Gil <3 Cath #30: PureJoy – Sexy CSI Soul Mates

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Apparently press were invited to visit the CSI set on Monday and had the chance to talk to the show's cast members and producers. Here is an article by the Toronto Sun. The reporter asked Marg about Catherine's reaction on Gil's departure.

"No anxiety whatsoever," said Marg Helgenberger, who was speaking for her character -- Catherine Willows -- rather than personally. "Catherine has been kind of in charge already even when Grissom was around, because he didn't particularly like all of the tasks of running a crime lab.

"I'll just kind of pick up like most wives do. Not that we were married on the show, but the relationship was somewhat like that, a marriage."
Aw. If only TPTB have realized that like we (and Marg) did! Catherine and Gil are such an old married couple! :lol:

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm like literally SQUEEEING right now! THAT is PUREJOY right there, ya' can't deny that love.

THANK you for sharing!
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Oh come on, what more proof do you need than those quotes right there?!?! Seriously, they are THE married couple.:thumbsup: I love the fact that they've both said basically the same thing time and time again. It seems like whenever they have to come up with a word to describe G/C, it's always 'marriage'.;) They see it, we see it, it's there, enough said!
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I don't think we need any more proof. lol. It's always been there. TPTB just refuse to acknowledge it, or pretend that they didn't acknowledge it. Oh well, at least we know, and the two actors know...oh and Ann Donahue! She wrote great scripts, and she knew all about PureJoy. I remember that she described Catherine and gil as "this old married couple" or something similar. That's one of the reasons (probably the most important one) why I've always wanted her back. lol.

Wow I can't believe we're seeing Catherine and Gil's parting scene in less than 24 hours.
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Don't say that about the parting scene. I'm gonna cry. It's just....he better come back and visit her, that's all I'm saying, or she's gonna kick his ass - as will I.

And Ann Donahue - man, that woman is just made of awesome.
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Hey guys, I just read another article about tonight's episode (I seem to do that a lot at work. lol). It's got a little more stuff than those other articles we have read. It may not be that spoilery to some people, but I'm putting it in a spoiler box just in case. :)

Here's the last bit of the article:

Tonight, however, Grissom holds center stage.

"I will never forget the things you've taught me," says Nick (George Eads).

"You're the best student I ever had," replies Grissom.

Fortunately, that's about as mushy as it gets, which is appropriate, since Grissom is expected to drop by again for special occasions in the future.

His farewell from Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) is particularly well-done, and it won't spoil anything to say there's a moment toward the end where Grissom pauses for Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan), who was killed on the job.

Grissom also gets a final moment of his own. But fans of evidence examination and inductive reasoning will have to speculate on that one for themselves.
I like what the author says about our scene. As we all know, she's always particularly special to him. :)

The full article is here if you are interested.
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I don't think we need any more proof. lol. It's always been there.
Well that's true...we've had plenty and then some.:lol:

Thanks for that article, Erica. I just can't believe this is actually going to happen. After tonight, we can only guess when we'll get our next moment.:( At least their last scene won't be their 'last scene' forever. I don't even really like calling tonight's scene their last one, even if it is for awhile. Thank God for reruns and fanfics.
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"I'll just kind of pick up like most wives do. Not that we were married on the show, but the relationship was somewhat like that, a marriage."

Aww! Marg hit the nail on the head... *pokes TPTB* What the hell were you thinking? That just proves that you can't repress PureJoy no matter what you do. Though we might start to forgive you if there's a scene or two tonight...
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I feel like Billy and Marg repeat each other's lines. The thing about the marriage, the thing about the movie, about each other crying, the chemistry from "day one". They use the exact same words, the exact same expressions. I realize that they read each other's interviews. Thank god for *their* continuity at least.

It's 50 minutes until CSI starts over here on the East Coast. And I'm not sure how I can prepare myself emotionally for what is to come.

I just hope Billy comes back soon. But I do realize that they might just be giving us false hope...just to make the transition easier or something.

"Just tell them I'll be back soon. Won't be that much hype over it then."

I hope they're going to keep their word. I hope Marg keeps her promise to go see Billy and his play. And we get some pictures from that event, just like the way we got pictures of them together at Jorja's play.

I'm going to go brainwash myself into thinking that this isn't the last of Gil Grissom we'll ever see. I'm going to pray that he comes back. Hopefully when he comes back, he'll be more like his old self.
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Now that I've heard what happened in the episode, especially the very end of it, I'm really glad that I listened to kaylyne and decided to stick to Catherine's philosophy, expect the worst. So despite that I wasn't nicely surprised, it didn't really come as a big shock to me. Our scene was still great, and it felt like a role reversal of that ending scene from Early Rollout. I can't wait to watch the episode, and press the stop button right after he has left the lab. :lol:
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AH!!!!!!!!!!! did not read the spoilers on sara coming back! I think i am going to cry :( and it was so cute before they got to that stupid part. I loved how they left Catherine for last though, like she was the most important. Their faces were perfect. I really hope they keep in toch and am really going to miss gil grissom. Dang..... we better get some good fics out of this
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The scene between Gil & Catherine at the end was amazingly well done. It was so .. them. No words, just looks. When she winked at him, I swear, my heart melted. To me, the episode ended right there, as I went into the other room as soon as I saw Gil in the jungle.

Marg definitely is spot on about our favorite couple. They are like a married couple, although, the "without the sex" part is definitely debateable. ;)

I hope we get some indication in future episodes that Gil and Catherine keep in contact with each other.
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So I thought the episode was great...up until a certain point. I went from nearly crying when Cath and Gil shared that last look to dread, to disgust, to pain when I twisted on the couch for the remote to change the channel and had a muscle spasm. Aside from that, though, it was well done. I noticed how when Catherine was walking in the classroom to where the serial killer was looking, Gil suddenly got this protective look. And I liked her convo with Henry. You could tell she didn't want to think about her promotion cuz that meant she had to think of Gil leaving

Wow, I haven't been here in a while. Just thought I'd drop in after that monumental episode. I know Gil'll be back, but I'll still miss the guy and the chemistry he so obviously has with Catherine. I'll be living in fanfic world indefinately.
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Regardless of that last scene (which, despite what certain people think, does NOT guarantee a happy ending) that final moment summed up our ship: No words needed.

And seriously, that scene paved the way for others that I can see coming later for our favorite pair
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Well if you just want to see Gil's exit scene that ends at where it should, then go see this. :) Also, I just had to post the eye sexage. :lol:

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That scene was just... Just perfect. No words needed.

How about a PureJoy pic spam?

PureJoy Butts. You're doing it right:

"Did he hit you? If he did, I'll kick his ass"

"Yes, hon, I'll lift you out of that hole you've dug yourself"

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