Episode 9x02 - 'Sudden Death' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

That my friends, is some good tv :):guffaw: I cant believe I spoilt myself by watching that....I started to laugh when I saw the guy jump cuz I remeber looking at the spoiler pics of Eric holding Ryan.
Just noticed Peta Wilson in the credits. I remember her from that old LaFemme Nikita show. Fascinating....
I can off the top of my head think of three cases where he's fallen down during a case (think curse of the coffin), dropped something, or something else. And know theres been many more.
Curse of the Coffin doesn't qualify, anyone would slip if they think something strange is going on in the morgue,like someone that is supposedly dead sitting up. Not sure there have been so many (IMO) that he can be called clumsy either.
Even in this scene,I think Ryan just got caught up in the chase,and did,on an impluse think he could jump the rail and catch the guy.
I don't remember him falling down in Curse of the Coffin, but I remember him dropping the papers, and that was because his hands went numb from that blowfish poison stuff so it doesn't really qualify either. :lol:

Buut I guess this is a debate for the Ryan thread, not an episode discussion. :borg:

He did fall down in "Curse of the Coffin" when he was running in the cemetary; landing next to the body with the axe in his chest. The same guy that Ryan saw in the morgue.

I think he got caught up in the chase, thought he could make it, and just tripped over the railing. Too funny.
I really love the playful banter between Eric and Ryan. I'm hoping that what I've heard about having a more team dynamic this season is true. The ending scene in the premiere was so great and I'm so excited for tomorrow!
I think Ryan fell down in Curse of the Coffin in the cemetary because the writers/director were trying to make the episode have a "horror movie feel" to it... and you know someone running through a graveyard in a horror movie is ALWAYS gonna fall down. :lol:

I like that the Ryan/Eric banter seems to be back. And the "you're an idiot" one reminds me of Sam and Dean (Supernatural), so it's sort of like brotherly banter and I adore that so much.

I really want to watch this episode live, but the fact that Erica Sykes is back is making me really nervous... so I may end up not watching until after I find out how Ryan's interaction with Erica goes. I just really wish they didn't bring back that character.
Really bummed I'm gonna miss it tonight. Just moved into a new house so its gonna be another week before the power and internet are completely transferred. I'll enjoy the episode through everyone's feedback for now, have fun!
- New ME. Loman is teaching a seminar I think she said.

- Hahaa at Walter in the ladies' room. :lol:

- What a way to die. :/ Drowned in alcohol.

- Travers looks funny clean shaven.

- Loving Frank. xD Glad he's gotten a lot of scenes in these two episodes so far.

- Erica. Sykes. She's already asking Ryan for info. And she had a picture of the victim on her phone, she gave it to him.

- That new ME is all looking at Eric like "mm mm" unless it's just in my mind. >.O

- They haven't showed Cal anywhere but working behind a desk so far. :p

- Eric, Natalia and Ryan and Walter working together. ^_^ Teamwork!

- o0o0o Eric poking that guy in the face.

"I'd suggest you think about Kristen before looking at a photo Erica bought with blood money. You're not a journalist, you're a jackal."
Erica: Wow... a jackal...
Eric laughs.
Ryan: Wow I've never seen her speechless before.


- Wait. Eric and Calleigh aren't together anymore? Really? What was that "we're friends and I love you like family"? ....... I always say I don't ship them anymore but that makes me slightly sad. They FINALLY got together... what happened. :(

- *sigh* Oh well. Pretty good episode actually. I liked it, didn't love it. :lol:
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Loved the opening, Ryan is adorable when Eric has to save him from a fall, he says he almost made it, LOL. It was nice to see Ryan get more airtime in this episode

Erica is back! I loved the ending, she was left speechless and she deserved it. Loved what Brady had to say in the end, well done!

Emily Proctor is glowing, pregnancy really agrees with her. Beautiful!

I liked Dr. Victoria, hope we see more of her! It was also great seeing Travers and Dave again

Overall, not a bad episode but not as interesting as last week's. Saw the promo for next week's episode, looks good!
Just finished watching the episode, so I'll give my first impressions.

So glad to see that Erica had her ass handed to her (in so many words) by the football star. :lol: I think I like that kid.

