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OK, no surprise here.

I'm disappointed.

It was far far better than the previous episode, it was decent, but not up to a season finale, and it so does not compell me to watch next season.

I mean seriously: WHAT IS THE BLOODY CLIFFHANGER?? Because they killed off Angell I was expecting such cliffhanger to be a MAJOR thing, I mean something imeasurably BIG, that really made Angell's death look secondary. But no! Someone got hurt in the end and we don't know who it is, please tell me how on earth is that a cliffhanger?? What is wrong with TPTB? Do they think I'm gonna spend the next 4 months wondering who got shot (knowing this person will be safe and sound when the series return)?

Series finale sum up: I am disappointed with the finale, the entire season was mediocre and I so don't trust TPTB. I'm thinking twice before watching season 6.

i'm sad.

Well, I agree that this episode went by a lot quicker than last night's.

I really liked this episode, even though Angell died...FOR NO REASON! Does anyone know why they wanted to kill her off? That is what is eating me alive.

I loved Flack. Eddie was brilliant. Even though I knew he'd be in so much trouble, I cheered him on when he shot the guy who killed her.

I'm happy with my one SMACked scene. I mean last night was total SMACkedness so one is good for me.

However this cliffhanger is pissing me off. We have to wait until SEPTEMBER to find out who's hurt. Like C'MON! They could've given us a HINT. Like shown someone for three secs, anything!

This season started off pretty badly but after Christmas, it became so much better. I think the best episode (quality wise) this season was Yahzreit, but for my total shipper reasons last night's was my favourite.

Very good ep!!!

The storyline was a good one...I have to say I figured it was Dunbrook right away when they said his son was going to testify against him, but I was glad to be proven wrong. His and Mac's relations at the end of the ep seem much more true to their original dynamic when we first were introduced to Dunbrook, too, which I really liked. His "stay safe" remark to Mac was chilling...especially with the attack at the end. I have no doubt that Dunbrook ordered a hit on Mac....or maybe is being set up? Either way, I'm interested to see how it plays out, and I hope he doesn't disapear...

Angell's death was expected (stupid spoilers, i couldnt stay away...) but that just made it all the more heartwrenching to see the cute F/A moment before it happened. As always Eddie Cahill was phenomenal...especially in the hospital, when he tells Danny "She's gone," and is physically and emotionally struggling to hold himself together. Throughout the episode he did excellent-holding in his emotions in front of Angell's father, not letting Sid see him cry in the hospital room, and finally the end when he executes the guy that killed Angell. OOC? In a normal episode, maybe, and if the guy had killed someone else. But I had no doubt the dude was done for once Flack started chasing. His emotions afterward were also excellently played by Cahill (he gets a high five for the night ;)), and they kind of reminded me of the scene in Saving Private Ryan, after Upham shoots the Nazi who killed Captain Miller....he looks totally and completely emotionless after he's done it, but you can tell he's not all there. Bravo, Eddie. Bravo :thumbsup:

And FINALLY, Danny coming to Flack's side when he needs him!!! Where was that in Charge of this Post??? Danny was perfect in this ep, running to the hospital when he realized what had happened, and he seemed to understand completely Flack's emotional state and what happened in that basement when he sees Flack coming up the stairs. Brilliant. Really, every character was phenomenal in the episode: Adam on his secret spy mission with Stella to bug Dunbrook's car, Hawkes running triage, Mac's anger and determination (this time not annoyingly so!), Sid's trying to comfort Flack and that story in the end....even Lindsay, who usually annoys me with her scenes, did a great job with conveying her sadness over Angell's death (most notably when she enters the crime scene and hesitates when she sees the blood). And Nelly??? I love the guy! I really hope this isn't the last we see of him. I love that Terrance helped Flack out, even though he had no obligation to do so, simply because he knew Flack was hurting over the death of Angell. I would really like to see how their relationship pans out in the future...

Overall, there were only a couple things that bugged me, most of which was the fact that we didn't really get to see the team's interactions with Angell during the season that they mention in the bar. I would have liked to have seen her with Sid or talking with Lindsay or Danny more, I think it would have made a much more emotional impact on me to see her die if I knew her better. Plus, I also was really hoping for a Adam/Flack scene...mostly because both had mentioned that they had spent time together during the season (with Adam telling him about his sisters car in a case before telling Mac, and Flack mentioning details of Adam's apartment), and figured they were closer friends. Either way, we got a Danny comforting Flack moment...which we've been waiting for five I can forgive that;)

Great episode. But goddamn the ending!!!! :scream::scream::scream::scream: Tell me who gets shot, damn it!!! :p

I knew it was coming, but I'm still extremely upset that they kill off Jess. TPTB had better give a proper explanation for why they would do something so boneheaded. :scream::scream::scream:

I loved the scene with Don and Angell's dad. It was interesting to learn that none of Jess' older brothers had any interest in being a cop. It was Jess who always wanted to follow in his footsteps.

I also really liked the scene between Don and Sid. It was so heartbreaking when Don said he didn't want an autopsy performed on Jess.
I knew it was coming, but I'm still extremely upset that they kill off Jess. TPTB had better give a proper explanation for why they would do something so boneheaded. :scream::scream::scream:

If I remember correctly, Emmanuelle wanted out of the show. But correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not 100 percent sure...but I think she was the one who wanted to leave, not that they wanted her to.
Got to hand it to CSI Ny what a way to end the season!!!

