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Chelsea, isn't that Reed's school? Hey writers, you missed an opportunity there.

I'm pretty sure Reed's already graduated college. But that could've been a good opportunity to show that he's still there.

And I agree too that stalking should be illegal.
good ep but again just a bit boring so i give it a B.

- Flack and Angell..... HOT!!! Angell cuffing Flack to the bed.... i wanna do that to Flack!! Lucky girl.

is it just me or was i the only one cursing the writers for the F/A scene?! what a tease! that is so not fair knowing that Angell is going to get killed and now TPTB decied to show F/A together like they did

- Katharine McPhee was very good. of course she had to sing once in the ep but it wasn't tacky it actually fit in with the story. she's not a bad actress *coughAshleeSimpsoncough*

- i love Danny but i was kinda glad he wasn't in the ep so much. too much of a good thing is not always good. he was looking pretty hot i must say.

- i liked how the crime tied in with what Stella was teaching. it was cool to see the cases she talked about i liked all the eps they came from. i think it's cool that Stella teaches a class. i hope we get to see more of that.

- Adam is adorable i love it when he gets all confused and flustered. i cracked up when Hawkes mentioned how Baxter was a pack rat and then Flack said something about Adam's place and how he's a pack rat lol. i can totally picture it.

- i paid more attention to Hawkes after reading Hill's interview and i really liked how he was so against all the injustices of the system and how he said to KMc's character that if she doesn't give a full confession she won't get convicted. that was a very nice for him to say. i really appreciate Hawkes now.

all in all the ep wasn't too bad a little more interesting than most of the eps this season.
I loved this eppie! The Flack/Angell scene was hot, hot, hot!!! Who wouldn't want to handcuff Don Flack to the bed? I love that he went for coffee, too sweet!

I loved Flack's line about John Wilkes Booth. Somebody paid attention in history class.

It was nice to see past story lines get a mention like Kara and Sam. I hope we get to see those two again.

I dont recall any other university's being mentioned... that school sure has a lot of connections to crime scenes... haha
That's like Law & Order: SVU with Hudson University. Anytime a crime happens at a college, it's always at the fictional Hudson University.
I liked the episode tonight I thought that its different then what we have seen this season. This episode was a good episode for Hawks cause it really shows how his girlfriend being raped really affected him. I thought that when he told Katharine's character that she might not get convicted if she did not confess was really cool and Mac just let him say it which was also really cool.
I give the episode an A
I thought it was okay, to be honest. Maybe having seen the Flack/Angell scene before the episode aired took away the impact when I saw it on TV. The connection to Stella was weak, IMO as well. But I did like that Flack mentioned his sister and Hawkes mentioned his ex.

Also, Hudson University is mentioned in the Batman comics as well and Clark Kent got in to school there as well, it's not just Law & Order that uses the fictional school. There actually is a Chelsea College/School of Art - but it's in London. :lol:

I think CSI NY has mentioned Chelsea University before... I think maybe in the episode with the Subway surfer or Hung Out To Dry. But it's made up - just like the Montiquan Indian Nation.
Ok even though I just clicked the button I can’t remember what I chose, just like I can’t remember most of this episode so I probably shouldn’t have given it the grade that I did.

The Good
-Oddly enough, earlier in the week I was thinking, “hmm, we haven’t seen the inside of Flacks apartment yet.” Then BOOM, there it is!
- Hmm, after weeks of over-use, Danny is being down played. I hate when the over-use Danny, I just like it when he sits there and looks pretty!
-Adam is being really a-dork-able this episode.
-Ok, I’m with everyone else, why has Flack been to Adam’s apartment? I would really like to know!!!!
-I love the fact they used the “Rejection Hotline” number. This hotline actually exists and is used by a lot of women. A friend and I called it once for kicks. The options are super funny. Though it is a long distance call to NY, so it is not cheep!
-The victim, the Bike Polo guy and the grieving brother, all majorly yummy!! Big thanks to the CSI:NY casting director this week!
-I am glad that they are using Hawks more in the series again. Even though he was getting a little whinny and annoying in this episode.
- I actually liked Kathrin McPhee this episode. I don’t mind it when they have musical guest stars that actually sing in the episode, just act (i.e.: Ashley Simpson-Wentz)

