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Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

now we all sure that , eric will be in episode 20...after that he will lease 3 more episode to appear in this season right!!!!
Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

Hi folks,
Did everyone see the the Emily Procter interview with Zap2It that was posted on the Talk CSI news? I've been dying to know Emily's thoughts about Adam returning to CSIM full-time next season, and she definitely speaks on that subject in this interview, as well as Eric & Calleigh's romantic outlook. Here's the link:

P.S. I made the mistake of peeking into the anti-E/C romance thread (I know, bad move:shifty:), because it was the only topic I could find discussing the new Emily interview. And, true to form, the venom being spewed in there made my skin crawl. They're even cursing and everything!:rolleyes: I can't wait to read the positive reactions to Emily's interview in this thread. It'll be a nice antidote to the negativity.:)

Thanks Delquesne!
This is such a great interview! I hope the writers take Emily's opinion into consideration when planning/writing EC's relationship development in future episodes and seasons :adore:!
Who cares about the anti EC's opinions :angryrazz: ? Can you imagine how powerful EC is that it has not one, but two threads devoted to them? What the anti-ECs are not thinking is that they're playing right into the hands of tptb :guffaw:!

And thanks vignes for the wonderful pics! I'm so anxious to see that episode! April 19 can't come soon enough :(!
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Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

Anytime I see a lot of activity on the general Miami section,I come here to find news about our couple.:lol: Glad to see I was right becouse the pictures about 8:20 and Emily's interview are good to hear.

IMO Emily is just goofing around and not telling spoilers but I am glad to see how excited she is about our favorite pair.She looks like a really nice person.I want stability for E/C and maybe even marriage and children later so the more excited she is the better.

I vote for "becouse it keeps happening" but all threads are nice ones.
Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

I'll admit it, I screamed with excitement when I saw the promo pics for 8x20...

seeing Eric with Calleigh being overprotective makes my heart jump. They have to tell each other how much they love each other in this episode. I mean c'mon you can tell how much he does love her just by the pics. Its like SGIYCSI's...but 10x more intense. I can't wait that long...damnit, why doesn't April hurry up and come

the pic of Eric standing with Natalia & Jesse makes me so sad, he looks so distraught. I just wanna hold him

I read Emily's interview last night and it made me giggle like a little schoolgirl. I love that she sees them getting married and having kids....a foreshadowing maybe....or it could be just me reading too much into it again. I just really hope that Jake doesn't come back...that is nothing but trouble.

I love Emily's quote about love, it is the most powerful thing...and ladies we gotta keep the hope alive for them. Don't let anyone else's comments make you upset or anything.
Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

I always look forward to reading/watching Emily P's interviews. She is always very candid and funny. Her take on the EC romance is very typical female- wedding and the works and then kids. I remember the Sink and Swim behind the scenes interview with Adam and they were asked if they will be a full time gf/bf after the "kiss" and Adam was saying that it will eventually get to that point but Emily was saying"Wait a minute- he's my boyfriend- this is not a free out of jail make-out!" I still giggle everytime I watch that interview.

So excited for Ep 8.20 -April 19 can't get here soon enough!

BTW, Delquesne you are my champion- thanks for sticking up for us EC fans!:thumbsup:
Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

I'm also excited about 8x20, that will be a big episode and I loved Emily's interview...all anti-supporters of that relationship take the stuff she says waaay too serious, like it was all written in stone. I know that a lot of people like this ship - I suppose more than less, but there always will be ones that will be unhappy. If you give them what they want - they will find something else to complain about. Human nature.
I also want our couple to have a stability, I like it in CSI:NY with Lindsay and Danny(even though I'm not a shipper of that couple, just seeing some hapiness make me happy), with normal, regular relationship. Cal had enough drama.
But I don't like the idea of Cal in the hospital because of the fire(again?haven't they got some fresh ideas?). Making Jake come back would be ok with me, I like the actor, but I only want him to make Eric a little jealous, nothing more...not interfering too much.
EmilyRocks - congrats on a baby! My due date is a month after you :)
Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

Its spoiler free! Remember plz! I'm beggining for those who hide from them!
Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

Man! I want to watch this episode soooo bad...but it airs on April 19th which is 2 days past my due date so I think I'll probably have my hands full with a sweet little boy:)
This epi looks good and I really hope Calleigh will pull through and that she and Eric have great scenes together.

