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NY season finale TONIGHT! Watch and let us know what you thought. :cool:
anyone got any comments yet? I will watch On Demand tomorrow because I'm sitting through the Bones finale right now. And it'll be easier knowing what to expect lol. So tell me how it ends pwease?
As of right now I am pretty pleased with how the epi. is so far!! Thumbs up for me for now:thumbsup:
Wait, weren't there FOUR bad guys? Only 2 or 3 got hurt.
EDIT: I guess that answers my question.

And I hope Danny faces consequences. Cop-killer or not, the guy he shot posed NO threat.
*gets out tissues* Okay, I'm good. I'm fine. I'm fine. Okay, I'm not. *whimper* Please, no...

~Flack is snarky.
~Hee, Angell is predictable.
~Oh, that's cruel. F/A scene five seconds before she gets shot.
~Flack said "babe", or something to that extent. WHY DO THEY GET TO BE CUTE WHILE SHE'S DYING YOU BASTARDS?!
~Okay, I'm done. I swear I won't curse anymore. Probably. ...Maybe. I'll try?
~Trying to convince Mac or yourself, Stella?
~Lindsay actually shows emotion! And I believe it! Granted, it was only a brief stumble of words, but still.
~The slight pause is curious. Do they know about F/A or not?
~Mac is pissed. Don't mess with him.
~What the hell were the other cops doing during this?
~Ha, ten minutes in and no one is dead. Liars! Oh... damn. Fifteen minutes.
~And now I'm crying. Don's "she's gone" is heartbreaking.
~Way to kill off my Tied-For-First Favorite Character Ever On Television, TPTB.
~Okay, now I really hate you, TPTB.
~STOP SHOWING HER GODDAMNIT! This if freaking hard enough!
~Eddie Cahill is awesome. And still making me cry. And trust me, it's rare for TV to make me cry like this.
~Ross. Adam Ross. *plays epic music*
~"Thata girl."
~And where is your child this week, Linds?
~Holy crap. I agree with Hawkes. That gun is ridiculous.
~How is Danny still alive? He was right in the line of fire.
~Oh bullshit. A fuzzy camera image?
~Aw. This scene is depressingly nice.
~"That was your girl, wasn't it?" Informing even when you no longer have to? I suddenly have more respect for you.
~You're lucky Flack didn't get to you first, punk.
~That's a great way to get that anger out, Danny. May I borrow it when you're done?
~Vindictive!Mac is appropriate right now. We have some Vindictive!Alex right now, too. "KILL THEM ALL!"
~Sheldon doesn't get to play with guns.
~Hey, dude. Flack will kill you.
~Oh shit. Flack! Although it's easily claimed as self-defense, with that gun right there.
~"I'm fine." Well that's a lie.
~Second Mac/Stella hug in a row.
~Thanks for that Sid. I laugh, then you make me very upset.
~Oh no.

GRADE: "A" even though I was doing this: :censored: for most of the ep.
that should be interesting considering he just got suspended for two weeks. I wonder how many mistakes he can keep making and not get fired. And I don't know if I want that because Miami already did it. *coughRyancough*
With all the hype it's hard not to go into this episode with high hopes and the first half doesn't let down. Terrance is back briefly and I couldn't be happier about it! I'm not much for stunt casting but Nelly has already proved himself on this show and in my books he's among the best guest stars they've had.

They don't waste anytime getting to the action, but they do it well and it's nice to see Eddie chewing up some intense emotional/action scenes as Flack.

We're required not to ask why a new mother pulling part time shifts is hot on the most intense scene in NYC, but that's just beans compared to most of their reality missteps, so we move on pretty fast.

FINALLY, we get to see something many of us have been hounding for since the beginning; Danny repaying Don with some much needed reciprocation of friendship as he's the first one to storm into the hospital to check on Don's sanity and Angell's condition just before Don breaks right down.

We actually get an interesting Don and SID scene... the likes of which I can't ever remember happening before, let alone one so emotional. Sid is sympathetic and respectful as ever and Don while apprehensive about the autopsy relinquishes with Hammerback's best reassurances and puts Jess in his capable hands. Amazing scene for Flack and Hammerback and their rarely examined working relationship.

Even Adam is getting some action tonight! Putting his technical prowess to good use and risking his neck by bugging Dunbrooke's car and narrowly avoiding detection! I love seeing Adam living up to his potential.