The Bad
- Ok so we get this whole dramatic suicide flash back at the start of the show, that turns out to have absolutely almost nothing to do with the actual killer or why the victim was killed.
-The writers are forcefully shoving more Flack/Angel down our thoughts. Though I know why they are doing it; it still perturbs me.
-Ok this is the second time we have seen Flack get hot and heavy with a women and he remains fully dressed, WTF is with that. Did Cahill adopt Sara Jessica Parker’s “No tits policy,” for this series. Come on I wanna see some man nips!!!!
-The dry ice has not only cooled down the body it has cooled down the acting in this whole episode!
-Not enough Sid!
-Ok if this episode has so much to do with Stella, how come she is in it so little?

The Ugly
-Mac looked really annoyed about something this whole episode (perhaps the script) or maybe he was constipated, I couldn’t tell!
-The bike polo guys girl friend. The police coast you your girl friend? Trust me buddy, they did you a BIG favor! Be glad you ditched the bitch now make the switch (to me)!
- The fact that really hot guys stalk really plain girls, I mean what’s with that? Why don’t they stalk some one really hot and who will appreciate the attention, like me!!! In fact I hear there are a lot of stalkers on the internet. So why don’t I help you guys out some. CLICK HERE for my detailed daily schedule and a list of my greatest fears!
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i liked this ep though it was kinda uneventful.

- flack and angell hotness. it burned my laptop down. lol. though we all know why tptb had this scene for us. *rolls eyes* love it though. hahaha.

- hawkes needs a hug. obviously he's still attached to the whole kara thing. and aww for flack mentioning sam.

- the connection of kat mcphee to stella through her lecture was interesting. complicated, but i liked it.

- chelsea univ is everywhere here in CSI:NY. lol. aren't the irish players from communication breakdown from chelsea? and the orgasm case thing from time's up last season also involved chelsea.

- loved that they flashbacked to season 2/3 cases. with pauline rayburn and sarah jackson. i still remember watching those eps. haha.

- angell, mac and the guy. really nice. when angell mentioned fluffy mac's face was like, uh huh. in your face. hahaha.

- lol on flack's comment on adam's place and his reference to the guy who killed abraham lincoln.

- and i don't think they mentioned lindsay, directly or indirectly. if ever they did, expected. if they didn't, I AM AMAZED. lol.

overall it was a good ep. kat is a good actress. stunt casting usually sucks but she did well. A:)
- and i don't think they mentioned lindsay, directly or indirectly. if ever they did, expected. if they didn't, I AM AMAZED. lol.
They didn't, no. I didn't really expect them to mention her every episode that she's gone for, though.
I thought it was an intresting episdoe...

And one thing I kept thinking, after they realised they were looking for someone from Stella's class, was 'who needs to go to lecture about forensics to know how to commit the perfect murder' - Just watch CSI and it'll tell you everything XP

But though it might be a bit dry, yes, I think it was an intresting take. The idea was there though I think skimmed through it really fast. For some reason I'm starting to think that an hours getting a little short for a CSI episdoe.

5* to the Flack and Angell scene but still :censored: to the wrtiers.
Good useage of Sheldon - it was nice to see him centered a bit.
Loving Adam and his quirkiness.

On the topic of Chealsea University - wasnt there one episode that didnt used it. I can't remember which episode or season now but it was about the drugs found in the handbag of some girl who went to NYU - or was it Chealsea?
Should be noted Katherine did have some prior acting experience, so it isn't like some of the other stunt casters whom because they can sing, think they can act as well.
Though not so mcuh impressed with this new episode, I think I did enjoy it. Most especially for the generous time they gave to Hawkes who I think needs more development in the show. :thumbsup: I love how Hill got into his character so well and you can see it evident in his portrayal. He did great as he usually does. :)

And I'm also glad they didn't mention Lindsay in this episode. danny sure shaped up good this week due to Lindsay's absence. It's also sad that Adam only got tiny parts squeezed in between.

