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I'd totally wear the shirt. Plus, I'm now picturing an actual cuddly brown teddy with glasses and a wee button-down shirt. I want one for my very own. :adore:

(I think it's time for me to go to sleep. :lol:)
....Plus, I'm now picturing an actual cuddly brown teddy with glasses and a wee button-down shirt. I want one for my very own. :adore:

(I think it's time for me to go to sleep. :lol:)
Oo, yes, wants one :p

(and yeah, I'm up and off again in three and a half hours. I dunno how and why I do this to myself :lol:. At least the thought of a Sheldon Teddy Bear has cheered me right up... :lol:)
Blah, blah, blah. CSI's Mac and Stella:NY, name for the show in this episode.

Okay, I'm usually not a very good critic. I just take the episodes and choose to see the pros rather than the cons. And i've never been sick of Mac and Stella, except for last night's episode. Seriously, i was so sick of every other shot being Mac getting the bad guys/Mac's gut instinct/Mac rmembers the victim and so on. Especially because Flack, Adam, and Sid had to suffer screen time. And am I the only one that went WTF? when Sinclair started poking around Dunbrook's office wiith Mac, like he was a CSI too. Just weird. I still totally like Sinclair though. He's growing on me.

This connor person is starting to sound more like the guy Angell is supposed to protect. Which will piss me off because she wasn't even on this episode.
Boring, boring boring. I give it an F for failure to keep me awake. Not going to go to the trouble of trying to find the goods and bads. Let's move on and away from this one and be glad we only have one more episode dealing with Dunbrook.
I found this episode to be extremely predictable. I don't think there was a single thing in that episode that I didn't guess :( How dull. Also, I missed Adam.

It really bothered me that they didn't go down into the subway tunnel. I mean, they guy fell however many stories onto a subway grate, don't they think that some of the evidence might have gone down the grate? Oh, wait, it did! :rolleyes:
I'd totally wear the shirt. Plus, I'm now picturing an actual cuddly brown teddy with glasses and a wee button-down shirt. I want one for my very own. :adore:

(I think it's time for me to go to sleep. :lol:)

Anyone for a trip to build a bear? :guffaw::guffaw::guffaw:

Hawkes is so cute, but I missed Flack. To me, he was like only on for two seconds. GIVE HIM BACK!!

The shot in the lock with danny... are you trying to figure out what to do with your life or something? lol
This episode was kind of boring. I gave it a D-. The only reason it didn't get an F is because of the thing with the polar bear. "A polar bear in NY City? Global warming is worse than I thought." :guffaw:And because I actually kind of like Sinclair in this episode. I was upset that Adam wasn't there. :(

The candy fingerprints? :wtf: At first I wondered how the fingerprints survived the stomach acid, but then it turned out he ate them right before he died, so they didn't have time to digest any at all. :lol: But candy fingerprints... that's just kind of dumb. :lol:

I watched this episode late last night (after recording it) and I almost fell asleep on it a couple of times.
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D is for Dull.

This one was tedious, confusing, over-expo-y and chock-full of Self Righteous Mac. I admit, I hate it when Mac gets on his high horse and goes after someone--he sounds so arrogant that I end up wanting him to be wrong just because he's so irritatingly righteous about the whole thing. Much like his counterpart on Miami, Mac is at his least interesting when he's on a crusade.

There wasn't a lick of humor to offset the tedium of this one, and that really hurt it. NY needs Flack's snark and Adam's adorkable flustering comments. It needs Sid's oddities. It even needs Danny's bad jokes!

Even more unsatisfying, Steels stupid lipstick shaped flash drive falls away, forever lost to the dark recesses of the NYC subway lines. Presumably where Louie Messer, Flack's massive stomach wounds, Reed Garret, Stanton Gerrard and Danny's personality also lie. :rolleyes:

The Black Hole of Continuity or whatever it's called can have that stupid flash drive. :p ;)

~ Did Flack just eye Danny as he walked by? Oh Flack, u so bad. ;)

Hey, at least Flack found something interesting in this dull dud of an episode. ;) :devil:
i give this ep a C. it was so friggin boring to sit throught. i kept waiting for it to get better and it just flopped right from the beginning.

i was so pissed about the flash drive, that was such a cop out way to end that story and end the ep.

i like Mac as a character a lot but when TPTB make him go on a vendetta to try and convict someone like he last night it grates my nerves so bad. they need to give Mac some other stories besides playing against powerful people.

the only part i liked was when Sinclair stepped in and brought the search warrant to Dunbrook's office. to me it showed that he wants to take down Dunbrook as well.

There wasn't a lick of humor to offset the tedium of this one, and that really hurt it. NY needs Flack's snark and Adam's adorkable flustering comments. It needs Sid's oddities. It even needs Danny's bad jokes!

i totally agree. i think we've been used to the humor here and there in some eps that this ep lacked. it was too tense this ep i think that was one of the problems.

lets hope the next ep is better and has some humor.
Not too pleased with this episode...

If there gonna continue a plot they need to make it a bit more intriguing.
I knew it was Dunbrook's son the second he came on screen..duh...

And they did leave it hanging at the end, WTF? I think this one should have wrapped up by now.

I'm a forever Mac fan but I have to say I agree with those that say he's holier than though or on a high horse
I'm thinking that we are starting to see Mac's weaknesses. I mean he just would not accept Dunbrook as anything BUT GUILTY.

He has usually in the past reserved judgement until the evidence/investigation was complete.