It was great to see the team working together and gasp, even Horatio did some investigating.

I'm going to guess by Eric and Calleigh's discussion at the end of the episode, that they aren't actively together anymore for whatever reason. The fact that Calleigh said she loved him "as family" was a big indicator of that. I wouldn't think two lovers would consider each other 'family' unless they were getting married or devolved back into that comfy close friendship they shared for years. Maybe that's just me. *shrugs*

Overall, the plot was so-so and I wasn't completely following the run-around with the evidence (though I did like Ryan and Dave working on the camera angle) but my new kitten enjoyed all the pretty colors. :p
I am soooo confused by Eric and Calleigh's conversation at the end. What was that??? Nothing that has happened since the ending of Time Bomb has indicated that they weren't together. Plus the way he acted at the end of the season finale and last week. Plus I read that their relationship was gonna be tested and put through a lot this season, although I don't know what else they could possibly go through. And when she walked away he looked sad, to me atleast. ;( I'm just really confused and sad right now. If anybody knows what is going on can you please let me know? LOL Sorry I'm just really confused and wasn't expecting that at all.
Typing and watching.

I love the opening. All that running and dummy gets stopped by H. :lol:

Dang commercials.

Lots of media.
Did I see the name Peta Wilson? La Femme Nikita?
Not too crazy about the female M.E. I want Tom Loman.
Gee! People lose all kind of stuff in that pool.
UGH. The female M.E. ...AGAIN.
I bet he didn't do it. One of the other bottle girls probably did it.
Calleigh found the text.
PETA!!! La Femme Nikita!!!

Oh crap. More commercials. Apparently it's not bad enough that the show is on an hour late thanks to sports but I have to put up with all these commercials. AAHH!!!
CBS do the fans 2 favors.
1...Less commercials
2...Move CSI: Miami back to Monday night.

Finally!!! Back to the show.
1957. Yeah. Thanks Travers...for confusing me.
H, kick that guy in the butt...PLEASE.
Hmmm...what's Eric up to?
Erika?!?! Erika looked better in season 4.
'Fess up, Chip.
This female M.E. is NOT growing on me. In fact she's annoying me. But she did find half the crown.

UGH!!! :censored: commercials!!!
I'm thirsty. So, I guess commercials aren't a total waste of time.
ENOUGH with the commercials!!! I've got a cup of milk.

Take a look at what?
"Smidge". "Tad". Are those technical terms, Dave?
If I were her, I'd quit that job.
H and Peta.

What?! More commercials?! It's too soon.
Rambling cause commercials bore me:
Dr. Oz is cute.
I want Ellen DeGeneres's hair cut.
Hey Hey we're the Monkees.
Shemar Moore is hot.
Up next on the 1-hour-late 10 pm news.
Oh. Enough!!! Stop the commercials. PLEASE!!!

H in the confetti. SEXY.
Uh-oh. They're closing in on the killer.
Shove the warrant on him, Frank. In fact, shove him while you're at it, Frank.
Eric found the other half of the crown.
You're in trouble, dude.
You better listen. H, don't make idle threats.
OUCH!!! He got Erika and how.
Oh, H is gonna pay for your trip home.
Her son looks like Michael Jackson's youngest son 'Blanket'.

Oh, I'll stay tune. I wanna see scenes from next week's CSI: Miami.

Next week's episode looks exciting.
There were WAY TOO MANY commercials.
I still miss Jesse Cardoza.
I was right. The quarterback didn't do it.
I never did get to liking that female M.E.
I don't care what any David Caruso/Horatio Caine haters say, I find him sexy.
And most important: If we had a grade scale at the beginning of these episode threads like the NY episodes do over in the NY section, I would give this episode a BIG, fat, 2 thumbs up A+.
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Wtf was calleigh eric ending scene? i'm lost, I mean last episode he was saving her like they were together and all and now what happened? They were talking just like friends i can't believe it!
Calleigh went like "I love you" than I was like omg finally she said it than she goes "like family" I almost had a heart atack at that point ! like wtf is going on between them?
I didnt like the episode at all! The beginning was totally weird and the whole science involved was just unreal, like the cell drowned that got fixed just with a hand dryer and confetti color stuff was kinda hard to believe
I dont know maybe its just me.