Eddie pulls off the look of Don Flack at the end of his rope with quiet sincerity, telling Mac and Danny that he needs to be there so matter-of-factly that neither bother to question him despite the fact that he looks like a train-wreck and hasn't brought himself to change out of his bloody cloths yet.

Ultimately losing Jess didn't hurt me personally, but seeing Don's response moved me implicitly and in terms of developing characters was probably the best decision they've made all season.

While I've never been much for any of Dunbrook's plots and I won't say this one is much tighter than the others at least I'm relatively interested and invested now that they're exacting justice for the loss of Det. Angell and I'm kind of curious as to just who the bad guy is by the time Dunbrooke announces that Mac, Danny and Don's insistence on interjecting themselves into the situation has left Dunbrook Jr in the hands of kidnappers. Maybe Mac wasn't right for a change!

Flack does the best job he can keeping a firm grip on things while he swaps sentiment with Jess' father and it's pretty heartwarming. He even manages to make his voice waver just slightly and it's a convincing touch through and through. So much range for Don in one episode is exciting and fresh. To see him going from a touching memorial service to his no-bullshit detective routine with Terrance and the thugs Terrance tipped them off about. The only thing I wish is that Mac wouldn't steal the lime light as he does from time to time, and leave the seriously vengeful bits to Flack.

They really manage to capitalize on everyone's specific skill set tonight, keeping Sheldon a part of the action by using him as a field medic. While I might complain that we don't see Sheldon with a gun enough, he is a healer so I like this too.

Predictably Don faces off with the same guy who took Angell's life but for a more surprising twist Don pulled the trigger! A GREAT new dark side to the typically by the book Det. Flack and I'm LOVING it.

Also more surprisingly I really liked the finally scene between Dunbrook and Mac, where they neither concede defeat to the other, but don't seem to have each other's personalities so pigeon holed any longer. Interesting.

While they're having an impromptu wake for Jess I'm thrilled to actually see the WHOLE group included -- by which i mean Adam and Sid's attendance, but then the drive by rolls up and the place goes up in a flurry of glass and bullets and the cliff hanger injury issss --- well that's just it... we won't know who got hurt in there until next season. That's the cliff hanger. Meh.

Considering the bleak season CSI:NY has had this finale starts to make up for it. Hopefully they keep their heads clear out of their asses next season too!

ETA: I'm never a particularly lenient grader, not as a TA and not as a critic, but I was pleasantly surprised on more than one occasion and give this an A. Definitely the highest grade I've given an episode all season.
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I have mixed feelings too. It's like you know that barring any unexpected announcements in the next few days, everyone will still be alive and well come next season but you wait on edge to see just who got hurt how. And what was the point of including the ending in the preview? Talk about spoilers lol
Since it's the season finale, I'll type as I watch:

~ Sup, Nelly? (Nelly's kinda hot, BTW. :shifty:)

~ "Mom?" Oh, Flack, you ain't fooling Nelly. :p

~ Angell! :( I knew it was coming, but that doesn't mean I wanted to see it. :( :( :(

~ Angell got shot in the same place Flack was injured when the bomb exploded in "Charge of This Post". :(

~ (BTW, they were a bit misleading with their 'we lose someone in the first 10 minutes' thing.)

~ Danny in the hospital...oh, Donnie. *tears up* :(

~ Oh, Sid. :(

~ Damnit, somebody give Flack a hug!

~ Why is Adam under the car?...Hee, sekrit mission. Somebody needs to give that boy some hot sex for that awesome mission accomplished, amirite?

~ Aww, Donnie. :(

~ Good girl, Angell. I get the feeling her shooting the guy will be what clenches the case.

~ Whoever used that gun was overcompensating.

~ Don't you be shooting at my men, you bastard! :mad:

~ Uh ohs, ransom demands.

~ I knew they'd get a fingerprint from the video.

~ I teared up again during the scene with Angell's father. :( Good scene.

~ Aww, Nelly, you're a good guy. *hug*

~ Dear Lindsay, please continue to just do your job. You aren't annoying me, and this is a good thing.

~ Aww, Sheldon - once a doctor, always a doctor. :)

~ Ooh, exciting, a gun fight.

