Eric & Calleigh #38 - Because "IT" Keeps Happening

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I was the one who posted it at the LFCSIM website and they are from Episode 5 "Killer Regrets".

Just my two cents on the EC spoilers that are coming out- We all know that spoilers are just spoilers and we either see it or we won't on the show but I really think we will see them back together because there is no point in bringing back this storyline if they don't have plans of letting these two reunite for good. I mean they already broke up so what is there to break. I don't think they just want to bring this back to annoy the EC fans further. O'Brien's words for all its worth was very definite - we will see them take a step in Episode 1.
I was the one who posted it at the LFCSIM website and they are from Episode 5 "Killer Regrets".

Thank you :)

I'm happy it's from episode 5 and not the premier. That means that we have something to look forward to down the road. We should make a list of the spoilers that we've gotten of EC because they are so few and ambiguous I tend to forget what we have and to which episode it belongs to. If I get a break tomorrow I'll give it a try.
Oh yes!
I am also glad that they will have scenes together, even though I would rather see them kissing ;) tahn fighting yet another fire. Even this - it looks great and I can't wait season premiere! :)
That pic actually got me pretty excited for the season. I guess just seeing Eric and Cal together in a scene just makes me happy lol. Plus there's the really exciting part about seeing more of Cal :). So we have them stepping through some door in the first episode and now this scene (which I hope is followed by a nice how are you doing? moment) in the second episode. Keep them coming tbtp :).
Ok, so probably my dear hiphuggers you've seen that bit about EC in the spoiler Lab(and Adam and Emily threads).What are your thoughts? I'm very excited!!:)
only little concerned that they seem to be back on track right away. h
HOPEFULLY WITH SOME EXPLANATION OF WHAT HAPPENED. I wonder what that lovers spat was about...job or relationship?Oh, I can't wait the season premiere!!
I needed some good news today!! :) I'm so happy that the relationship has not been forgotten. I really would like an explanation of some sort about what has happened between them and how they got to were they are now. Though an explanation of were they are now as a couple would also be appreciated :lol:. Also Emily, a kiss in the cheek is NOT going too fast it's actually going backwards, way backward :shifty: :p. I can't believe I'm actually excited for Miami again. I thought that wasn't going to happen again

ETA: Forgot to ask, that's a new pic isn't it?
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OMG! EC news is just getting better and better! The time we've been waiting for has finally come! I am ecstatic about this! I am not sure if this is a spoiler or not since this is an article in the latest issue of TV Guide but just to be safe.

Thanks to @ecshipper4life on Twitter for this awesome pic and article.
Finally some good news about our couple! :D
We had a couple of rough seasons: first, in season 8, Adam's contract is not renewed :scream: and he has a limited number of episodes. Then in season 9, Emily gets pregnant and tptb decide not to write her pregnancy in; and even though she's in almost every episode, her appearance is very limited :scream:.
And how do the writers handle all this? VERY BADLY!!!
I hope they will redeem themselves and give us fans what we've been waiting for a quite a while :shifty:
Moving forward in life may be a theme for multiple CSIs, this season. Calleigh, whose portrayer Emily Procter was sidelined for a part of Season 9 because of pregnancy, will begin searching for fulfillment outside of the crime lab by considering starting her own family.

"We're sort of playing with the maternal instincts and a sense of journey for Calleigh," O'Brien says. "She's looking for what may be more of a complete life for her. She does have a very tender interaction with a child ... and they're brought together in a very intimate, tender way. It certainly opens her eyes to a deeper sense of what's out there for her."

Consequently, Calleigh may give a second look at resuming her hot-and-cold relationship with Delko (Adam Rodriguez). "They work together in such an intimate fashion, and they've had such a history together," O'Brien says. "You see the power and depth of their feelings toward each other. The door is open, and we see them step through just a bit. They're certainly examining the possibility of what their future holds, and we might see them taking just a few more steps together."

Not much different from what we've already read regarding EC but I do find interesting what they say about "playing with the maternal instincts" in relation to Calleigh. I didn't want Emily's pregnancy to be written in, but now they decide to play the maternal card?? They could've just made Calleigh pregnant in the first place :shifty:.

We'll just see how much "stepping through that door" they do...
is that a joke...? we were not suppose to see a scene with EC? i mean let's not start this crap again please! forgive me if i'm misunderstood something but really!
is that a joke...? we were not suppose to see a scene with EC? i mean let's not start this crap again please! forgive me if i'm misunderstood something but really!
Those were my exact thoughts when I was watching the episode :shifty:! I kept on thinking that maybe there will be an EC locker room scene at the very end... but, NOTHING :wtf:!

OK what happen to calleigh an Eric scene? Once again O'Brien does it again.. :(
We should learn to take everything he says not with just one grain of salt, but lots of it :scream:!

Soooo disappointed!
At least we have Calleigh back for more than 2 minutes... and Emily did such an amazing job :)!
What ??????????/No EC scene last night? I don't get it - I know that O'Brien is someone we shouldn't trust because whatever he says will happen hardly ever happens. But there was this article in TV Guide, something about 'lovers spat' in the premiere? Did that happen at all? Was there any EC scene?
No lover's spat in the premier. They shared a 20 second scene that if you blinked you missed. Then nada. Calleigh had a great scene in the end with the little boy in which we did see how touched and affected she was when they boy asked her if they could stay with her. If I want to be overly optimistic I could say that it was a good set up for later on Eric and Calleigh reevaluating their relationship (which was also mentioned in the interview). Other than that there was nothing.
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