Episode 9x22 - 'Mayday' - ***CONTAINS SPOILERS ***


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Air Date: Sunday, May 08, 2011
Time Slot: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST on CBS
Episode Title: (#922) "Mayday"​


Natasha Henstridge ("Species") Guest Stars as Agent Renee Locklear
"Mayday" - After Horatio finally captures the last prison escapee, their transport plane crash lands, and the CSIs discover this fugitive has more planned than just a getaway, on the ninth season finale of CSI: MIAMI, Sunday, May 8 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Natasha Henstridge ("Species") guest stars as Agent Renee Locklear.​

Horatio Caine...........David Caruso
Calleigh Duquesne.....Emily Procter
Eric Delko...............Adam Rodriguez
Ryan Wolfe.............Jonathan Togo
Det. Frank Tripp.......Rex Linn
Natalia Boa Vista......Eva La Rue
Walter Simmons........Omar Miller​

Dr. Tom Loman.........Christian Clemenson​

Jack Toller.......................Callum Keith Rennie
Agent Renee Locklear...... .......Natasha Henstridge
Kaylee Anderson.............Cassi Thomson
Randy North..................Ethan Embry
Marcel Largos.................Haaz Sleiman
Allen Hillington...............Michael Dempsey
Bernard Ashcroft..............Mark Hengst
Captain Adam Winston......Bo Kane
Judge Ebersol..................Richard Cox
Flight Crewman...............Austin Priester
MDPD Officer................De' Leon
Desk Clerk.....................Adrian Quinonez
First Officer...................Adam John Harrington
Caroline Summers............Jaime Hodges​

WRITTEN BY: Marc Dube & Barry O'Brien​

RATING: To Be Announced​

Which part???? The finale or the next season or the romance? We have so much to look forward to!

I am so glad Emily was shown in more than one scene!

LOL at Walter saying he was Obama when he didn't believe Renee

Wanted to see more of Ryan

I felt bad for the guy who lost custody of his kids and I expected he would go over the edge. I hope Natalia can be saved before its too late.

Season 10 seems so far away!!! Good cliffhanger though
Uh yea, very very long. Oh my god. I wasn't that impressed with the episode as a whole but those last like, ten minutes, were really good. I can't wait to see how Natalia gets out of that trunk. I think either Horatio will magically get up and our "yay Horatio got hurt!" happiness will go away, or he won't be able to help her (I mean she is still in the water in a trunk, it'd be hard for him to help her even if he wasn't hurt) and whoever she's trying to phone will answer.

I agree with CSIMandy, there could've been more Ryan again, but at least he was there more than he was last week. :lol: And with Natalia in the trunk of the car, I hope he's in the premiere a lot since I think he and Nat have gotten closer this season and he should be really worried about her. I already have hopes for season 10, yup.

I just really, really hope that Horatio is hurt enough that he can't really help her in the premiere, maybe he just phones for help too or something. If he got shot he'll HAVE to go to the hospital... I just kind of hope he doesn't pull a super!H and get enough strength to help Nat before anyone else gets there. That sounds mean but I just want someone other than H being the hero. xD
sooo....no one's worried about H dying then...?
I'm not.He was hurt but still trying to pull himself up.
I'm not either. He's HORATIO. I don't think Horatio will ever die, unless they decide to kill him off when the show ends for good. Even if David ever decides to leave before the show ends, I don't think they'd kill him.

I'd be more worried for Natalia, but even her I doubt. I'm not going to worry unless we get some word that Eva is leaving the show for some reason. :)
I hope they don't kill her, but she has kind of been the Butt Monkey these past few episodes. In 5 episodes she's been almost kidnapped, kidnapped, in a van crash, and now pistol whipped and put in the trunk of a sinking car.

I'm having a terrible flashback to Law & Order where ADA Borgia also died of suffocation in a car trunk (though in the L&O case she choked on her own vomit after being brutally beaten); after the actress refused to sleep with one of the writers. I really hope that's not what happened here; we lose Natalia because some douche couldn't take "I'm married" for an answer.
Thankfully, I've heard nothing about Eva leaving CSI:Miami which I think is a great thing. I would be crushed if Eva does not survive into season 10.