~ Haha, Danny conked that one guy. :p

~ Damn, Flack. :wtf: Not that I blame him, but that was...intense. I wonder if there will be repercussions for that next season?

~ I could have done without Mac and Stella's little walk-and-talk thingy.

~ I wonder if we'll see Dunbrook again or if he's going to fall into the Black Hole of Continuity?

~ Oh, Sid, I love your story. :lol: (But I don't think he and Angell ever had a scene together on the show, did they?)

~ Aaaand we get machine gun fire. Dun dun duuuuuuun!

Overall, a very good episode. Much better than last night's episode, which just shows the range of what you get with this show. Eddie did a phenomenal job, and it was nice to see Mac in charge but not overshadowing Flack. I'm curious to see what happens in the fall, but I'm going to try not to spend the whole summer speculating. (We'll see how that works. ;))
:censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored:

I knew this is how they were going to end it, it's like something out of a fanfic! Crap now we have to wait till the next chapter...argh man..just AHH
And I hope Danny faces consequences. Cop-killer or not, the guy he shot posed NO threat.
I think the wounded guy Flack shot and killed because he realized that he was the one who had shot his girlfriend would more of an issue than whoever Danny shot at.

I always like the episodes with action so this one was pretty good. As for you people complaining about Lindsay being back at work, she probably wanted to help out and it's not like she was out getting shot at or anything.

I think I'll just go with everybody survives, although it's possible someone is shot in the arm or something - they sustain an injury that they'll recover from.
This puppy got a A+!! Holy snark Det. Flack!!!!

Okay...just the look on Flack's face when he told Danny she didn't make it...I lost it! Crying like a river was I.

Did anyone get way too teary after seeing the look on Flack's face when he told Danny? I mean...those too bright blue eyes....the red face. The man was hurting big time. I so really wanted to give that man a hug!

Danny looked like he needed a hug too!

When Sid walked into the room where Flack was standing next to Angel's body...Oh....I was bawling. I really was waiting for Flack to totally break down.

Flack put aside what he was feeling and did what he had to do...the job. That so ain't easy. Now when he shot that guy in that abandon house, did he really shoot him or did he not? Playing devil and angel, I say he did shoot him and then I don't think he would be that low. But he did look very relieved as he was climbing those stairs.........

The so broke my heart to see Flack sitting at that bar by himself. He wasn't really alone...he had a beer with him! As for the ending.....Are they trying to give us a heart attack!??!!? How are we going to survive?!?!?!?!

I'm going to join Flack at the bar.

Eddie did a bang up of a job in this episode!! My hat off to you Eddie! :)
Wow! This episode was everything last night's episode wasn't. Last night the show seemed to take forever. Tonight the hour flew by.

As usual there were a couple of "they got the information way too effing fast," but overall I'd say this was an A episode.

The scenes with Flack at the hospital and with Angell's dad were so sad and Eddie did a great job. I don't think Flack should've been allowed to participate in the investigation and I screamed, "HOLY F***ING SH*T!!" when Flack blew the dude away when he figured out he was the one who shot Jess. I wonder if he'll suffer any consequences for that or if it will be swept under the rug because the dude was a cop killer.

I'm so glad we got to see Danny at the hospital. Flack is a strong guy and doesn't cry on anyone's shoulder, but he needed someone there and Danny came through. After that the best thing Danny could do for Flack was dedicate himself to the investigation.

I was happy to see Nelly back as he and Eddie have great chemistry. I was also pleased to see he helped Flack out because Jess was killed.

I loved Craig T Nelson's interactions with Gary. I wonder if he'll be back in S6. His comment to Mac about staying safe leaves the door open for him to come back and be involved in the final attack.

I liked that Lindsay and Sid were the ones on the team to express the emotions the team were feeling about losing Jess. Even though Lindsay and Jess were never in any scenes together this is one time when I could actually imagine that the two were friends because Danny and Flack are friends. And I loved that she was a fan of Sid's and vice versa. It was cool to hear those two had a history.

As much as I hate that Jess died, the fact that it was one of the team members made me invested in the story. It also gave Eddie Cahill a chance to shine, which he really never gets.

I knew that the show was going to end with the shooting and we weren't going to find out who was hit, but I still yelled, "OH COME ON! GODDAMNIT!" when it happened.

This show overall is very good at finales and I can't wait to see how S6 begins.