Episode 9x11 - 'F-T-F' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

I loved this episode!

Loved the opening, it was nice to have Walter and Ryan with H for a change. Poor Ryan trying to tell Walter about the gun before it went down the drain.

Don't blame Walter for freaking out about the skull, that would creep anyone out. It was interesting to see that the same bullet killed two people.

I always love seeing Calleigh in ballistics, she looked gorgeous

I haven't seen Darin Brooks since he left Days of our Lives! He looks great but I was disappointed that his scene was so short.

Glad Frank continues to get more airtime!
Love this ep! :thumbsup: David Arquette did a great job. The team dynamic was great and the storyline was well written.

Things are looking up. :)
I hate to be that person but I found this episode a huge snoozefest. Slow pacing brought it down in my eyes and a shame too as the script was alright.

-The New Lab Tech: Don't like her. She's way too happy for my tastes. I hope Natalya tells her to zip it one day or to Stop having fun.

-Frank's detective work was easily the best part of this episode. They did something different with his character and it worked out fine.

Rating 2/5
Love this episode to night.... Did any one notice that both ryan and walter changed their clothes after geting wet but horatio didn't lol ! Happy to see more calleigh to :)

Sad part is..Horatio probably DID change. He's like Monk: has the same outfit 50x over, lol.

There I was feeling bad for him and Ryan over the drenched three-piece suits; hard to get them wet without shrinking them, but I guess when H just has another one... :lol:

CSIMandy said:
I always love seeing Calleigh in ballistics, she looked gorgeous

Maybe it's been a while since I paid attention to Calleigh in the ballistics lab, but I definitely agree that seeing her back in it was especially fun last night; glad to see them paying attention to her expertise in the area.
Anyone have any super glue? I'm sitting here thinking about the beginning of this episode and thus cracking myself up.
I only caught the last 10 minutes last night but I've watched it at least 3 times on ON DEMAND today.
I have a name for the teaser of this episode: SOGGY CSIs.
I loved Ryan diving for the gun just as it fell down the drain.
Was it just me or did Ryan get the most wet and Horatio the least wet?
I'm so hung up on the SOGGY CSIs part of the episode I can't focus on the rest of the episode.
Ah...I loved when Walter walked in on Dr. Loman just as Tom was pulling that skull out of what looked like boiling water.
Walter started to say "How about a heads up?" but changed it to "How about a little warning?".
The best scene in this episode, however, was not the SOGGY CSIs or the "heads up" scene or even the reconstruction in the garage scene where Natalia sits in the driver's seat of the white convertible.
The best scene was at the end in the holding cell--the killer yelling at the co-conspirator who set things in motion.

I give this episode an A+. :bolian: :thumbsup:
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Speaking of real life, they actually had a news story on just yesterday dealing with this subject--a dead Marine's likeness was stolen by an internet predator and was being sued by the wife. How weird!

I am sorry to say this, but I am really getting tired of Walter taking Ryan's screen time.
Why did they cut that guy's head off? Hasn't he been through enough being murdered and everything?

Sometimes the ME's have to clean the skull in order to tell exactly how the person died. I mean they may know cause of death, but sometimes they need to know more details. In this case, it helped to pinpoint exactly what direction the bullet came from.
I thought the episode was ok. It had some nice moments- the beginning, with the gun, Frank actually getting some screentime, Walter and Tom- always a good combo.
But despite those moments, and the fact that it was an interesting case, the episode didnt really 'grab' me. It was a little dull in places, not much going on. For me it was alright, but nothing special.
Decent episode. The plot was good and the case was quite interesting.
My favorite part was the beginning, when Horatio, Ryan and Walter tried to protect the crime scene from the water.
I also loved the Frank's scene with the rental car guy.
I really enjoyed this episode. The opening scene with Ryan, Walter and Horatio alone was worth the price of admission! :lol:

I thought the story was timely, well told and well acted by all. The team was well represented, but I have to say I enjoyed Ryan, Frank and Natalia the most. I'm really thrilled to see their increased screentime. And Jon, Rex and Eva are all doing an outstanding job with it!

I think David Arquette did an outstanding job directing. The episode certainly had the Miami look throughout, but he definitely added his touch. I enjoyed this one much more than I did Rob Zombie's contribution to the show.
I finally got an opportunity to come here and give my "two cents" on this eppie.

I thought it was a pretty decent eppie; David Arquette did a good job of directing it. Kind of a "ripped from the headlines" episode.

Random Thought:

--Loved the "wet Ryan" and really enjoyed watching him slide for the gun:devil: If I were Ryan though, I would have gone for the gun myself instead of depending on being able to get ahold of Walter over all the noise. Of course, where would have been the suspense? It worked out for the best.

--The best part of the episode for me was the segment with Frank and the rental car guy. It is the most screentime Frank has gotten for awhile and he made the most of it.

--Walter "a little head's.....warning" LOL. That made me laugh out loud. It also reminded me what happened to Ryan in his first year.

--Calleigh back in the ballistic's lab:thumbsup:

--Ryan seemed to me to vitually disappear in the last 15 minutes or so:(

--Eric seemed calmer to me.

--Ryan and Natalia: a couple of bad@#$%s with guns:)

--Did anyone besides me thought Justin was going to puke when he found out he was talking to Ashley's mom?

--Having Ashley's mom the one on the net was a nice twist. Again "ripped from the headlines".

A watchable eppie
Overall this episode was very good. Good advice to people that they should not always assume who they are chatting to are actually what they describe to be on the computer. Certainly not to meet random people you only know from a chatroom face to face. I really liked the abbreviations people use when chatting and the twist at the end. That guy saying 'oh my God, I killed for you'. It was funny when he confessed to the killing and then asked if he could go meet Ashley as if he'd just confessed to a minor offense!
What I didn't like is that weird path the bullet followed at the beginning; Bouncing around that man's skull, coming out and then hitting that woman. OMG, that was a bit too much. I know its a tv show but in every single other episode I watched of all 3 of the CSI's the science has been accurate. OK, there may have been slight but acceptable implausibilites. What annoyed me is that this would have been a perfectly good episode even without that scene.
It was cool when that tech told Natalia that they studied her in the academy.