The closing scene left my hands covering my mouth, and eyebrows scrunched upward in shock. I pray for her, even if she's only a fictional character. :eek::(:eek: Our shows lost too many great female characters lately, the last of which was Stella even though she's now almost on Horatio's doorstep. :cool::p:)

I've had rants about Miami in my opinion of Horatio (as a character) but I felt convinced to return to CSI:Miami after Kanakaredes sudden departure from NY caused both the show and the Palace of Kanakaredes to implode like the house in "Poltergeist". :guffaw: :lol::rolleyes::lol::guffaw:
Wow!!! OK, so where do you all think Horatio was shot? It HAD to be serious or else he would've got up right away and helped Nat - and can you imagine him just watchin the car go into the water - if it was only the arm or leg, I would think he'd start crawlin. Looked more like the stomach area to me....not sure, but there better not be a cop-out in the Season 10 premier where all of a sudden he gets up and it was "just a flesh wound" :lol: I'd be like :wtf: Dude, you totally could've prevented Nat from goin' in the drink, then.

The show as a whole was just OK to me - but maybe that's b/c I knew what was gonna happen.

I didn't see any "major chemistry" between H and Renee, but I do like that she's a strong, independent woman - that would be a refreshing match for H. Right now, I just want more of the TEAM and less romance in general.

Now last season we didn't know that Jesse was gonna die until the summer, right? Well, I can't believe they'd just kill off Nat, especially after featuring her so heavily this year - and she's been doing a lot of their promo stuff, so I really don't think they're killing her off.

However - how the heck are they gonna get her out of this one? :eek: It would take the CSIs a considerable amount of time to respond to ANY mayday from H or Nat, and that water is comin' up pretty quick. Maybe we'll see Delko jump in the drink w/his scuba gear and save her or something while Ryan and Calleigh get H to the hospital (Oh how refreshing it would be to have Calleigh out of the lab and in an important scene again!) :lol:

I missed Ryan and Cal in this ep - Cal had a bit more to do, and was good, but still miss her. Ryan wasn't really that present, so I was a bit disappointed, but I'm hoping the premier will bring the team together again in a new way.:thumbsup:

It is odd how Nat is like the new "CSI damsel in distress" though :rolleyes: - I mean, Calleigh's hummer was knocked into the Everglades in Season 5 (remember how she used an ice-pick to break out - very cool); Cal was kidnapped in Season 6; Cal's smoke inhilation issues. Now it seems Nat's just fillin' that role, and as much as I love her, I have to say that many fans were turned off on Cal b/c she was always in trouble - I wouldn't want that to happen to Nat. Eva's great, and I love seeing her get great storylines, but it's getting to be a bit much this year, and I'm getting to a point where I was w/Cal a couple of years ago - like, wow this chick is really unlucky!! :shifty:

Anyway - I LOVED that H was shot (sounds mean, but that means he's really human and it was great to see him trying to save one of his own but not succeeding - again, very human). Wonder how all this will affect the team and play out next year. I have NO IDEA how they're gonna save Nat in time...any theories??

Like others have said, it's gonna be a looonnnggg summer.:lol:
SImilair to luf100, I wasn't too impressed with the episode as a whole, but the last 10 minutes were awesome! -- I just hope that the premiere of next season doesn't have Natalia being saved in the first 5 minutes, and then all back to normal in Miami. --

Is it worth having hope that season 10 will be one of continuity and character development?

I was wondering if Frank was going to end up more hurt than he appeared. I felt like there was foreshadowing (everyone asking if he was okay, seeming like he seemed not as 'ok' as he wanted people to think). Maybe I;m reading too far into it...

If the history of CSI miami has proven anything, it is that I can relax this summer, because any hype that I get myself into, will NOT be worth it.... but there's always HOPE!