he specifically mentioned his mother's house in Queens, not his parents'.

Setting aside the fact that his original bio had him growing up in Yonkers, not Queens, the revelations of a sibling and possibly estranged parents don't jibe with his reminiscence in S3 about his parents taking him to the Arboreum. He said he was taken by his parents, and there was no mention of a sibling. The inconsistent recollection of family life can be explained away by a later divorce, but the sibling is more problematic. Either his sibling was locked in the root cellar and beaten with sticks while little Donnie got the lollipops and trips to the flower zoo, or he's a plot contrivance that has just boned a million fanwriters up the bazoo.

I can only hope that the writers will let whatever tumorous plot bubble that spawned Bro Flack burst and drain. I don't want to see the festering piles of sloppily sculpted turdmen that the typewriting monkeys will no doubt turn out under the dubious label of "gripping drama."

Stupid people, stupid cases, stupid, unchecked canon.

Well, I don't think they've ever really said much about the characters' families, so it's no surprise that they'd bring up a brother without forethought...

As a random note since I was just thinking about it:

Dear bitch at the end,
Virginity isn't a problem that needs fixing. Screw you.
No love,
A virgin who is just fine with it
Overall, I enjoyed the episode.

It was a "Dear Mac" letter nattybatty55. I figured that Mac and Peyton were done when he came back alone from London. Confirmed tonight. It sucked because Mac seemed really happy. He loved taking a chance on love. Sorry for the Pac fans even though that wasn't my ship :hugs: I know what it's like to get burned.

O.k. Stella's stalker guy is really starting to creep me out. Glad to see though that Stella's red flag so to speak has gone up with him.

Hawke's exuberance about the doctor was really cute to watch. He was so excited like a kid in a candy shop.

Sid and the brain was very cool to watch. I love that new brain imagery gizmo ( not very technical I know :lol:.)

Not much Lindsey - an added bonus for me as well which made me enjoy the episode even more. :D

Great to see Adam and Angell again. Anyone feel a little of a Speed moment when Adam had the earphones on when he was going over the GPS transmitter or was that just me ? Also happy not to see Kendall again. UGH she was annoying in the season premiere.

Loved the lines:

Flack with the Doctor Who reference which was so cute. I'm not sure if I pictured him as much of a sci-fi fan. Loved that if he could go back he would go back for his mama's cooking in Queens. That was so cute. Are Flack's parents still around or gone? That scene had me wondering for a moment.

Danny and the pickle comment :devil: :lol:

Loved loved loved seeing Mac playing his guitar again. My goodness Mac looked Hott (sorry fangirl moment :fans self:). Hope we get many more moments like that.

Liked that Stella showed up. I can here the Smack fans cheering because they got another moment with the smile.
ETA: I write slow. :lol: Someone got there first. :p

The letter from Peyton? Basically she just tells Mac that she realized that England was her home and that the two of them could never really be 'together' because they'd always belong in different places.

I think it's lame (especially as a way to end something that they made important to Mac as a character), but YMMV.
I don't even remember what I gave this episode. I think I gave it a B+. :)

I like numbered lists. Here's tonight's:

1. Bad Peyton, bad! You broke Mac's heart. Not only were you the one that pursued him, but you then decide when it's over? (My anger is colored by the fact that last night I watched "Silent Night" from my S3 DVDs...)

2. No "333" foolishness. A pleasant respite from it.

3. Question... how did Kevin "activate" the time machine if the computer/typewriter/interface was back at the lab?

4. The needle in Dr. Browning's head. What, in all his years, having petit mal seizures; no one ever stuck his head in an MRI? Although, just typing that, I realize it's a good thing no one ever did... wouldn't that be a CSI-cam shot for the ages...

5. For a moment there, I was worried we would have a Lindsay-less episode (A Bad Thing in my book), but she showed up. I liked her bit about being hopscotch champ in the third grade. I hope she gets in the field more, soon.

6. Stella - take the plunge; follow Mac's advice. I really don't think Drew was all that creepy... of course, compared to Frankie, no one else could be that creepy... It's highly unlikely TPTB are setting Stella up for an "All Access" repeat. I think he's genuine.

7. A naked man runs through a pack of screaming school kids, stumbling around... and NO ONE tackles him? How'd he lose his clothes, anyway? Did I miss something?