The only stand out point for me was Sinclair siding with Mac and jumping in to help.
I thought it was fairly boring, too.

Altho 2 consective weeks where the Black Hole opens up and spews out a portion of its contents isn't so bad (last week, Hawkes mentioned Kara, or did he just make a subtle reference to her? Can't quite remember...). At this rate, Louie will make an appearance before the end of the season. Not that I'm holding my breath.

No mention of the egg or the incubator - a definite plus.
No mention of "What girl's name is better - xxx or yyy?"
No Adam - NOT GOOD, TPTB, so not cool.
Arrogant Mac can take a long walk in the pouring rain till he cools off.
Not enough Flack. Just not enough.
No Angell - I have grown to like her lately, and I miss her.
Kinda liked Sinclair - kinda....
Needed more Sid. He's just way cool.
They need to flash away those flashy-cool-tech-toys for a few eps. They need a good case that can't be solved with flashity-flash technology. That dang DNA thingy is annoying...Of course, Dunnbrook probably made that purchase possible...
So, the Black Hole once again ate the flashdrive. Or, so we think. We don't know what really happened to it. We are left assuming, and we all know what happens when we assume...

As for the Teddy Bear conversation - can I join the trip to Build-A-Hawkes - I mean Build-A-Bear?!

My grade - I think I'll actually give it a D.
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"You just can't stand it when somebody has more power than you."

When the ostensible villain of the piece rings truer than the purported hero, things have gone awry. The above remark was intended to paint Dunbrook as an arrogant cad who thinks he's untouchable, and he is, but it also inadvertently tells an unpleasant truth about Mac Taylor: Mac really can't stand it when someone has a bigger set than he does. The idea that someone isn't kowtowing to his moral superiority offends him on an elemental level. Despite his proclamations to anyone who'll listen that how he feels never affects how he does his job, it's not hard to see that Mac is excessively invested in the Dunbrook case, is, in fact, on a personal crusade. Not to bring Agent Walsh's murderer to justice, but to avenge himself on a man who dared to scoff at the mighty, mighty Mac peen.

This case was mishandled from the outset. It was meant to showcase Mac's valiant struggle against Dunbrook's seedy, smarmy corruption, but it wound up showcasing Mac's astounding, unbridled arrogance. He never once stops to consider that he might be wrong. Whereas he's constantly harping on his subordinates to follow the evidence regardless of their personal feelings, he blithely ignores or dismisses any evidence that doesn't fit his grudge-tainted theory. He's utterly convinced that Dunbrook is Up to No Good, even when the initial evidence supports Dunbrook's version of events. When Stella points out this unwelcome fact, Mac brushes it aside. Why? Because Mac "just knows". In NYland, Mac's gut is the only evidence that matters. It's infallible, and if anyone acts against him or questions his sainted gut, then they're clearly in collusion with his enemies, as witnessed by his snide derision of Brigham Sinclair. "I'm not going to stand around while Sinclair decides on his next political move."

Fuck you, Mac Taylor. Right in the ear with a sharp stick. You should've been eating crow, feathers intact, when Sinclair turned up in Dunbrook's offices with a search warrant. Did you thank him for having your back or acknowledge the risk he was taking by supporting your alarming axe-grinding campaign despite the egregious lack of evidence(and no, Mac, your terminal indigestion doesn't count)? No. You simply stood there with that infuriating smirk on your face, as if Sinclair's support was your God-given right. Up yours, you maddening ass.

I notice you never apologized to the FBI agent for calling him a "son of a bitch" in his own office, either, even after he came to you with the truth. Apparently, berating fellow law enforcement officials who are no doubt beholden to the oaths they took and, therefore in difficult positions, is perfectly acceptable when you don't get what you want, as is issuing ludicrous threats. Do you really think the FBI couldn't screw you like a three-dollar whore if it so desired? The FBI works for the U.S. government, the same government that routinely tells Medicare recipients that things such as insulin and oxygen are "not medically necessary". They don't give a tinker's damn about your pisspot New York fiefdom. They'll laugh while they bend you over, and they won't use lube.

And since when has Sinclair trusted Mac Taylor? Two seasons ago, Taylor was blackmailing Gerrard and Sinclair over a relatively minor breach of protocol when Gerrard was a lieutenant, and Mac knows about the leaked memo that alleged sexual harassment by Sinclair. Shouldn't Sinclair be trying to gank Mac at every turn, or at least be paranoid that Mac will upset his already tenuous hold on his position as Chief of Detectives?

The case against Connor Dunbrook was a joke. His DNA on a gun in his father's office? Wow. There's an airtight case for you. No defense attorney could possible poke holes in that. Nope. A good lawyer couldn't possibly speculate that the FBI, who'd already broken into his office with Jell-o and a dead woman's fingerprints, planted the gun. Nope. Not at all.

And way to make Flack look like an idiot. He worked the Steele case. He should've known she was dead. But no, it had to be All About Mac, and so, Flack had to look like a finger-gnawing half-wit. Oh, goody.

Well, at least we know how the finale will be all about Mac when it should be all about Flack? Who cares about grief when you can get your righteous indignation on?

"You're just a lab rat with a chip on your shoulder."

I know I shouldn't, but I love you, Mr. Dunbrook.

You know, I like Mac and I've never been bothered by much of what he's done in the past, but... him calling that FBI guy a "useless bastard" really bugged me. I didn't like that scene at all. That's the most self-righteous I've ever heard Mac be. Or at least the only time it's really stood out to me. :lol: