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Discussion in 'CSI: New York' started by Top41, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. Kam

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    Nov 5, 2007
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    You expected that one to fight a fire with a human sized dent in the window?

    Something just popped out at me though, if human fireball was going at least 80... how strong are those windshields?
  2. carolina

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    Mar 27, 2007
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    I liked the Human Torch case. it was interesting.

    the toilet case was really elaborated but we had seen better ones.

    it was all about coincidences in this one

    but I still dont like Kendall or Angell. and I missed Adam on this one
  3. Daquien

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    Jun 25, 2005
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    So much Kendall and no Adam. Booo !!! :(
    Flack checking that feloners dating site....hmmmm...*hot* :devil:

    I hope we'll get more eps soon.
  4. kinkapoodles

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    May 30, 2005
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    Probably the next closet fire station since their truck was involved in an accident and was well...wrecked.

    I finally watched part of the episode again yesterday. It still sucked, btw. :rolleyes:

    I'm not seeing where Lindsay made Danny smile. Yes, I saw Danny smile...chuckle a bit and yes, he did look over at Lindsay and yes, she did look at him, but it looked to me like he was laughing at his own joke, not at anything she did/said. :confused: I have yet to watch the 'steel balls' scene but I'm guessing it was probably done in a similar way.
  5. Elsie

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    Sep 21, 2006
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    I wasn't that disappointed in this episode, probably because I didn't have high expectations to start with. :lol: I didn't really enjoy it though, and I found myself very easily distracted towards the latter half, so clearly it didn't engage me that much. It seemed fairly laboured and slow in parts, but there were a couple of good points, which certainly didn't include Mac always being right or Kendall's interest in street luge. :rolleyes:

    Hmm, I'd give it a C-. Will I watch it again? Probably, but only because it's instantly forgettable, so I may not be able to remember not liking it.
  6. miss_blue

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    Jan 26, 2008
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    Why on Earth was Kendall (or whatever her name is) handling evidence????? I was like : "omg! put that down before you ruin something!" Go away!!!! That thing had "ADAM" written all over it...

    I hope that they pull out the good characters and toss Lindsay and Kendall in the black hole!!!!

    Lindsay and Danny were like blah even more.. they stopped having any kind of chemestry even when they talked about evidence.

    (I am watching the episode as I type... I'm like "why this must go on? Come on.. You can do it.. 20 more minutes.. 20 more minutes")

    Yeey! Danny investigating the case with Angell (no Lindsay yaay)!
    The B case in my opinion is much more interesting than the street luge thing.. I just couldn't stand that case from the beginning because of all the space comments and remarks that were made.

    Danny with the motorcycle again.. and I belive it is the same form All in the Family, or I am crazy and having visions? Danny with the bike just completely saves the episode for me.. :)

    No Adam whatsoever and less than 3 minutes of Flack..Did the writers actually say before writing this episode : "Hey.. Let's make this one suck! Really bad!"? I guess it is not possible for the writers to do very good episodes one after another.. I should have known because All in the Family was really good that playing with matches will eventually suck.. I had some expectations because of the rumors that this will be the end of the season 4.. But from the looks of the episode we will definitely get more of the season 4 after the strike.

    And YES! now I think we should start a "Why Kendall Really Must Go" thread.. here is a C- from me.. but only for: Danny's coat, Danny's haircut and Danny again with the bike...
  7. MakeTracksCowboy

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    Nov 26, 2007
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    i acutally really liked this ep. it was light and fun compared to "All In The Family" and some of the other eps this season.

    i really enjoyed seeing Kendall. i like the character a lot i've never seen her as a problem. i was glad that she was in an ep without Adam just to show she's not just on the show as an object of his affection. and she toned down the lipstick!!!

    D/L working a case together.... much loved :)loved Lindsay's "steel balls" line and Danny's look he gave her haha.

    Mac, Stella and Hawkes' crime was pretty twisted. i wasn't paying too much attention to it so i got a bit lost. all i wanna know is where those toilets are in NYC haha. i cracked up with Mac's "Houston we have a problem" line lol so cheesy yet so good.
  8. Kimmychu

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    Aug 9, 2005
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    Heh, I have a more detailed review thingy that can be read here.

    I just have this extra to add: Kendall sure is giving Lindsay a run for her money for Character Who Can't Emote to Save Her Life. :lol:
  9. Dawni

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    Oct 20, 2007
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    Kendall is just not interesting, It would have been great for Adam to have done her part then at least someof the lines would have been partly believable.

    I'd have to say she's worse than Lindsay but i haven't liked her from the start never grown on me.
  10. LateToTheGame

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    May 5, 2007
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    So I wasn't able to sit down and watch the episode until tonight, and that was when I discovered my VCR had let me down. I guess if the machine had to fail, this was the best time since it sounds like I missed a clunker. From what I've read, the only thing I regret is missing Angel's move with the garbage can. I can't grade the episode itself, but I think I can give it an "A" for timing.
  11. Faylinn

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    Nov 30, 2005
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    Ok, since I heard it was so suck-tacular, I watched it and tried to make my commentary amusing. The result is more than slightly slash-tastic. :devil:

    ~ Lulz. Is it bad that I'm laughing at the opening sequence? It's so...dramatic.

    ~ *tackles Angell and does unspeakably naughty lezbean things to her*

    ~ 5 seconds into the dialogue and I can already tell the episode is going to feel off somehow. Clearly, we need the writers involved.

    ~ Oh dear, a human meteorite. Wouldn't there be more splatter if you fell from space? Bits and pieces all over the place, if you will.

    ~ Another galaxy, Danny? Sorry, but that wasn't even funny. It's probably because I'm a dweeb that likes to read about astronomy and such, but a galaxy? The closest stars to Earth other than the Sun (the Alpha Centauri system, although Proxima Centauri is technically the closest of the three) are about four light-years away, and it's within the same galaxy. Blah blah, I'm a dork. The body coming from outer space is ridunkulous enough, but another galaxy isn't even amusing to me. [/loser] Long story short, I wouldn't have grinned, I would have rolled my eyes at him.

    ~ Besides, if the dead kid is coming from another galaxy, he should do it right: in the TARDIS. :p [/loser^2]

    And thusly, I will never get laid. :)

    ~ SID! :D

    ~ The lyrics to this song made me curl my lip like, 'WTF are they playing?'

    ~ *ruffles Danny's hair* Sorry, this scene isn't thrilling me and I need to amuse myself.

    ~ Cannibal? Sid, you're so morbid. *gives you cookies* :p

    ~ Poor Bob, having to deliver that line about re-entry. >.< And to think Adam was reluctant to disagree with his expert opinion in "Child's Play". :rolleyes:

    ~ Hai hai, we're casting a chick who has to go poo-dooby. Run around like an imbecile, plz...Perfect, you get the job! :D (Yes, I know she could have to pee rather than poo, but poo is funnier and so I'm going with that instead.)

    ~ You gotta pay to poo?! This is an outrage! Pooing is a basic human right, damnit, how dare you make me pay?! *shakes fist angrily*


    ~ Who's betting her bowels let go when the water flew at her? Lulz.

    I'm sorry, forgive me--pooing your pants is no laughing matter. *is ashamed*...*snickers*

    ~ Flack, I shall now do unspeakably naughty things to you--but only after I take that tie and burn it on the ground while dancing gleefully in a circle around it. :)

    ~ Dishwasher/Port-A-Potty OTP! :D Look, they had a wittle baby-thing:



    ~ I just had the mental image of Flack and a bunch of other cops standing around outside the bathroom like 'LOL, no, you do it!' 'I dare you!' Aww, boys, they never grow up, do they? ^_^

    ~ LOL, you, non-descript dude, are in charge of guarding the fancy port-a-potty. Your buddies are gonna rag on you later. :p

    ~ Mmm, Sheldon. :devil: Even a self-cleaning port-a-potty couldn't handle the unspeakably dirty things I'm thinking about doing to you. *purr* But don't worry, it's okay to be dirty sometimes. :devil:

    ~ Ooh yeah, baby--only you could disassemble a bathroom and make it sexy. *spanka spanka*

    ~ LOL, the sign behind him says "No Loitering"--I don't know why, but that amuses me.

    ~ Kendall's all, 'Look at me process evidence while being pouty *pout*'


    ~ I suppose Adam is busy lurking around corners and hiding under tables so he can pounce on Sheldon and do unspeakably filthy sexual things to him--I can't blame him. After all, Sheldon is a hot brick of sexual chocolate. It's what I would do. :)

    Still, I'd like to see his pretty, bearded face.