I did not realize you were pregnant, EmilyRocks. Congrats! Maybe he knows that you'd love to see the episode and will stay put long enough for you to get to see it when it first airs, lol. Actually, there's a good chance of that if it's your first kid. I remember reading that the average length of pregnancy for first-time moms is just over 41 weeks. But regardless of whenever he comes, I wish you and your son the best of luck, health, and happiness. :beer: (pretend that beer glass is just a root beer float or something, lol. It was the closest smiley I could find that meant "cheers!")

EmilyRocks - congrats on a baby! My due date is a month after you :)

Congrats to you as well! All the best for you and your baby. :beer: (again, pretend that's a root beer float, lol). I wonder if the fact that two of our E/C shippers are pregnant is a sign that all things E/C related tend to be on the fertile side. Hope that bodes well in the future for when our couple starts a family of their own.

Anyways, thanks to vignes[smallgir for posting those promo pics. I'm so excited! I just love how protective Eric is, from yelling at the nurse (though the customer-service-experienced side of me is saying "Hey, it's not the nurse's fault! She's trying! And yelling at her isn't going to make Calleigh magically wake up."), to the way he has his hand on her leg. It's clear that he's terrified of losing her. If there are no official declarations of love, I may have to organize a campaign to bombard TPTB with junk mail or something. :lol:

I also read Emily's interview, and I completely agree with her. I could very much see Eric and Calleigh starting a family, even if they're a little on the older side as far as becoming parents. But hey, being a parent sure isn't easy, and it's something that not everyone wants or is ready for at a younger age (not that there's anything wrong with becoming a parent young, because there isn't. It's just not for everybody). Perhaps I like this idea so much because I identify with it: I have no idea if I want kids, but if I do, I can't see myself starting a family until I'm at least 30. Again, there's absolutely nothing wrong with becoming a parent younger than that. There's no "right age" for all. Some people are ready earlier, others later, and some decide that being a parent is something they don't ever want, which is perfectly fine too.

Oh, and quick question, because I haven't been keeping track: is 7.20 the next episode Adam will appear in, or is he scheduled to be in 7.18 or 7.19? I can't remember. I need to make sure I have the accurate date for my Dashboard "x amount of time until DELKOtime" countdown clock widget. Muchas gracias!
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Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

You know what...I went to the dislike thread and just got sick to my stomach with all the venom thrown around. It was all I could do to not heatedly reply in defense. At least they don't come here. The polite debate thread is nicer to look at. We, as E/C shippers aren't villified there. On the anti thread, we are and they seem to blame Emily for everything going on with the ship. So, she's on board with it, so is Adam. Big deal. Grrr. If you don't want to feel like ripping heads off, don't go there. I want to rip heads.....hmn, maybe I'll write some fan fiction and drop somebody off a cliff or, gives me inspiration to write more of my Valentine's Day (oh, so very late) fic. (evil) Heheheheheh.
Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

lady10!!! so you really will write ff!! i love to read all kind of ff of e/c!!!!!!!!! please write some , it been while i didn't get to read some ff of e/c
Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

lady10!!! so you really will write ff!! i love to read all kind of ff of e/c!!!!!!!!! please write some , it been while i didn't get to read some ff of e/c

If you want to read, go to and look me up under ladyd10. I have more than enough stories to keep you occupied for a while. Check out the other, more talented writers there, too.
Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

You're Welcome SilentDisco !
Yep, got to 35 weeks yesterday. I just haven't been on here a lot the entire time I've been pregnant because I was really sick in the beginning and now I'm REALLY tired and busy here at the end of it.

Has anyone seen the E/C pictures any bigger than on the cbsexpress site? I want to see them big :)

As for the anti-shipper thread, I've been looking at it and it is amazing how some people take 2 characters and totally bash them, then use the real people and have it be their fault that things are going the way they are! I wish they'd leave E and C alone!
Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

Congrat´s to you both. :thumbsup:. I wish you the best of luck and happiness.

As to the dislike tread. I am still puzzled as to why it is NOT closed. Was it not surposed to merged with the general dislike/like tread in here:confused::confused:
The dislkers has every right to debate and dislike the ship as anyone. That is why we have the dislike treads in here.

Do we know who is writting 8.20 ? Closure interpret by whom? [SPOILER="Call] in a burn situation again and with her lungs. At least it is Eric at her bedside.:):)":)[/SPOILER]
Re: Eric & Calleigh #38

Congrats!!! to both ladies on their pending child birth!!!!

I have to stop gonig to the dislike thread, because they are really hostile there. It's amazing that a season with very little E/C and a Jesse focused season, they can still blame E/C for all that they feel is wrong with the show.

I am counting down the days until episode 20, the pics are very intense.
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