Flack #8 - Flack, Don Flack

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Awww, look at Flack smile. Isn't he just gorgeous? Someone please get me a drool bucket. :drool: :lol: :drool:

Hahaha! I agree Flack would be better suited with someone who is intelligent...and beautiful but down-to-earth. I think Flack dating Devon and calling her his girlfriend was a big lapse of judgment on his part. :lol: Even Flack is prone to human error. :guffaw: I'm just glad we won't see her again, convenient plot device that she was. :lol:
I thought the pictures were horrendous. Absolutely just...urgh.

Why? His tie matches his shirt.

They completely destroyed the essense of Don Flack Jr. Why??? :eek:

:lol: Well, his tie does match his shirt, but as someone in the Picture Thread mentioned, it still somehow stands out in a funny way, and has just that slight edge of fugliness to it. :lol: Flack's ties always crack me up. :lol:
I'm still not happy with it. :p

I would've been much more please with a bright orange tie with yellow pokadots on it instead. That's Flack right there. :guffaw:

I seriously wonder if the fugly ties are a conscious decision. "Hmm, no, too normal. Ah! There you go. Even in the dark you can't miss him now"
^^ That might be the idea ^_^
No, I think that Flack's choice in ties is a conscious decision, but more 'how well does your regular guy match his shirts to his ties?' The fact that his ties never match makes me assume that cordination is not high on his priority list.
:guffaw: Clearly coordination isn't high on his list. But I'm a bright tie kinda guy myself though...I think I've got a *bit* more coordination that he does :p

Flack's fugly ties are what distinguishes him from everyone else. :( I hope TPTB doesn't take that away from us.
I think Flack deliberately chooses the fugliest ties. He's so pretty that he can pull it off really well. If it were some plain-looking dude wearing a fugly tie, he'll never be able to pull it off since he doesn't have Flack's good looks. :lol:
Very true. The clashing ties almost accent his good looks. In away it's like 'look at me, I'm so pretty I can pull off this tie.' Though I doubt that's what he's thinking. I like that his ties are a little more cordinated this season, but it would be terrible if TPTB took away the aweful ties completely.
I agree that I don't think Flack thinks he's so pretty he can pull off anything. I guess it's just a matter of him having the natural confidence to think he can pull it off and have fun with the statements his fugly ties make. :lol:

Haha, I love watching out for the fugly ties...it's kinda like a sport really. :lol:
^Haha, it IS a spot. "What tie is Flack going to wear tonight?" is always a question that pops up in my head on Wednesday mornings. :lol:

I think just likes those ties :p Just because he's good looking doesn't necessarily mean he's got good taste in ties. I don't think he cares either :)

TPTB must not take away fugly ties. A wee bit more coordination is allowed but keep 'em fugly please!
Flack wouldn't be the same without his fugly ties and his unmatched combos, is like taking the suit out of Mac or the cleavge out of Stella. It's part of his personality, even if sometimes it hurts to look at it.
I just realised that the tie and suit Flack is wearing is the same one he wore in the Season 4 Atop the skyscraper (or w/e it's called) promo pic. He just changed his shirt. :lol:

He's been planning this rebellion...
Oh most definitely! An episode of CSI: NY wouldn't be complete if there was no Flack fugly tie sighting. :lol: I agree PG about it being a part of his personality. It shows that he can be playful and whimsical with his choices in ties...but he's still serious about his job. Haha, yes...looking at his fugly ties can be painful to the eyes at times. :lol:
I just realised that the tie and suit Flack is wearing is the same one he wore in the Season 4 Atop the skyscraper (or w/e it's called) promo pic. He just changed his shirt. :lol:

He's been planning this rebellion...

I noticed that too yesterday! The promo pic is my wallpaper at work and as I was doing nothing, I decided to simply stare at it. Suddenly, I was like "Flack, you are recycling your ties! So sweet..." :lol:
Please please please does anyone have any clips of Eddie when he was Tag Jones in friends, like when they get together (I have seen the clips of before they get together). :confused:
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