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WOW, Oh my god, I have never cried so much at a tv show in all my life! What a heart wrenching episode...I'm a little in shock I think. I disappeared from here for a while so I wouldn't be tempted by spoilers and I wasn't disappointed! Amazing performance from everyone! I am dehydrated now all the liquid has drained from my body in the form of tears.
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I really liked this episode and I was not disappointed at all (although I would have preferred Nick to find Warrick), not even about Sara's return because as much as I detest GSR I think that in this case it was appropriate for her return.

Gary's brief acting moment was extraordinary! His death was dramatic and realistic and really heart wrenching! When he aspirated blood onto the front of Grissom's shirt that really freaked me out.

The first time I cried was when Catherine arrived at the scene, her reaction really tore me up.

I was glad that Greg returned from the airport and was allowed to show a little emotion (at the sight of Warrick's blood on Grissom's shirt, which was the 2nd time I cried) and I was also glad that he had some decent screen time compared to other character in danger episodes. I liked the interaction between him and Sara (I've always loved their friendship) and how he volunteered to help her with the arrangements. I loved the photos he found in Warrick's apartment.

The group reunion so to speak in Grissom's office was the 3rd time I cried.

I was glad they found McKean so fast, I didn't want it to drag out for half the season. He was such a snake and I knew Nick would not kill him but I would not have blamed him if he did, George did a good job conveying his anger and frustration over this man killing his best friend.

The funeral wasn't as heart breaking as I expected it to be, but it still made me tear up. Gary/Warrick deserved to be remembered in a decent way and I think it worked.

All in all a great episode.
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He wrote a book about old Las Vegas and had planned to meet with prospective publishers in LA to discuss details (see also the review of last season's finale, last paragraph)

Thank you, seahawk!

I just watched the episode on CBS.com and I swear I have never seen such an intense episode. I cried at the end when I saw the funeral. Great episode! :thumbsup:
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REally excellent episode all the way around. Not too much GSR and a nice balance between the characters. I thought the most intense scenes were with Grissom at the beginning both when he found Warrick but also the utter shock and grief as he sits against the wall covered with blood. Catherine walks up and the look on his face. WP does more with his facial expressions than he ever could with words. He was amazing. I also love his scene with Brass. Their scenes together I always find great. And poor superdave. Like he didnt know what to do with Warrick's body. And even Conrad was sensitive and deferred to Grissom. This is old school CSI. Working the case as a team. Perfect episode
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I sort of figured out from the beginning why Nick is so unemotional. I think TPTB expected us to figure Nick would lose his mind (which I'm convinced he is). So for him to be so unemotional was quite telling of his state of mind. He's in shock.

i think also nick was very determined to do his friend one last favour and catch the man who killed him. we do know nick gets emotional, but being a wreck would have interfered with him doing the best job he could. i was so glad when nick figured it out!

For me, this was too fast paced. I was under the impression, as other were as well, that the McKeen storyline was to be arched over 5 episodes or so.

seriously 5 episodes? i would not have enjoyed that. seeing as how we know who the killer is, and it was just a matter of catching him, taking more than one episode wouldve felt like a waste of air time to me. i was happy they wrapped it up in one episode.

i was very pleased with this episode, csi has its mojo back! the pacing was great, and we got a good mix of all the characters. i hope they continue this quality into the rest of the season.
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It is still possible the storyline with the UnderScum will arch. He wasn't dead. He was bleeding from a stomach wound, but not dead. Was he?

IN a lot of ways this is like the 'old' CSI - I was glad that Catherine was happy (?) to see Sara. I've loved William Petersen since this show began and I thought he was amazing trying to give the eulogy at the funeral.

What really wrung me out the most was the remembered 'backstory' between Warrick and Grissom. Gris always trusted him, always pushed him in the right direction. Warrick knew that, which is why he went to Gris in that entanglement with the Judge way back at the beginning. The only thing that had never been resolved to my satisfaction was the Holly Gribbs story. For a group of people who 'care' about each other, her death was kind of written off and forgotten about.

I totally loved the scene, at the beginning, where you knew Warrick was really going to die and Gris held him in his arms. (Like he could keep his life inside him.)

And yes, I cried right along with everyone else. WP is an actor who makes us believe he IS the character. That's talent.

Plus, I think he'll miss Gary. I know I always found him rather intriguing, with his blue/green eyes.