8. How do you get in that much trouble with your bookie placing 2 dollar bets on horse races? I know next to nothing about gambling, so feel free to enlighten me.

9. Are we supposed to believe Mac knew just from looking at Stella that she knew Peyton sent him a "Dear Mac" letter? Is he used to Stella reading anything on his desk that catches her eye?

10. Why'd Mac leave Peyton's letter on his desk anyway? You'd think he'd at least put in in a drawer, if he didn't take it with him.

11. I really liked' Mac's range of emotions from the point he opened Peyton's letter.
macpeyfan said:
The end with Peyton's letter was enough to give an otherwise fairly decent epi a C-. What an atrocious way to try to end the relationship. It seems like such a cop out and not at all what Peyton would have done. And I am totally blaming the writers.

Ok, I could go on in that vein for a long time. Suffice it to say, I'm p*ssed because of how badly that was done.

I totally agree with you. Writing a lettre and ending a passionate relationship dosn't remind me of anything that Peyton would have done. She has beening living in NY for god knows how many years, has a satisfied job and she is in a relationship with someone who she is ready to bring home to see her parents. Well those things above tell me that she is doing pretty well in New York and now suddenly she just happens to decide to stay in London??

In my mind Peyton always seems so well bred/ educated. What she has done doesn't fit into that description and was actually unforgivable.
Actually, imo, it appears to be par for the course with her. We learn tonight that she pursued Mac. We already *knew* that she had broken off once with him so a second time at long distance really doesn't surprise me that much.

Take then into account the limited availability of the actress and it adds up.

Was it a boneheaded writing move? Yep. Just like the conversation earlier where Mac urged Stella to accept the invitation from Drew. That scene *had* to have been written by one of the male writers because *HELLO* Stella's been stalked ya nitwit and you want her to just 'jump' into a relationship. Like I said...boneheaded & poor writing move.

Good points in the ep... loads of oneliners. The M/S conversation no matter how badly written. Gee, Mac sure gets a lot of mail :) and the wonderful ending of Mac turning to his music and Stella being there for him. The singer's voice has grown on me and I think I'll be checking his work out further.

Night, folks.

Mightion said:
3. Question... how did Kevin "activate" the time machine if the computer/typewriter/interface was back at the lab?

4. The needle in Dr. Browning's head. What, in all his years, having petit mal seizures; no one ever stuck his head in an MRI?

Totally right.....

I had a brain scan (old-school machine) when I was 8 regarding my epilepsy (no needles thankfully).

Also, how did he know that the murderer was going to force the other guy to use the time machine at 9:45

Finally, I can understand Mack taking up the guitar to help him get over the break-up, but why do it on such a depressing song. It'd sent me over the edge.

While John Mayer appearing on CSI was part of the plot this was not. They shouldn't do this again or at least get someone who sings more upbeat tunes, The Who for example.

It gets a B from me. Started out with promise and then lost it's way. Nice to hear Dr Who get a name-check.
Like last week's ep, I enjoyed this ep for what I suspect the writers largely intended both of them to be: harmless bits of entertaining (although OTT) fluff, with some excellent character moments/interactions thrown in.

Loved Hawkes' Science Guy Geek, so enthusiastic and willing to "believe" :D Pair that with Hard Bitten Cop Flack's cynicism, and Pragmatic Mac quickly dismissing the Time Travel (but with just enough touch of the "Hmmmm, what if...?" thrown in when he figured no one was watching him), and you got a good range of emotions.

Loved Sid once again, he's the perfect combination of Creepiness, Humor and Heart. Also loved seeing both Adam and Angell make their appearances, however brief! Chuckled at Lindsay's Hop Scotch reference, ah I remember the days... :)

I knew the M/P breakup was coming, Claire Forlani was initially only signed for 4 episodes, and I believe they already doubled that, last season. I figured Claire would not be available this season. Nevertheless, I was saddened and disappointed at the "Dear John" letter she sent Mac, I liked them as a couple, IMO they ring truer as a couple than anyone else on the combined CSI shows, and I'll miss them together. But Mac is out of his shell largely due in part to Peyton, and he'll move on. Loved Gary's emotions in the entire scene, from the letter right down to the quiet, contemplative musical scene, to the knowing smile he and Stella flashed eachother. Love the friendship between those two, everyone should be so lucky to have at least one friend in their lives like that.
I am new here, but I have a question about last night episode:

Victim#2 was sitting on the chair of that machine and got somehow electrocuted, but he ended up on the pavement outside the building, being fallen through the window???

