Flack #10: Don Flack Bleeds Blue

Wait, they have a son? When did this happen?
We knew Eddie and Nikki had a kid because in October of 2009 there was a picture of them and she was very pregnant. Wikipedia says it happened in December 2009, but there's no cite. It probably happened either that December or in January 2010.

It was first mentioned in post #878 here.

I didn't know it was a boy until looking at her Instagram pictures. She calls him "Henry" in many of the captions (although his face is never shown).

It also says that was a daughter. Was there a second child?
Wikipedia just says "baby"; it doesn't specify. And I don't think there's a second child. In this picture posted January 10, 2013 but taken three years before, if you read the comments someone wrote: "Omg I thought I just hadn't seen you in a while and this was #2!!".
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Since Eddie has now been cast as a regular on Under the Dome, Flack will be spending time with two of his girlfriends: Devon Maxford, the society airhead from 4.03 "You Only Die Once" played by Rachelle Lefevre, and Detective Jamie Lovato, his partner from season 9 played by Natalie Martinez. Seems like old times.
I recently re-watched episode 8.16, "Slàinte", where Flack says to a suspect, "Ya know, I'm a junior, too. My dad was a cop. Pretty hard not to want to emulate someone when you have their name."

We've known Flack was Donald Flack, Jr. since episode 1.17, "The Fall", when Gavin Moran introduces him to a patrol officer. But then in episode 9.05, "Misconceptions", Flack's father appears in flashback and his name, although never mentioned in the actual episode, is listed as Henry in the credits on sites such as The Futon Critic and Internet Movie Database which get their information from the show.

Do you think TPTB forgot that since Flack is a junior his father's name would also be Donald not Henry? Or is this like the Jennifer/Jessica Angell mess where for years her first name was not actually used on the show so they apparently thought it wouldn't matter if they changed it?
^^ Yeah, there were some continuity issues with Flack Sr's name. But as you said, I don't think 'Henry' was ever specifically mentioned on-screen, so we can choose to believe what we wish. :)

ETA: Oops! I forgot we have a separate thread for Eddie. :lol: *casually moves the rest of my post over there* ;)
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I don't think 'Henry' was ever specifically mentioned on-screen, so we can choose to believe what we wish.
I believe that their names are Donald Henry Flack, with Flack being called Don and his father Henry. Lots of people choose to be called by their middle name.
On Twitter someone made a post about CSI: NY with a picture from 5.13 "Rush to Judgment" (remember Don, Stella, and "Whisk"?) and both Eddie and Melina responded. See here.