Finale Movie -- SPOILERS

Roberta Custer was Billy Petersen's assistant, and good friend who recently pass away.
If I recall correctly ( could be wrong) she was hit by a car and left in the trunk of another to die.
2) I didn't watch Season did Finn die?
She was attacked by the Gig Harbor serial killer and left for dead. At the end of last season's finale, it was said that they didn't know if she'd wake up or not. I guess she didn't.
Thank you, Anthony Zuiker!
I thought this was a great way to bring WP and Marg back; and I didn't even mind Lady Heather. :/
WP was amazing throughout, and his scenes with Jorja were awesome. They pretty much tackled the divorce head on, then resolved their problems in the end, which was lovely: GSR riding off into the proverbial sunset. Some dialogue would have been nice, but words were never really needed with these two.
Catherine coming back to LV would make an interesting reboot; but, please, leave Grissom and Sara alone. :)
So long, CSI. It was a great run.
So great, but Brass needed his closure i had to guess that Catherine find him that juicy job in her casino.

I feel sorry for Nick, but he needed to be in this episode and give some closure to all the CSI effect taking Las Vegas Night Shift.

Catherine taking over the Night Shift was also what happened years ago, before D.B.Russell enter in scene, so again this is like erase the last years of the show, only that know she had more motives with his daughter.

Grissom and Sara finale was the same of the 8 season, way back when Grissom was burn off by "Nathe Haskell" and dont have with him his big love. They are back together but that was alredy done, their divorce wasnt needed, i would even love to see Grissom leave alone, because then he and the serial killer would had been like the good and bad side of the same situation.

D.B.Russell never had any kind of closure but it was good to finally see him doing something because after he was present to the team like this strange guy, he became office guy #1.

I was asking myself what happened to Jules and i had to wait until the finale of the episode, now i feel bad for one of the most hateful but kind characters of this show.

I hate Morgan but she needed some kind of closure, the same to the poor Greg and the lovely labs members.

This episode try to give closure, but the show had become alredy a big mess and give a good closure, but in the wrong way. The characters that need closure dont have it. They touch things, they never needed to touch (Sara and Grissom, Catherine, Brass) now they try to fix it.

But it was D.B.Russell, Greg, Morgan, Jules, the labs member, Nick and Sara that needed that kind of closure. The finale was great, the best part is Lindsay and Grissom, it remember me of the old times in the first episodes when he was a kind of teacher for Sara, Nick and Warrick.
Yeah I wish Nick had returned. I'm at least glad they fixed GSR since they should have left it be before.
I'm pretty sure Nick was included at the moment when Grissom was arrested in San Diego... Even a cameo would have been good but we can't force an actor to return if he doesn't want to..
I've just finished watching the finale. I must say I'm slightly disappointed that Finn's death wasn't mentioned by anyone of the team members. No one said anything about missing her or her being missed in the lab. IMO that very last scene with D.B. packing his stuff was sweet but too short. We had to wait for 80 minutes to get to know if she died or not. I was beginning to think they would not mention her at all.
If I understand correctly, Sara was actually promoted to lab director for the night shift? And Catherine also wanted to apply for that position? What if Sara had taken the job instead of leaving Las Vegas? But since Sara turned down the job and left Las Vegas to live happily ever after with Grissom (hurray!), Catherine can now be in the position she used to be several years ago.
The finale was very good. A little heavy on GSR, but hey, they made up for what they messed up. I think the other team members will continue their job, so closure was not neccessary here.
Yes, i believe Anthony E. Zuiker had to rewrite the beginning of the episode, because i believe it was Nick the one that find Grissom in San Diego and i also believe Grissom and him had a nice talk about how all the "road" Nick make to become the chief of this new laboratory. I would had love to see that kind of closure.

Because for me if i remember well, this show was about CSI, about how Grissom was a teacher and develop a nice and strong relationship with his young students Nick, Sara and Warrick, even later Greg, how later they show him how good they had become and Grissom show to us how strange and badass he was, because he never was a cop, he never liked to use weapons, he only love to make strange science.

So for me this finale needed that, for me Grissom teaching Lindsey how to get fingerprints and being a little bit strange like before, was a kind of closure for him, a nice circle.

Is like "Two and Half Men" yes the series become the worst kind of thing you can see, but the finale in some way close the circle, two mens raising a child.
For me, the finale was OK, nothing special. I needed a well-crafted case along the lines of what made the series so great in its early years ... and that didn't happen. It basically seemed like an excuse to get Grissom and Sara back together, which IMO puts it at the level of fan fiction. Too bad, considering who was involved. Also, it's unfortunate that George Eads didn't come back, because without Nick on the scene, there's not much point in Grissom turning up in San Diego. Catherine seemed far more strident than she was through most of the series, which struck me as odd. The one good thing about it all, IMO, was William Petersen's portrayal. In personality he seemed much closer to the Grissom we knew early on in the series, rather than the insular person he became. I'm fine with how it all ended. GSR fans were owed a happy ending. I just wish a better story could have been tailored around it.
Like I said in another thread...

It was an utterly stupid and convoluted plot.

And, to top it all off, they turned Grissom into a Greenpeace loon.

It was awful. Simply AWFUL!!
Like I said in another thread...

It was an utterly stupid and convoluted plot.

And, to top it all off, they turned Grissom into a Greenpeace loon.

It was awful. Simply AWFUL!!

What was it you disliked the most? I'm interested in reading various opinions on why it was bad, because most people loved it and I'm trying to understand them as well. Welcome to the board, by the way. :)