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I'm reviving this thread in hopes that all you wonderfully talented and experienced video makers will be able to help me out here.

Way back in the day (okay, maybe only two or three years ago), I used to make CSI: Miami fanvids (and thoroughly enjoyed doing so). Unfortunately, things became too hectic in my life for me and I had to go on a bit of a hiatus. I'm now at a point where I'd love to get back to making fanvids, but I have no CSI: Miami video clips! (The ones I did have got thrown out with my old computer... not a smart move on my part.)

So... does anyone know where I'd be able to snag some CSI: Miami video clips (preferably with Natalia in them) so that I could use them to satisfy my fanvid creativity craving? Feel free to PM me, respond here, etc. Thank you so, so, SO much in advance! Have a beautiful day!
Ok, last week epi inspired me to upload my second video, it's not new .. made it around the time I made the first video. Added a few scenes..

GSR: Ever After

Hope you can see it cause apparently youtube block the first one due to the music. Even when I reupload it, still blocked.. don't know what to do.
Great job on the videos! Both links worked for me. :thumbsup:

Good memories, good times! :)
I just spent the past half hour or so finding the best CSI: NY fan ship videos. This is the result.

Stella & Adam (Yes, I ship them.)-


This one makes my heart so happy… Dan/Lindsay-

…And this one breaks my heart all over again… Don/Angell-

And this one is just so great about the general chemistry between characters-

And it actually took a while to find a good Sara/Catherine one… but:

*These are not mine!
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I realize this thread has been quiet for a year, but could this be because of Youtube's copyright infringement policies?

I've uploaded two GSR videos, but both have been flagged as "blocked in Germany" and one has been blocked for mobiles/devices, so now I dread uploading any others, even if I haven't received a 'strike' so far. It's pointless to make such a video without a song and it's impossible to know if the song the video is built on will eventually be flagged or not, unless you upload it.

I guess, in other words, companies allow each user to edit any videos they want, with any kind of music they want, as long as they don't share them with anyone over the internet.

This global financial crisis is troublesome enough, we should at least be able to make fan videos without worrying whether multibillion-dollar companies are offended or not. The more technology advances, the more restricted we become.

Sorry for the off-topic rant...
I've uploaded two GSR videos, but both have been flagged as "blocked in Germany". ..

Just the same happened with my video's.
Some video's I had to delete. I used another song and uploaded it again. Seems to be better now.

This is also one of my video's. First I posted it in another thread. But I think this is a better place.

Just remember the episode: "Happy Birthday", CSI: Miami, season 9. It's a lovely prayer from Calleigh.
My first video 'Horatio Caine' was available everywhere. Then I removed it, cause it was a video with a watermark. The second time, when I uploaded the video, I used the title of the song and the name of the singer (Tina Turner, Simply The Best) as a tag in the labels. And suddenly it wasn't available anymore in 225 countries. So I had to remove the video again. I changed the song, made my video a little bit longer. And I uploaded it, without mention the song in the labels. And now it's available again in all countries. But not for the other video 'Prayer'. This one is indeed blocked in Germany.
So, perhaps a good tip for everyone. Don't use the song as a tag... Although I'm not sure if that's the reason why it was blocked in 225 countries.
I've read that we should avoid mentioning the artist and the song title in the description. So far it's only been Germany for me, up until 5 minutes ago when I noticed a pattern, after my latest upload:

SME - Blocked in Germany (x2)
UMG - Blocked in Germany
WMG - Available Worldwide (surprisingly)

And what just annoyed me:

EMI - Blocked in American Samoa, Canada, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, United States Virgin Islands

I'll try what you did and upload it again with a different title, even if I always avoid mentioning the song/artist in tags, I usually keep the song title in the video title but maybe that's wrong to do... This is frustrating...

Update: Renaming the title didn't help, so it's probably Youtube's content recognition that blocks and flags videos. I took it down for the second time and I'll change the audio version... I much rather have it blocked in Germany than the US...

Update 2: Well, nothing I tried worked, not even the recorded version of a videotape, so I changed artist and it eventually worked, although now it's out of sync of course. And now I'm also sick of the song as I've listened to it too many times already.

But here are the links, for what it's worth:

Rest of the World (the actual version):

US & Canada:
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kris44, I watched a bunch of your videos this past weekend, and I wanted to let you know that they were very enjoyable! :thumbsup: You're very talented. I really loved the 11-minute one. Very well put together--the editing and all the little things that was added, along with the incredible music--that was awesome. :)
Thank you, mulder42.
I'm so glad you like it.
I was afraid that the video would be to slow.
One thing I didn't understand. About the 11-minutes video.
I've made 6 video's. Two video's are related to CSI: Miami.
And the longest video takes 5 minutes.
But it could be that I read it wrong.
English is not my native language.
And I still don't understand everything.