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Okay… I’m woman enough to say that even though I can’t stand that Lindsay keeps saying things that may be deemed as insults to Adam, I’m going to say that I didn’t find her “I don’t have time for you” line to be 'bitchy'. No matter how cute I think Adam is, I imagine he'd be a ball of nerves and annoy me with his nervous babbling. But, that's just me, I guess.
It's not just that she said it to Adam for me. If Adam was in labor and got snippy with Lindsay, I'd be like, 'WTF, dude, is that alien spawn in your manwomb making you a bitch?'

It was the latest in a line of scenes where Lindsay is rude to Adam, so I'll admit I have little patience for it. It still came off as bitchy IMO, but different strokes for different folks, I guess. Other people thought it was hilarious when she told him they were looking for socially awkward scientists at Denny's in the S4 premiere and I didn't see the humor, so I guess it's an objective thing. *shrug*
When she said "you're driving me to the hospital" it didn't sound mean or bossy to me... just sounded rushed like "we need to hurry cause I don't want to have this baby right here in the hallway". :lol: And trust me, if I honestly thought she was being mean to Adam, I would have not been happy with her being that Adam is my fave. But to be fair, I did miss part of that scene cause I went outside (during a commercial break) to check on my dogs and when I came back in, it was right before Adam made that cute little "gasp" face. So, it's possible I could have missed something. :lol:

I don't think Lindsay really means to be mean most of the time. I think she tends to have that "open mouth insert foot" disorder where she doesn't put what she's thinking through a filter before she says it and therefore it comes out the wrong way or something. :lol:

Oh and Fay, you just put the funny image of pregant Adam in my head. :guffaw: Aww... he'd be so cute. :lol:

By the way, I do agree that we didn't need to see the actual labor scene. They could have just showed the doc handing the baby to them and then had Danny kiss her or whatever rather than showing us the labor scene. I kinda hate when they do that on tv. :lol: Unless its a hospital show and something's going to go wrong with the birth, to me to show that actual scene is a little pointless... unless they're going to do something funny with it like having the father pass out or having the mother squeezing the father's hand so hard that he cries out in pain.
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All I know (and all I'm going to say) is when you put someone in labor, you'd be surprised what comes out of their mouths... especially if they weren't expecting it to happen right then and there. But I also agree that Lindsay's especially abrasive with Adam, more than she is with everyone else.

As far as the timeline- Maybe Danny flew out to Montana for his two week suspension to spend time with Lindsay and her family.

And, moving along with the family thing, I'm personally rooting for the name Lydia. I think Lydia is such a pretty name. :)

As far as the case, I felt like Mac was beating a dead horse. I also couldn't help thinking that once again, the writers borrowed storylines between the shows. Except when CSI had that happen (first season's Crate and Burial), it was a kid on the scooter, a grandfather, and the CSIs proved it wasn't him right away rather than just letting the innocent man take the fall.

I found it pretty predictable that the victim's mother was the one hiring the hitman. But worst was that I couldn't help feeling that if one of Mac's team members had been in his shoes in this episode, it would've been a whole bunch of "you should drop this," "you're needed somewhere else," "you're letting her get away with a crime," etc.

Don't get me wrong, I like Mac, but I have this overwhelming feeling that he would've been yelling at someone else if they were doing what he did.

For me, the bright spots of the episode were the moments with Adam... And I actually could've done without that labor scene, but that's neither here nor there. The last scene was cute, but it felt like someone was missing... I could be imagining that, though.

Decent episode.
Felt like a filler ep. I was ambivalent about it before I saw it and am pretty indifferent to it now.

It was wholly predictable. Pegged Neville was protecting one of his kids. Pegged the daughter as the doc on scene. Pegged Kathering Donovan as the one hiring the hitman. Pegged that she was the one who anonymously requested the files. I mean, there wasn't even any pretense of a shell game in this one, no obfuscation in this ep. No other cases. No other suspects. No nuthin. Were we not supposed to figure this out or did they just not care? I mean, leaking it to the net certainly didn't give a damned thing away :lol: not even the name of the kid, for those who care. BTW, isn't there an old song about Lydia the tattoed lady? An this is what Lindsay wants to name her daughter, after the spiel she gave us while losing it? :lol: Self fulfilling prophecy...? Kidding, folks, kidding. Lydia and Lucy are nice names. (Though I can't help thinking of my aunt, who has a cat named Lucy... :lol:)

If an ep's gonna be so directly forseeable, then it's gotta have something in it's realization to elevate it, and nothing else really did. It was just a straight up, even, no frills, mono-plot, analog WYSIWYG ep. No surprises. Lite. Zero Calories. Tastes great? Call it less filling instead. Another ep where my mind wandered. Like to the Telus marsupials buying the rights to use Teddybears STHLM to hock phones and service. Ack. Hadda happen sooner or later I guess.

We got a whole lottta casual Mac in this one, taking his first day off !Ever. Guess that doesn't trump a baby for Biggest Event of the Year, though he gets points for Least Likely, even if he still worked. I gotta say I did like the scene between him and Don. I couldn't help thinking Gary should do more books on disc or narrations or something, he's got such a unique voice. Heard tell of an article somewhere where Vanessa Ferlito said she often got distracted in her lines cos she got caught up in listening to Gary :lol:

Another ep where Sheldon and Danny seem like buds now. And I guess Mac and Don bonded over the Rangers game. It is nice to see them mixing interactions, but also nice to see Don calling Danny at the end of the ep. Sid didn't get much airtime, but the scene with Mac was fun, he's just always good. Adam got a fair bit of screen time, is always entertaining. Stella had little to do for the first half, more later on, and some heavier moments in the flashback. As for Lindsay, well, back to what I said in spoilers and elsewhere. For me there's a perpetual frission between what I think the writers intend to be funny etc with Lindsay and Anna's performances; they're never seamless. Felt the same tonight. *shrugs*

The flashback sequences had a nice treatment and coloring, etc. I eventually clued into observing that in the flashbacks Mac was wearing a dark jacket over a burgundy shirt; in the ep's present, Stella was wearing a dark jacket over a burgundy top. Dunno if that was significantly designed or if someone in wardrobe's just having a little fun. At least, I think I saw that ... Imma more than a lil tired... :lol:

Dutton and Winningham were both good. While the ep was bland and predictable, what I did like was how it was resolved in the end, I like that the mother wasn't defiant, wasn't denying, was just struggling with the weight of grief. The scene between her and Mac was well done. Not unexpected that Mac would share his story of Claire with her, in light of him saying what brought him there was compassion. There was yet an odd parallel with Prey though, where Sheldon told Odessa the evidence was circumstantial. Mac all but told Katherine he had really only bits and pieces, but enough to rope together a case to prosecute her. I guess the writers opted for a no harm no foul way out here for both characters.

My favourite line in the ep did come in that scene though, Katherine saying something like "...I'm so ashamed that I let this consume me, ...I was so afraid that if I stop thinking about her I might forget..." That did hit very close to home, and was the first time anything in the ep moved me at all.

There was an interesting contrast in the scene with Mac and Neville. The truth didn't scare Neville so much as the Odds of what would happen if he came forward with it, because "we're not always so forgiving." Compassion was renamed common sense by Mac in that one, in his assurances no DA would pursue a case. It could be said that Maris being a hospital doctor is a way of 'paying it forward' instead of paying back, in context of a greater good. I think the only thing that may have truly caught me off guard in this ep was Mac, ...apologizing :lol: For anything at all. Was less impressive the more he explained to Neville, but still. :p

There was a nice visual transition from Stella in the interrogation room with Maris to Mac watching on the other side. No other comment here really. Just a nice sequence, and the lighting was gorgeous. I like the way they've been using and filming the interrogation room this season.

As for the baby. The periodic phone calls and the visits by various team members were fine. I don't really think sitting thru a labor scene was worth my time. Indeed it wasn't, I was doing dishes . My soap at least has a point. :p Wasn't surprised Big Mac was made teh Godfather. Gotta say Mac holding the kid was cute, but it totally struck me being more than a little bit of Gary peeking thru there :lol:

All in all a low key ep, or mebbe I'm just tired and inured to the stuff that was a little more over the top. Did feel like anonymous filler. If I'd put off responding to this ep at all I'm pretty sure a lot of it would be forgotten by the time I get back here again.

C. Par for the season.
I feel like this episode was basically just a fluff episode to waste time before the finale, but the characters entertained me well enough, so I gave it a solid B.

I can't say anything much about the case. It was predictable. Even Mac's surprise show of compassion wasn't too much of a surprise.

So I'll talk about Lindsay, the baby, and all that drama instead.

Adam was simply fantastic in every scene. Loved his reaction to Lindsay's, "My water just broke," especially. He's just so cute. And the fact that he bet on the birth also makes him cool.

Sheldon was great, too, although his driving was a bit too reckless for my taste; especially considering the episode's other plot. I don't particularly enjoy seeing a girl killed in a car accident, and moments later seeing two upstanding law enforcers nearly kill a guy who's just trying to get out of his car, much less while they're abusing the siren and lights to get to the hospital.

Flack. Oh, Flack. Why, yes, that is Lindsay screaming in the background.

Stella was amazing. She was a good source of comfort and advice for Lindsay (who pretty obviously needed it), and during the mini-rant about being a bad mother, I chuckled. Her interactions with the other characters were just nice, and she picked some damn good gifts for the new baby, too.

Mac wasn't around the happy couple much at all this episode, or at least, that we got to see. He went to the hospital, and then got distracted by an announcement... That's just not right. When he finally hung around with them on-screen, though, it was fabulous. I think I can understand Lindsay and Danny choosing him as the godfather, rather than Flack - Mac is like a father figure to both of them, whereas Flack is Danny's best friend who laughs impishly at Lindsay's discomfiture.

Danny was good, and got caught up in the typical new father drama. That's fine by me, although I could have survived without the strange "running over some bridge-like structure to get to my woman" scene. It reminded me strongly of an 80s film. Almost expected something like, "Don't board the plane, Lindsay! I love you!" to happen, with a shot of Lindsay's reaction, and then the two embrace in a close-up, kiss, the camera pans out... credits roll.

Lindsay was all right for me this time around, probably because I come from a large family. When she bitched at Adam, I felt more nostalgic than indignant, because I remember relatives and other acquaintances doing similar things, and not necessarily after their water broke. With some of what I've experienced, I'd say that Lindsay was downright mellow most of the time, which is surprising from a first-time mother.

And then came the labor scene! I'm lucky enough to have witnessed the miracle of birth three days in a row in this past week. On Friday, a boy; on Saturday, a girl; on Sunday, another boy. And now I got another girl on CSI: NY. But watching this scene made me laugh a lot more than watching my cousins give birth, which was mostly terrifying and awe-inspiring at the same time.

In fact, this pretty much summarizes my opinion on the birth scene: :guffaw:

I hope they choose the name Lucy for the kid rather than Lydia, because as I recall, Lucy means light... and Lydia just means "from Lydia," which was a kingdom of Asia Minor in like, the Iron Age. (Also, I associate Lucy with Peanuts, and Lydia with Beetlejuice.)
Random continuity question: was Danny wearing glasses in the flashbacks?

I noticed during the car processing scene that he wasn't, so I'd assume he wasn't wearing them in any of the flashbacks.

Edit: I just realized that I only remember two or three of the flashbacks. What a memorable case.
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I don´t know if somebody has mentioned it already but the woman, who accidentally shot Ruben, was called Lucy, or?
So it would be a little weird.
Strangely I thought it was a rather good episode.

I did very much like the case and it was interesting how it was told in a lot of flashbacks... But I do agree that the whole baby drama kinda distracted the case but at least there wasn't THAT much baby drama... I was convinced that there would be like SO much more.

Anyone wonder why Lindsay was even at work to close to her giving birth? Dont they like give you time off a month or so before you give birth? :confused:

Mac... day off... That's not very Mac. I can only conclude that Mac took the day off so that he could chase around this guy and not get caught up with any cases... Though anyone notice no one really had any cases to go to today... It jsut happened they were all free the day Lindsay was going to give birth?

I found this episode quite high on Adam but low on Side... Anyone? I miss Sid most of the times when I dont see him but I was quite glad to see lots of Adam....

What hit man confesses to being a hit man? Did that guy actually walk into the department to tell them that he'd been hired to kill someone he didn't want to? Though I did like Stella and Flack's exchange of words and the way they were both rather sarcastic to him XP

I liked the mention on Claire... However, for some reason I just had this real GUT feeling inside that when Katherin started talking about her daughter and Mac was like I know how you feel there was going to be referance of Claire... I mean not that I mind as such I'm very greatful of Claire-mentions beacuse we havent heard of her from Mac in what 2 seasons? Last time was in season 3 when he was telling Reed about her, no?

I liked the name Lucy for the Messer Baby... I dunno why but I dont think Lydia fits very well... I thought they were going to ask Mac to be Godfather and Stella to be Godmother... I was kindda suprised they didnt ask her. But I did love Mac and Baby bonding... It was real cute... However, anyone notice that Mac looked kindda awkward holding the baby. I mean, Gary really shouldnt cuz he's got like 3 or 4 kids right. He should be used to holding babies but he jsut seemed to awkward and misplaced... Though, I think that added to the cuteness of the Mac and Baby bonding though =D

I do believe that this was a very filler episode. I mean there was no real... how you say... hard substance to the episode, it was kindda okay yeah here you go then next weeks all the drama... But though it was a lite episode I still think it was a rather good lite episode.

Okay, I did not expect them to put both episodes into the same preveiw... I think they should have old put the one into the preview beacuse now I think people will be more focused on Thursday epsidoe rather than Wednesday... But I'm really looking forward to Wednesday =D Not so to Thursday beacuse I swaer if Angell doesnt make it I will scream! Have I mentioned that this is going to cause me to be depressed ALL through exam month now =(
I'm happy I saw this right after my morning coffee. Otherwise I may have fallen asleep. Anyway, I'm grateful because I expected way more cheese and it wasn't that terrible.

The case was completely bland. You could tell what the hitman's job was right from the start and the moment Nevil mentioned he was a father, well, everything got solved. I found Mac letting the vic's mother get away with hiring the hitman quite OOC. Compassion, he said. But I thought he was all for right and wrong, always by the book. I would have expected that in Stella, it wouldn't be the first time she does something like that, but Mac? Yeah, whatever you just say. He's getting too soft, you could claim his personality is changing, but changes need to be subtler or they simply become out of character. Also, he understands Nevil protecting his daughter, but he doesn't understand Dunbrook protecting his son, how's that? Oh, right, Dunbrook's evil.

Promo looks interesting! :thumbsup:
Lindsay screaming, baby pool, Mac being the godfather (I don't mind that, though)... Haven't we seen that in fanfics already?!
I found the episode kind of boring and found myself on the computer half the time. Lindsay and the whole baby thing was cheesy. I did think it was cute that Mac was picked as the godfather.

I gave the episode a B.
Well, I had to wait to watch this one because the weatherman took over the TV last night at 10:05 and didn't give it back until the 11:00 news. I hate tornados!!!

I think I have decided (and agree with another poster) that Lindsay has a blurting disorder. Things just sort of come out of her mouth, as they did with Adam and her "I'm not ready to deal with you yet" line, but I don't think she means them to be hurtful. She just doesn't have any filters. She immediately looked like she regretted saying it the way she did. I loved it when he ran the wrong way, and she had to get him to stop and change directions.

Danny was adorable in the SUV with Sheldon. So much in love and so excited. I love that he wanted to be there, but if he took the classes he should know that labor doesn't slow down because someone isn't there yet and asking a woman in labor to wait until they arrive is like telling the wind not to blow.

Someone mentioned the bridge he runs across not making does to me because the medical facility in the middle of my city is in multiple buildings. He went into emergency but had to cross over a street to get to the maternity ward, shown by the decals on the windows of the rooms when he finally finds Lindsay.

The scene between Lindsay and Stella was good, as was the scene with Danny and Adam. I wish that there was more of a connection between Lindsay and Stella, as they are the only two women in the show on a regular basis.

The screaming scene was typical and Anna did a good job making it real. I gotta say I sort of enjoyed the promo pictures more than the actual group scene at the end. Good points were seeing Danny and Lindsay tucked up in bed with the baby, and also Mac holding his goddaughter.

The case they worked: There was no mystery, but I don't think we were meant to have to figure out anything. I wondered if the hitman, excuse me, contract killer, sends white roses to his male clients. Dead giveaway on the client once you saw the case set up. Easy to figure out that Talmadge was covering for his child, showing his fear of the system, and his willingness to sacrifice himself for a child he knew could do "greater good" outside of prison walls. If the child had been anyone else, we may not have agreed with him, or even understood why he did what he did. I was impressed with his answers to Mac's probing. Interesting how Mac showed compassion to Maris' mother, but referred to her as Catherine when he promised to come after her if she broke the law again. Mac's doing a good job of negotiating the grey areas of justice these days.

It's going to get an A from me. I think it was great!
I said i wasn't going to watch this one, why do I have to be so disobediant. Considering who wrote this episode, I'm surprised there wasn't more DL in it.

Anyway, it was all pretty boring and possibly even more predictable that normal (if that's possible). Victims mum paying the hitman (tick), he's got successful kids (driver, tick). Hero Mac will save mum from becoming killer (tick). Hitman will contact the Police (err no, I don't think so). We don't have enough evidence and no confession (been there, done that). Though, two years later, how do they know the daughter wasn't DUI? Too late for either side to prove anything.

I did think that Mac being so consumed by this case was a set-up to a better understanding of Stella, when he finds out about her adventures.

Not one to stick up for Lindsay, but a 32 yr old babbling is cute for 42 minutes a week, not if you have to work with him every day. I'm sure the writers think Adam and Danny are twelve, though Don strangely is generally a grown-up. Not that I'm complaining, as I think they're twelve as well, but Lindsay is their age and therefore wouldn't.

I won £30 in a baby pool once. How many people must have been involved for Adam to try to win $600.

Incidently, hands up all those whose boss rushed to the hospital when they went into labour. No-one? Hmm.
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