How is that possible?

Did the murderer push him out of the window???

I think there was no reasonable explanation for that... But this is only one of a lot of major plotholes this episode hat... *sigh*
I give it an A.

God heard Smackers everywhere telling him that we didn't like Peyton and got rid of her for us, THANK U!! :D :D
It was sad because that Witch broke Baby's heart, he looked so hurt, then Stella came and that smile on his face all better *Stella saves the day*

The whole case was awesome specially the use of physics to calculate when the guy was going to die.

The Thing with Stella and Drew is getting better I just hope he is not another Frankie or that he is Mac's enemy.
The whole needle in the brain thing was so cool, I was like OMG, Scary. :eek:
It's not a fantastic episode.
The only things to get in this episode are Mac/ Stella interaction. Peyton's story, we say why she didn"t come back in Ny; Stella who find the letter. And the final when Mac play music and watching Stella with a little smill, it's so cut!!!!
But the 2 case was inegal.
But it's opinion...
It's faster if it's a list :p

- The blood on the naked dude looks fake..
- How come no one stopped him, or call 911?
- Close-up on Flack! My God you’re pretty!
- Donnie, my love, it’s a shower.. you should have known better! :p
- 2 naked men in one morning? And none of them is Danny? Poor Flack! :p
- Hawkes cut his hair? Goodie!
- Love Flack’s interrogations!
- Flack smiled at Mac after the interrogation. He thinks you did good Mac! LOL
- Needle in the brain?
- Sid removing the thingy from the hand - painful to watch.
- Danny staring at the hell of the pickle. LOL You gonna be able to focus now?
- Who eats a pickle with coffee and nothing else?? Steak? Matched potatoes? Anything? You do that in US? :-o
- Angel & the nuts! LOL
- Danny asked Angel if she gave her phone number? LOL
- He stuck the gif in his own hand? Ouch!
- Sid & Hawkes working together. I like that!
- Stella don’t smile at the box. Mac seems happy.
- Mac, meet the guy first, than tell her to take the plunge! Better yet, you 2 should take the plunge! ;)
- Good girl Stella, say no uh!
- Adam and Hawkes, geeky and adorable.
- Flack, you are love! “Paging Doctor Who.” LOL
- Flack and Hawkes’s little chat, major cute!
- Electric chair? LOL Flack! That’s morbid babe!
- WOW! They actually gave Flack some background!
1. He sounds sad while remembering! :( I things his mom is gone. :(
2. He’s got a brother? Older, I suppose..
3. Grew up in Queens. Nice..
4. “I would endure every single one of my brother’s insults, for one more taste of that paradise”. :( Endure the insults? So, in “The Fall” we got the hint that things are not good with dad, now the brother too? Poor baby! :( Taste of that paradise, he means the food, or the moment? Flack appears to be pretty broken behind that snarky humor.
- Lottery Flack? That caught your attention baby? ;)
- Did TPTB finally understood that the less we see of Lindsay in the show the better? I hope so.
- Woman, watch it were you lay you baby! Not on needles, pls!
- Tough Hawkes! Cool!
- Danny still funny. Glad to see that!
- Mac, the kid is dead. Maybe you should try to prevent smtg like this next time. Have an uniform keeping an eye on him.
- Donnie, don’t stand so close to the machine that was on fire, the nice firemen will dust you too. ;) :p Yes, you knew he was lying!!
- Danny, good to know you don’t need help to perform! ;)
- Super Danny flying! Great scene!
- Lindsay telling Mac she was champ of smtg. He don’t care! :p
- The killers : a moron and a b!tch. I hope she’ll spend the rest of her life in jail!
- Break – up through a letter? Bad! mac not happy anymore. :(
- Loved Clare’s voice over.
- Stell reading Mac’s letter. LOL
- Nice moment between Mac & Stella. But we don’t need every singer signed by CBS on the show, thanks!

Not a bad, bad episode, but kinda blah. Again, saved by the characters!