I thought It was really good I cant wait till next season to see what happends after the shoot out.

They ended a Great season with a Great Episode:):)
Ok I only caught like the last half the expisode but from what I saw; I can only say at this moment that my reaction is ...

I am sure once I recover from the shock of that last sceen with Flack (and see the rest of the episode on itunes) I will have some more spicific comments!!!
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besides the fact that Angell dies this ep was so brilliantly done. this is what should have been going on the whole season, the team working together being a team and being there for one another not thinking of themselves. it was sad to see how everyone was emotional about Angell she really did touch all their lives she worked with everyone in the lab. i cried like a baby i mean i literally had tears rolling down my face and my nose got all stuffed.

poor Flack. the guy made me cry even more than i was already. him standing in the OR, holding Angell's hand and Sid coming in was so emotional and overwhelming. Eddie did a fantastic job he really nailed his performance. i was so happy when he shot that guy in the head. you could see it in his face when he was standing over the criminal that he had rage and hate in his eyes and that he was thinking of Angell.

the speech Mac gave in the cafe to all the cops was so well done. you could feel how tense everyone was and all the emotions from the team.

i was getting so nervous when Flack, Mac and Danny were getting shot at. i really liked the move with the hood poped up on the car to block the bullets.

the ending.... wow. i've said this here i'm sure but this was totally "Alias" worthy... not an "Alias" finale worthy but an episodic worthy cliffhanger. what a way to end the season. the guessing for who got hurt is gonna haunt all of us until the end of September when it airs.

like i said at the beginning this is the type of ep that the writers should have been doing all season for NY. i just wish that the team could be a team working together like they did tonight all the time. this ep brought out emotions from all the characters we never see. they were pissed off and really sad and all the actors nailed their performances.

the season ended not on a good note but it was done very well. it was better than about 97% of the season. this season had a lot of fantastic team and personal moments but the episodes besides Sex Lies and Silicone", "The Box", "Yahzreit", "Grounds For Deception" and this ep were really boring.

hopefully the writers can keep this momentum going next year. this finale put a lot of faith in me for next year that it can be better. everyone will still be emotional from losing Angell and from the other member getting hurt.
i really enjoyed this episode and have to agree that it made up for some of the silliness that happened last night.

I want to give Don a hug too!

REally enjoyed Nelly's character the entire season and he really shined tonight.

Danny at the hospital...Im not really sure I would call that being there for someone, I mean really you see the poor guy and you're not going to at least give him a hug and then you dip out and tellaport back to the diner? That was weird to me at least that he got back to the diner so quickly.

Hawks-he looked dumbfounded and almost to the point of speechless the entire night and then the look of understanding when mac wanted him outside when they did the raid. I dont know to me it makes sense but if I was Hawks I'd be a little disappointed that I couldn't go in with guns blazing sorta speak.

Mac-I agree with a couple of you, he seems to outshine everyone on purpose and in my own opinion sort of disrupts and shifts the focus of the story back to himself too much. The whole Mac/Stella thing...sorry I think its really unprofessional even with everything they have been through together and espically since he just risked everyone of his princaples by following stella to greece...and that in the end non of what happened leading up to and including greece had any consiquences. Too much stuff they just pushed under the rug. If hawks is going to be thrown off a case because his phone number is discovered on a piece of paper in the vic's pocket, Stella should have had a suspension for all the crap she pulled behind mac's back.

Danny & Lindsey- well i dont really know, glad they showed some emotion, but they seemed to focus on the importance of having each other now that they have Lucy at home instead of focusing that emotion on what don is going through. Danny walks by Flack in the warehouse and asks him if he's ok and he lets don by with just an ok...another missed opportunity to give him a hug..esp after he sees how his facial expresssions change from one extreme to the other.

Adam-just gets better and better every episode...he sort of reminds me of a cooper, but 10 times better.

Sid-I think he showed us all an overwhelming sense of compassion for both angel and flack...I felt like he was really the friend coming to the resque instead of danny. The story he tells at the bar is really cute too and shows us a completely different side of angel in comparison to her father's take on his little girl. Those two dark/light sides of the character in one episode was well done and I wish they would do more of that.

Don and angles father, man super great acting by both, poor guys both of them. Glad to know though that she was as happy with Don as he was with her. Really great to see that and really enjoyed that Don didn't come forward in saying that he was the reason, but just left it hang so that it was conveyed.

Eddie needs to be given some kind of acting award. He's amazing.
now THAT was a season finale. Take note vegas writers :lol:

Ok, i had no idea how that eppy was going to mouth is still hanging open in shock. I had a feeling something other than Angell dying was going to happen, cause it just seemed too obvious.

But wow that was an awesome episode and another OMG to the cliffhanger. They finally got it right!

But man, Eddie knocked it out of the park tonight. That scene with he had with Sid.

I'm sure I'll have more to say later but for now I'll leave it at that.

The episode was excellent, even though Angell was killed off. However, the cliffhanger is going to drive me nuts during the summer. (I can't stand these cliffhangers:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:!!!!!!)

Eddie Cahill did an awesome job in this episode. If he does not get an Emmy nomination (and eventual win) for his performance, there is something wrong with the people in charge of the nominations!

Hi people.

I'm still not over Angell's death.

Juss passed by to share another shed tear with you guys.

Stupid TPTB.


She was born in 81? She's younger than me. She was way too young to die.
(notice that her death date is "set" to be on may 20th, next wednesday, which should be the original finale airdate)