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The part when Adam had to plant the tracking device on Dunbrook's car was kinda scary. Funny when Stella honked the horn...:lol:...and ducked

yeah, that bit was great, i really liked it, even though i was sitting here wondering how on earth dunbrook didn't see adam who was only half under the next car. if i went to my car in a car park and there was a bloke half under the next car, i'd notice! it was great tho :D
For those wondering: Emmanuelle Vaugier did 25 episodes of the show before biting the dust (that total includes the episode "Pay Up"). A normal season is 22 episodes, so she did a little more than one season's worth over the course of three seasons.

So it wasn't "10" episodes like one pointed out above. It was much more than that. ;)
Yh I agree the hand slam was pretty unnescessay, and lindsay's painful 'emotional' scenes weren't the higlight of the series, I didn't even know she knew jess that well, have they ever had a scene together
LOL, exactly. Most of the times I had to suspend disbelief in this episode was during the "team-moments", which I usually like. Because I doubt Angell had even met half the people on the team. I can understand people being upset over a fallen colleague. But I was all :rolleyes: when Flack mentioned that Angell was Sid's biggest fan, and again when Sid was talking at the end about how he and a couple morgue technicians scared Angell. When have CSI homicide detectives ever ventured into the morgue? As far as I know, the first time Flack met Sid was during that episode this season where they had to investigate a break-in at the morgue. When would Angell have met him?

Had Adam met Angell even once?

It was only slightly easier to believe that Lindsay might've met Angell because Flack and Danny are friends. But even that was :wtf:

But on the whole, I really, really liked this episode a lot. It was easily the best season finale CSI:NY has ever come up with. There are no words for how brilliant Eddie Cahill's acting was...he made me actually feel sad for Angell dying, which says a lot. So it gets an A from me. It was a powerful episode all around, action-driven, character-driven (I didn't approve of Flack's shooting the guy at the end, but I somehow liked it all the same), emotion-driven. And I loved the opening sequence. It was sad, in a morbid way, to see that shot of Angell's uneaten breakfast on the diner table after she died.

What I didn't like, though, was how in an episode centered around Dunbrook and his son (whose storylines have been built up through Season 5), the "bad guys" were these random military-men who swoop out of nowhere and kidnap Dunbrook Jr. for no reason except that they wanted extra cash. It would've made so much more sense if they were after Ann Steele's USB stick, or if someone wanted to stop Dunbrook Jr from testifying, or even if the military men had been hired by someone to hold Little-Dunbrook for ransom until Dunbrook gave them the USB stick. They could've done a better job tying this finale in with the rest of the season. The motive of the bad-guys just seemed way too contrived and artificial.

Of course, maybe they did mean to tie this episode in with the rest of the season, and that's what the cliffhanger was for. If Mac and Dunbrook got the military-men's motivation for the kidnapping wrong (they could have, right? It's not like they ever got the chance to ask the military-men why they'd kidnapped Dunbrook Jr), then it's possible those men were hired by someone who wanted the USB stick. Which was basically the only plotline left hanging at the end of the season.

I think Dunbrook being somehow involved in the shootout at the end is way too obvious given that his parting words to Mac were, "You be safe" - I think that's a red herring. I'm not entirely sure what or who it could be, I did initially wonder about the kidnappers but didn't they all get shot/caught?? I guess it's something we'll have to wait until next season to find out. My bets are on Danny being injured [although I'd much rather it be Lindsay], Danny's been a little erratic of late and I think because he's a new father, him being injured in some way will make for a great opening storyline - maybe Lindsay might even shed a tear. :rolleyes: I won't hold my breath.

It so can't be Dunbrook whose behind the shooting; talk about painting a target on yourself if it is. He all but told Mac that he'd be shooting at his team later. [And they did capture all the military-men by the end, but even if they hadn't, there's no reason the lone survivor would want or need to take out Mac and his team.] But with Connor Dunbrook still due to testify in court, his testimony could lead to Dunbrook Sr being forced to give up the USB stick to the police. Which might be what a lot of powerful people wish to, maybe the idea was to stop Connor from testifying?

I don't know how this translates to the next-best-thing being to take out Mac's CSI team at a bar - maybe someone felt that Mac and his team would be the only police actually capable of finding the USB stick no matter how hard Dunbrook tried to hide it. But that's my theory :p

As for the cliffhanger...first time I saw it, I was just like "how stupid is this?" I didn't see a need for it, just creating more drama to meet up with the dramatic cliffhangers of other TV shows this year. But of course, then I read about the possibility of someone dying, and life-changing events and all that.

Right now, my bet is on either Mac and Stella being the one(s) who got injured. Because didn't the producers promise that what happened would be life-changing for one of the CSIs? They promised this before they started hinting that someone might leave the show, right?

With no one leaving the show, we know it's not death or permanent-injury that's the life-changing event. But if Stella or Mac are injured, that could lead one of the other Level-3 CSIs (Danny, Hawkes, Lindsay) to be promoted to CSI-Level-2, if only to help Mac or Stella (whichever one is left uninjured) lead the team. That's really the only other thing I can picture being life-changing, and it would partly explain why they're adding a new character. Maybe the team will be split in two for a while, like they did on CSI when Eckley (?) promoted Catherine.
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