Flack #10: Don Flack Bleeds Blue

Be still, my fluttery heart. Short hair! Sarcasm! Action! (on skates!)

Flack is back, baby! :drool:

Tobin, looking forward to next week...
I am watching something I considered season 8 and only now noticed Don's hair. They are short! O_O
I still like bit longer hair better (longhairfan). But I don't mind bit casual clothes. Although I don't mind suits (idon'tmindanysuiteversincestartedwatchingWC).

Eh I so enjoy Danny/Flack dynamic. Been missing CSINY more than I expected
OK--I'll start. Liked the episode, liked that Flack is being featured more.

Not sure how I feel about Lovato. Evidently, Flack has a type, but she so closely resembles Angell. I thought he would have been a bit more hesitant. Mac liked her though :rolleyes:.

We'll have to see how they play it out, I guess.

i like flack and lovato together. he is so hot! :) i just wish they would show us more of them. it's really bugging me, cause it's like are they together or not? i mean, i would think they are since they kissed, but they haven't mentioned their relationship since then.
When Flack called his dog "Sweetie" in episode 9.05 "Misconceptions", it appears it was named after Eddie's own dog. Here's a picture taken by his wife and posted on her Instagram account. There's another picture of it after their son, Henry, had been playing with it. Of course, Eddie's dog doesn't look anything like Flack's dog.