Favourite Lead CSI Actor

Favourite Lead CSI Actor

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I voted for William Petersen. :thumbsup:

For me, Grissom is what represets CSI. He was the first and to me the best. I absolutely love Gary Sinise and I think that with Grissom gone, he's number one. But still, William is just like the essense of not only the show but the franchise.:)

I'm not a big fan of David Caruso and though I enjoy Laurence Fishburne, I just don't think he can compare to William and Gary yet.
i voted gary sinise, obviously, because he's amazing ;)

but in csi terms he's pretty closely followed by william petersen, grissom was an amazing character.

i like laurence fishburne otherwise (for instance he was great in apocalypse now) but he hasn't really clicked for me in csi. and i really can't stand horatio so david caruso is out too. he was quite good in crime story though (haha but true to form, gary sinise was better :p)
I had to go for WilliamPeterson, for me Grissom is still the original and the best. He took an amazing part as Grissom.

I do like Gary and Laurence (and their characters) though but I'm not so keen on David Caruso or Horatio.
Had to vote for Grissom because it's such a unique lead character. Horatio is the "hero lead" nothing gets by him, Mac is what you would expect a lead character to be in this type of show, and Ray just doesn't have that uniqueness that makes him stand out too much. Even though Grissom does have the qualities you would expect from a lead in a crime series (strong search for justice, cares for his team, hard worker, ect.) he was given such a unique twist in the way his personality was written and acted out (his awkwardness, lack of social skills, interest in bugs, etc) that just makes him stand out and be different from the norm.

That's not to say the rest are not interesting, good characters, because they all are. But for me Gil is different and unique :) and that's why he got my vote on this poll :).
Got into CSI because William Petersen completely convinced me he was a insect loving, Mr Darcy style social wall flower geeky nerd... and not bad looking either! Always helps me keep watching!

It has to be the original lead, for me. Got to be Grissom.
William Petersen because Grissom is my favourite. At least Grissom doesn't have a hero complex, doesn't judge people and WP acted him very well.
NY is my favorite but I can't pick Gary Sinise as my fav lead character. At this point, Mac is just arrogant, self righteous exhibitionist and he wasn't like that before season 4. Gary has influence on the show's producing, so I think it's his responsibility to keep the character's color and develope it in a good way, and he failed. Well.. I'm tired and sick of watching Mac's(and Gary's) military heroism on CSI: NY. :rolleyes: I pick Peterson.
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Voted for Gary.. He was brilliant in Forest Gump. I used to like W. Pitterson but i think they ruined his character and his appearance in general. So go, Gary! :)
They're all great. I picked Gary Sinise/Mac, but William Peterson/Grissom is a very close second.
I think Gary has done a brilliant job of portraying Mac as a complex, interesting character and while that's been lost a bit in the last couple of seasons, I don't believe that's Gary's fault, he does his best with whatever he's given, IMO.
WP was amazing as Grissom, especially as CSI Vegas was the first of the three, and Grissom wasn't the typical crime show lead-character type. To play a character for almost 10 years and keep that character the same in some ways while adding nuances and changes too takes a lot of patience and talent, I think.
I do think DC is very cool as Horatio, yes, maybe he's kind of creepy, and orange, and he poses a lot and talks weird, but Miami is supposed to be one of the most watched shows around the world or something, and DC was parodied on the Simpsons, so he's doing something right. He made Horatio a legend, whether you like him or hate him.
LF has done a good job fitting into the show after 10 years. I think he is very much the 'lead' character on that show, even though he's not the leader of the team like Grissom was, and I think that's down to LF's talent.
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Absolutely, William Peterson .. hands down! He is the reason I started watching CSI to begin with and is a perfect Grissom. Did not think I'd enjoy the show without him but Laurence Fishburne rose to the occasion and adds a new dynamic. CSI continues to be my favorite! The entire cast does a wonderful job. Nice having Sarah back.
I love Gary Sinese, but Laurence Fishburne is a very close second.

All the way with Laurence Fshburne, he's riveting. electrifying and a perfect choice, in this role as Dr. Raymond Langston, and WP/Grissom is gone, and a distant memory. LF has signed on for S/11, can't wait. It's been referring to "we'll see more of their personal lives next season", so that'll be great to see his background and he's married so maybe they'll bring his real life wife on. She was the warden in "XX" back in S/4;)