    ~ OMG, I'm only ten minutes in?! *weep*

    ~ *pout and process, pout and process*

    ~ Long processing scene is long.

    If you're trying to fill time, do it by having Sheldon go undercover as a pimp.


    Whaaat? :D

    ~ Why does everybody seem so sluggish?

    ~ Damn, Danny looks hot. O.O

    I'm betting Adam tackled him and took advantage of his sluggish behavior to do unspeakably naughty things to him before sending him on his way.

    I know I would. :D

    ~ "...eclipses your spaceman theory", el-oh-el. :rolleyes:

    ~ Overkill: an excess of what is required or suitable, as because of zeal or misjudgment. (See: the spaceman crap in "Playing With Matches")

    ~ "Butt board", did she say? Was that her code for telling Lindsay that she's going to tie her up and spank her later or something? o_O'

    DO NOT WANT! x_X

    ~ Oh Danny, don't be so uncomfortable when ladies are discussing balls--or are you still feeling shameful and dirty after what Adam did to you? It's okay, have a good cry. The shame will go away. *pet pet*

    ~ "I bore easily"--so do I, apparently, because the combo of Kendall, Lindsay and sluggish!Danny is boring me out of my frickin' mind.

    ~ Oh my, Kendall and Lindsay are sharing lingering glances. We all know what that means. *wink wink nudge nudge nudge wink nudge* :devil:

    ~ Lulz at the way Sheldon is walking! Either he's jaunty because Adam rocked his world or he's trying to cover for the fact that he's got a sore--never mind. :devil:

    ~ Also: daaaaamn, I can't blame Adam for lurking around corners. Sheldon is nummeh. :devil:

    ~ Oh my, Sheldon's been consulting with Adam about evidence. Convenient. :devil:

    ~ Also: glasses. Guh.

    ~ Stellaaaaaaaa, don't hide your chesticles from me. :(

    ~ That zoom in on Manhattan thing was kinda lame.

    ~ Also, Kendall, move your scrawny ass out of Adam's nerd chair. Once he's done with his latest booty call and releases Sheldon, he's gonna be back--and so not amused. *taps foot impatiently*

    ~ Lindsay's sweater looks ill-fitting or something.

    ~ LOL, it's like they didn't even try to get Anna's hand-movements to match what was happening on the screen. Did they just tell her to randomly poke at it or something?

    ~ Bess, darling, could you please try to inject some life into your lines? Or is your only purpose to try to make your delivery as flat as Anna's to make her look better by comparison?

    Here, have your free ticket on the failboat. *hands over*

    ~ I will not chuckle at Sheldon's handling of the graduated cylinder. I will not chuckle at Sheldon's handling of the graduated cylinder. I will not chuckle...*snorfle*




    There, that's a bit better. :)


    Oh my! Sheldon, Mac is standing right there! :eek:

    ...:devil: No, I will not apologize. :D

    ~ LOL, it sounded like he said "automatic puppet toilet". :lol: *is easily amused*

    ~ Geez, I'm only 19 minutes in?!

    ~ Sorry, the luge crap doesn't thrill me. *yawn*


    ~ Hee, I love you, Angell my dear, but quit swinging your ponytail. :p

    ~ See, that's my girl. She thinks quick. Plus, she's clearly resourceful. Mama likey. :devil:

    ---Resumed much later because I was interrupted by the need to go to the bank and give away monies, buy groceries, bicker with my sister, write news articles, eat, squee about Chad Allen on my LJ, stare off into space, twiddle my thumbs, pick my boogers and otherwise waste time doing things that don't involve finishing this episode.

    Ok, I'm situated again, wearing my retainers. *grumble grumble* Luckily for you, the speech impediment they give me doesn't translate to my notes. ;)---

    ~ As I was saying: Me/Angell OTP! ^_^


    ILU BB!

    ~ Sucky guest-stars. *sigh*

    ~ Did Danny just stop a runaway rolling stool? LOL, were they rushing to finish, mistakes and all? :p

    ~ Danno needs a nappy-nap. *pats chest* Here, lovey, I'll snuggle you amongst my ample bosom.