And yes, Flack and Angell were hot. Only, I didn't really watch it until the end. The first thirty seconds and I was done with it. My heart couldn't take the hotness. :guffaw:

B for this episode!
At least it wasn't as disorganized and twisted as the previous one. It's not memorable, but we didn't get any weird database. However, the museum gift shop was extremely handy, wasn't it? Also, why has everything always something to do with the characters? It gets boring. Oh, and the cold ice thing... you just can't carry around in your average backpack because the thing sublimates real quick. Plus, you'd get burnt and absolutely everyone would gawk at you because you'd leave clouds behind.
If I can be bothered, I shall post my thoughts on the episode later (Yay, procrastination!)

One thing I noticed however:

Flack: You were right. Baxter was arrested 4 years ago in Provedence, Rhode Island, for aggravated assault.
Hawkes: Sounds like stalking to me. it doesn't. :wtf: Last time I checked, getting arrested for aggravated assualt doesn't mean you were stalking anyone. Sure, he actually was a stalker, but if they hadn't found the photos, no way they think that charge has to do with stalking. Heck, the charge still doesn't have anything to do with stalking at all. Way to go, writers.

EDIT: Ok, on closer inspection, the computer actually says "Aggravated Harassment", which would make more sense, as the two charges are completely different. But I had to look closely to even see it, as the camera only focussed on it for a second. But still, Flack clearly said aggravated assault which is a completely different charge and has nothing to do with it. I was kinda wondering why he only got 5 days for a serious felony.

EDIT2: Ok, did some quick research on the net, and it seems that the charge of "aggravated harassment" is also not stalking, but a hate crime. Course, this is based on but a few minutes of research, so there's a high chance that I'm wrong (and if I am, please tell me so I can die in ball of embarassment), but I found nothing to suggest that it is stalking, as I'm pretty sure that regular old harassment.

I know I spent a lot of rant on this one little quip of dialogue, but stuff like this annoys me. And I tend to rant when I'm annoyed and I have a keyboard. It's the little details that I normally don't even notice, so when even I notice them and can pick that they're wrong, then seriously writers...
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Somebodys been kind enough to post it on the youtube for non US folks :)

I enjoyed it, one of those eppys that went too quick for me.
:eek: Hawkes at the ending -i might have said the same as he did but that's why i won't be going in to law enforcement any time soon. Is Hawkes the new Danny?!?
It was interesting, i'm kind of on the fence-i felt for her and could understand she felt so helpless but in the end she still took a life(pre-meditated and very calculated too) and nobody has the right to do that imo. Then again some would claim it was self defence like Hawkes seemed to suggest. I don't know :confused: at least it was an ep that made you think.

Would have liked to have seen a bit more of Stella's reaction to realising she 'taught' the perp how. I guess she kind of represented the franchise in a way.

The Stargate fan in me loved seeing Master Bra'tac again as Stella's old lecturer. I've got to learn me some Greek.
Mac and Flack looked goood today and Hawkes in leather :drool: yum
Yay for flashbacks.
Words cannot describe the hotness of Flack/Angell( i still pronounce it detective Angle in my head).
I hope this isn't the last we hear of Kara, i could see that being how they wrapped it up but the romantic in me would love to see them work it out or at least try. Perhaps that would be too neat and tidy and unrealisitc but *shrug* . Hill Harper did brilliant with that scene it was :(

Also thought they did a good job with the music. I never really warmed to her on idol but Katharine McPhee does have a beautiful voice. And i can't for the life of me remember what that song is that played before Danny told Stella about the rejection hotline:)guffaw:) but i like it.
For the first time in years I actually was bored with the episode.
There was nothing which was exciting.
The much talked about Flack and Angell scene was just bleh,I have seen better scenes like that.
But then again,neither of them are a favorite of mine.

I liked Hawkes in this one,though and Danny but that is a given:lol: