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Mac was just like "Okay, whatever, she's a doctor now - she must be a good person." And the Mother?? She was quite willing to kill a (after all that, innocent) man. And then his daughter. Correct me if I'm wrong (I might be, I watched it on my MP3 player and the sound isn't brilliant), but wasn't the hit only called off because the Hit Man refused to do it?? So, she didn't even have a change of heart. She was lucky, and Mac was all like "Yeah, it's sad. I'll let you off." Surely that's up to a jury of her peers to decide? :wtf:
I think it's up to the DA if they want to prosecute. I think part of the reason her father ended up doing as much time as he did was because he was texting and so they thought he was not paying attention to the road. And yes, the hit man went to the police because he did not whack women and children, I do think that she should have been indicted for conspiracy to commit murder or something along those lines - however I don't know how strong the case would be because she was wearing a wig and sunglasses when she talked to the hit man and he stated he couldn't/wouldn't identify her and if she was arrested I doubt she would give a confession. Unless she left a paper trail or something I think it would be hard to prosecute.
So I'm extremely late on this one...:p

Overall I think I would give the episode a C. Honestly, it was downright predictable...and somewhat annoying in terms of how the case was dealt with. Yes, it was nice to see Mac getting more perspective and seeing things more than just black and white, and I did like to see how he brought up Claire in talking to Maris's mother. However, I just can't believe Mac and Stella could allow the real person who committed the crime (the daughter) go free, Mrs. Donovan not be charged with conspiracy to commit murder, or the admitted hitman with the same charge. Yeah, they were showing compassion to Donovan, so maybe I can see that...but still, why was the daughter not charged?

The baby drama was about the same as I expected it to be....Lindsay actually didn't bother me in the scene where she was confessing her fears of being a mother to Stella-I felt that was her best moment, actually. Her behavior to Adam was pretty b*tchy though. Yes, she was in labor, but why not tell him this right away when she saw him, instead of asking for every other member of the team before demanding he drive her to the hospital? Snapping at him then demanding he do her a favor was pretty selfish. It's Adam-I'm sure she wouldn't have had to demand he help her: had she just told him "I need to find Danny, I'm in labor," I'm sure he would have made the effort to help.

The Ghost Bikes were a nice touch to the episode though. I kind of half expected to see a bike for Ruben Sandoval somewhere....but that would be asking too much of continuity wouldnt it?:p (and I guess he didn't really die in a traffic accident...just while on a bike, so i guess it doesnt really count).

But yeah. C. Not too much special about this episode....
I gave it an A-.
Although its just a filler its nice to see the team commenting on how Mac spends his day off. Even though it wasn't really a case it was still interesting...
And then when Lindsay's in the lab and tells Adam her water broke and you see his reaction was hilarious :]