    ~ Wow, talk about casting the wrong guy to deliver Seth's lines. >_<

    ~ So Adam figured out the wax and Sheldon comes back with the results--and a new shirt. Oh dear, clearly Adam got the other one all dirty while doing unspeakably naughty things. :devil: Good thing our dear Dr Hawkes has a spare. ;)

    ~ God, Sheldon is one fine specimen of manflesh--too bad he's barely in this damn episode to show that he's more than that. *sigh*

    ~ (I love the little wristband though--reminds me of something Adam would wear. ;) Hehe.)

    No, I won't apologize. :D

    ~ If that guy had been in jail, wouldn't they have his DNA in the system already? (I'm not sure how that all works.)

    ~ Lulz at Danny tapping the window with his badge and gesturing for the guy to come there. :p

    ~ Hai hai, more crappy guest-acting.

    ~ Aww, poor Flack. *chuckles* U so funny.

    ~ Gah, Mac, change your &*@$# ringtone!

    ~ I can almost see Stella's chesticles!!! ^_^

    ~ It's seriously called "wee-lit"? That's what it sounded like to me. Lulz.

    ~ Hee, Flack is in the Horatio pose. Hide the sunglasses!

    ~ *snickers* Oh Sheldon, stop holding big tubes up near your face, please--it makes me giggle like a 13 year-old!



    *snorfle* Knock it off! :eek:

    ~ Aww, Sheldon is so cute when he's all pleased with himself. ^_^

    ~ 'And turn into a human torch'--U so cute, Danny. :lol:

    ~ Sounded like Stella was reciting from a book about the gold thing. She aint Reid from Criminal Minds, yo--I ain't buying it.


    ~ Mac was all like, 'Bitch plz, you've been pwnd', and Seth was all like *glare*.



    And thus ends my long--but hopefully amusing--commentary on the episode. Don't applaud, just send Sheldon wearing nothing but a silk robe and a smile. :devil:
  12. dutch_treat

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    May 31, 2006
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    I didn't like the cases very much, like someone said before, 'why does Mac always have to be right?'. It would've been kinda cool if some freak dead (dwrowning in a public loo - eewww :eek:) saved someone who was in jail for something he didn't do.

    Those races on the busy NY streets seemed a bit far fetched imo, too, but for TV's sake it was a nice idea :) - it just couldn't quite keep my attention.

    So the B+ is basically because Danny and Lindsay were working together again. :D
  13. Top41

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    Mar 5, 2003
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    That was hilarious, Fay. :lol: I love the pics, too. Sheldon as a pimp and Angell with the hearts are awesome. :lol: And what was with Hawkes and all the phallic symbols??? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Faylinn

    Faylinn Adam Fangirl Super Moderator

    Nov 30, 2005
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    If I had skills, I'd totally stick Sheldon's head on the pimp. But I think he'd look kinda ridiculous since the dude in the costume is waaay darker and Sheldon's head would look funky sitting on top. :p

    I have no idea, but it made me laugh in a very immature way.

    I wonder if poor Hill realized how silly that would look when they were filming? Maybe that was why he didn't grab hold of the graduated cylinder and instead sort of barely-held it. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I feel bad for laughing at the poor man, but really, it's frickin' hilarious. :lol:
  15. msl

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    Dec 25, 2007
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    Totally agree…The writers worked on the basic idea of the cases first. Would go back punch up the cases add in the “random moments” that would help the audience gauge where Danny is with Ruben’s death. Than BOOM the writers strike.
    What was missing…I was waiting to get some answers.
    Where Danny was with Flack after he left the PD…Where was Danny and Mac after missing work and getting your gun stolen which result in the death treat made against a Man standing trial…Flack and Angell…Maybe even a Danny and Lindsay moment you could write home about that but I was not holding my breathe on that last one.
    Okay so typing all that out makes me think maybe all that could not have happen in one epi but something…would have been nice. For the sake of feeling like the Ruben story has ended and we are moving onto the Next storyline…Cases could have been better. Kendell just happens to have street raced. Yea okay. Hey why not make Adam the street racer. I think the story would have been more believable from Adam or Adam knew a guy who raced. Point being missed Adam from the epi. Did the TPTB find out that he was a murderer on CSI LV? (I just re-watch the epi and realized it was AJ). :eek:
    Anyway-Angell just gets cooler with each epi. (No explanation needed). :lol:
    Hopefully the writers are back and maybe we can get more episodes Some question answered or at least some storylines ending/moving one way or the other.

    The end result is this epi should have a disclaimer…the writer’s strike was a downfall of this epi. :(

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