Eva/Natalia #4: Don't Hate Her Because She's Beautiful

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Wow! I have really lost my focus lately when I've been watching. You guys are good! I didn't like the "you should quit" dialogue and felt it was totally out of character for Natalia to say something like that to a co-worker.

But I TOTALLY missed the reasons for being hugely suspicious of Samantha!

I need to make sure I check in here after each episode to a sublty check 'cause it is painfully obvious that I'm seriously missing the little things lately.

I need more sleep and less work!! :(
Tiny piece of confirmation & news, courtesy of Eva's tweet:

Kaya (Eva's daugther) will be in the episode airing 11 December!!

Hopefully we get to see them share some scenes, would be the only bit of joy for me for the year.
I can't watch her Holiday Homes special from here. :( But at least it was great to know it was awesome!

Back to CSI Miami, well forget it....another horrid episode, once again trying to stab us for the millionth time. We wait for THREE WEEKS without a single thing and more crappy storylines to poke us with.
The episode wasn't that great for Natalia, but then it wasn't great for any of the characters, IMO. The season has been so slow-paced & at times incredibly boring - I hate the paired up scenes when there's only 2 of them, it just makes for very uninteresting episodes.

Anyway, onto Natalia -
I know there are some fussing over this Sam situation & not liking it, but I don't think there is anything to worry about. IMO, she's nothing more than a plot device/side character - she's not replacing Eva/Natalia.

I liked the scene between them, but she's still very fishy to me so I'm ready for all this to start unraveling. Natalia looked either suspicious or worried- not really sure which, maybe it was both. Either way, it got me anxious to see what's next.

Natalia saying she felt safer being in the lab coat than wearing the gun on her hip -- continuity, foreshadowing, either way that comment had me going hmm. Seems she might still be a bit iffy about all this after what happened in the premiere, so maybe this little face-off with Sam is exactly what she needs to get her feet back on the ground again. Nat doesn't strike me as the type who's going to sit back & lose (that said, I'm sure it's going to look like she's "losing" up until this arc finally comes to an end).
Hated the writing/idea for this storyarc, you think someone who have been through so much (near death experiences and all) yet for no reason being worried over a newbie? It is not like she hasn't been down there, how much down are they pushing her, in a way mocking her 'not-so-good' firearms skills? Please, what kind of writing is this?! It is not as if Natalia has not worked with newbies at all and she could care less if someone is better at this point and she is not like the best in whatsoever either. There is just no need to play merry go around just to push others off, get to the point already.

I am just sick of this kind of plot for Natalia where she is always painted down, why can't they find her a love interest from outside, she also needs some comfort from somewhere and it is a million times better, please she deserves to be HAPPY, is this so hard?!!!

Another thing, I ain't going to compare Natalia's time against the rest, completely unfair when no one else have been missing episodes at all. None will feel the pinch of such stupid move.
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Oh yeah, she was great on Lopez. I always crack up when she says, "Last night I went to bed an Italian and today I'm a Mexican" or whatever it was she said after finding out she was adopted.
Natalia's scenes with Tori were very sweet. I loved how in the first one she was asking what all the mother had done that hurt her. And the end scene, "I've got you, baby". Awww. :adore:

I missed Kaya's scene the first time. Had to play it back to find her.