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There aren't enough superlatives in the world to describe this one!
Probably the most perfect episode I have ever seen. GSR visible but not overpowering. Nick, I don't know how he kept his emotions in check but its just aswell he did because he discovered the Underserrif. Catherines emotion throughout was brilliant I think she loved Warrick too. Greg coming back and seeing Grissom was so heart wrenching!
Then there is Billy Petersen's portrayal of Grissom.
Could anyone have done a better job? I doubt it. I cried and cried and not just because i'm emotionally attached to these characters but because they made it seem so real and life like. When Warrick was dying in his arms you could tell grissom knew his time was up but he couldn't let go, and then how he just sat in the alley way not knowing what to do.
The video with Warrick saying all thse nice things about Grissom was a really lovely moment the writers included. Let's not forget all that these characters have been through.
The funeral got me like everyone else. It was... so Warrick... so CSI... so perfect. I actually wanted to hug them all but when Grissom broke down I felt a bit of the CSI franchise break along with him. To lose an actor of this calibre will be devastating and if e doesn't receive an Emmy for this then the world's gone mental.
I must say though that george definately deserves a supporting actor accolade for the raw emotion he can display also.

All in all this for me is defnately the best episode across the franchise so far I think that maybe only Grissoms leaving could match it.
Congratulations to all who contributed to ths episode.
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Everyone has pretty much said everything so I just wanted to say that I also thought it was an incredible episode. Great acting from everyone especially WP. I loved Catherine's reaction and her expression throughout all the episode. The last scene was so intense and well done. Amazing.
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What an episode! This was definitely in my top picks for all time episodes,

First the beginning was really good, the emotion was appropriate, they are professionals and they knew they had to get it right even through the pain, very good. McKeen with that hand on the gun as Warrick looked up at him, knowing that if he gave any hint that it was him that Grissom could die too....he could not risk it...he had to protect his mentor, his surrogate father.

As Catherine walked down the alleyway she knew that it was bad but when she looked at Nick, she knew it was over for her friend, that her friend was dead, great emotion!

Gregg looked so sad, he looked as if someone had taken away a piece of his heart, also very good emotion.

The reunion scene, I was a little confused, Sara gave strong hugs and words were exchanged with each one until Nick, only a hug, she pushed away and they shared an odd look, maybe some unresolved anger issues when she left without that good-bye,

Brass is such a father for Nick, as Grissom was for Warrick, Brass is to Nick. I love their connection, Brass really cares about Nick, you can tell, they play off each other very well.

Now one of the best scenes of all is when Nick went after McKeen, ignoring all protocols, he had one goal, take down the man who had taken down his friend, his anger palpable as he looked at the car and then walked away, cutting off his radio and drawing his gun. Nick wanted McKeen dead and the emotion on his face was gut wrenching, I could not help but to root him to pull the trigger,"Shoot him Nick" I will take the blame but he is Nick and could not go that direction....I laughed out loud when he said"A miss"

The funeral was extremely sad, Grissom did well with the eulogy but I would have loved it more if there had been some tears running down his cheeks, I loved it that all hte lab people were there,Catherine was hurting and when she reached over and took Nick's hand and he looked over at her, then his chin quivered and tears were running down his cheeks...I broke down in tears...I felt that I had just attended Warrick's funeral...for real. The only time cried during the show.

Great episode!
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Brass is such a father for Nick, as Grissom was for Warrick, Brass is to Nick.

You know, I never really noticed that about Brass and Nick before, but you're right. I think the same thing applies for Doc Robbins and SuperDave though. Doc seems like a surrogate father for SuperDave as well as a mentor.

I also forgot to mention earlier, that I liked the bit where Grissom mentioned that he attended the funeral of Warrick's grandmother with Warrick. That was a nice touch... really showed how close the two of them were.
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Wow! That's almost all I can say about this epp. The emotion was so real. I was crying from the start and thought I wouldn't make it thru the funeral scene. I know some thought Nick should've found Warrick but I really think that all was as it should be. I was glad that Nick got the last word with McKeen...so to speak. "A miss" I loved that. The last scene was so realistic. Excellent acting by all especially WP. I can't stand the thought of CSI without him.
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I forgot to mention this in my earlier post but the one thing I really loved about this ep was that it was Nick who figured out that it was McKean.

As far as Warrick not telling Grissom it was McKean who shot him: IMHO I don't think he held back to protect Grissom, I believe he didn't say anything was because he couldn't say anything. He was shot though the neck so therefore could not speak only spitting out blood.

I just watched the ep again and cried more the 2nd time then I did the first time! IMO its one of the best episodes I have ever seen. It seemed like the old CSI and it was a whole team effort.

Turns out this ep was killer in the ratings department with 23 million viewers!!
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Warrick was trying to tell Grissom with his eyes that it was McKeen. I was a little surprised that when Nick came to that conclusion that Grissom didn't say, "You know, when McKeen came toward us when I was holding onto Warrick, I could tell he was trying to tell me something. This must have been it."

23 million viewers? Wowsers! Is that an all time high for this show? That's almost blockbuster numbers, isn't it?
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Hands down one of the best CSI episodes ever.

I cried throughout the whole episode. I am going to miss Warrick. I'm trying to imagine the show without him in it. My husband even sat down with me and he hasn't watched CSI Las Vegas in three seasons (he said it went downhill). He wanted to watch because he's a huge Warrick fan as well. He was stunned as well. At the end he looked at me and said " Now, that is classic CSI." He said it was the best episode he has seen in ages.

I'm ticked that Warrick was killed off but wow what a send off for the big guy. I'm glad that the final episode for Warrick was about him. Love that Eli turned out to be his son. Great little secret. My heart melted when Warrick talked about Grissom that if he had a choice he would have chosen Grissom. That was the feeling I always had with them.

William Peterson was haunting in this episode for me. One of his best episodes. The first couple of moments when Grissom was pleading for Warrick to live :(:(. The scene at the end when Grissom was talking. I was just sobbing.

The tears when Catherine found out that it was Warrick :(:(:(. That scene broke my Yobling heart.

Loved that Nicky put the pieces together when he saw the knuckleprint. I was like go get him Nicky. You knew that Nicky was not going to give up finding Warrick's killer.

Ecklie is human. I actually liked him the last two episodes. I loved that he backed up his team again just like he did in For Gedda when he let the team work Warrick's case.
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Without reading too much of what has been written (I will do that later! But it's good to write as I see right now).

My few pointers:

1. I don't really care that our guys took the case, and if that is a done thing or not a done thing (not looked into it), but it's TV, for the sake of drama, it was right, cos frankly, how dull would it be if the day shift or swing take it!
2. Loved and I will say it again LOVED the fact they tied up who did it in this episode, and didn't drag it out. It's often the downfall of storylines to drag 'em, and it was perfect they did it like this.
3. I thought the opening sequence was as good as I've seen on CSI (and there have been some good 'uns). Some where concerned with 'who found him', and at the time, this wasn't a big deal for me, I didn't see what the fuss was. But the end result did indeed matter, so it was me that was wrong and others right - it was important who found him, and it was perfect. It just seemed so right that his mentor found him.
4. I liked how all the characters where drawn in to this, the scene in the lab when they show the reaction and faces of the lab rats, was really fabulous. The scene with Greg arriving back, Cath arriving at the scene, Doc looking so haunted when they roll Warricks body towards him, they may all have been short scenes, but they spoke a million words. Just really wonderfully done.
5. How did Sara get to Vegas so quick?! Seriously, I don't know the exact timeline of course, but I wasn't quite expecting her to turn up within the first few minutes of the show :D Nice to see her though, thought they played her in well into the episode, not over-done.
6. LOVED the scene with Nick with the gun at the end of the chase. I really was going 'just shoot the f******' :lol: I so wanted him to, damn the concequences.
7. I am utterly biased, and I gladly admit that, but William Petersen is a wonderful, wonderful actor. He is so very subtle, just a beautiful actor. He played this so well. Last thing I wanted was to see him over-play it, but I should know he wouldn't do that. A really fabulous performance, by one of the best actors who has graced TV in the last decade. The funeral scene, and the opening scenes where up there with his very best.
8. The beauty of this episode was the little things, the subtlety, the reactions, the looks, the suggestion of what they where feeling and what was driving them, it really was so very well done.

So to end this ramble:
I enjoyed it, very much, it wasn't OTT, which it could well have been, had they wanted. But as CSI often has done, it's not gone the obvious route, and it worked very well.
It was emotional without being corny,
sad without being sappy,
dramatic without being cliched,
it was quite simply a CSI triumph.